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Box 93: Miscellaneous, W-Z (1976) - Oklahoma, Industrial Development Dept. (1976)

F 1: Miscellaneous, W-Z (1976).

F 2: Miscellaneous, Los Angeles International Airport (1976).

F 3: National Governor's Conference, Governor's Bulletin (1976).

Correspondents include National Governor's Conference (bulletin).

F 4: Native American Center (1976).

Topics include economic conditions of Indians of North America in Oklahoma City. Correspondents include Native American Center, Oklahoma City.

F 5-12: News Clippings and Miscellaneous (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert, Dewey F. Bartlett, Henry Bellmon, David Boren, Jimmy Carter, Robert J. Dole, Gerald R. Ford, James R. Jones, Francis Anthony Keating (Folders 7-8), Ted M. Risenhoover, Gene Stipe, Wes Watkins, Magna Carta, presidential election1976, tornadoes in Oklahoma, congressional travel, and Mike Reed (Folder 5).

F 13-16: Office, General (1976).

Topics include health of Carl Albert (Folder 13). Correspondents include Jimmy Carter (Folder 16).

F 17-19: Office, General (1976).

Topics include Cardiss Collins (Folder 17, photo calendar card), Henry B. Gonzalez (Folder 17, photo calendar card), and Robert McClory (Folder 17, photo calendar card).

F 20: Oklahoma Baptist University (1976).

F 21: Oklahoma Colleges, General (1976).

Topics include school enrollment in Oklahoma.

F 22: Oklahoma, Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs (1976).

Topics include federal aid to housing in Oklahoma.

F 23: Oklahoma, Dept. of Transportation (1976).

Topics include bridges in Boswell (Okla.) and roads in Talihina (Okla.).

F 24: Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (1976).

Topics include labor supply in McAlester (Okla.). Correspondents include Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Labor Market Reporting Section (report).

F 25-31: Oklahoma, General (1976).

Topics include community development in Tatum (Okla.); Carl Albert's letter to high school graduates in his district and copy of the American's Creed (Folder 25). Correspondents include Enoch L. Kelly Haney (Folders 29 and 31), and Mobil Oil Corporation (Folder 31).

F 32: Oklahoma, Industrial Development Dept. (1976).

Topics include industrial development bonds in Oklahoma.

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