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Box 94: Oklahoma Legislature (1976) - Presidential Documents (1976)

F 1: Oklahoma Legislature (1976).

Topics include National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center.

F 2: Oklahoma Offices, General (1976).

F 3: Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association (1976).

F 4: Oklahoma Prisons (1976).

Topics include prisons in McAlester (Okla.).

F 5: Oklahoma Public Welfare Commission (1976).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Dept. of Institutions Social and Rehabilitation (annual report).

F 6: Oklahoma, State Dept. of Education, 1975 - 1976.

Topics include federal aid to education. Correspondents include Oklahoma State Dept. of Education.

F 7: Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (1976).

Correspondents include Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (report).

F 8: Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C. (1976).

Correspondents include Carl D. Perkins, Strom Thurmond, and the Oklahoma State Society of Washington, D.C.

F 9: Oklahoma State University (1976).

Topics include George Bush, National Academy for Fire Prevention and Control, UNESCO, federal aid to higher education, and Atlas of North American Culture and Folklife. Correspondents include Robert B. Kamm, United States Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, and Susan Ford.

F 10: Oklahoma Tax Commission (1976).

Correspondents include Oklahoma Tax Commission (report).

F 11: Oklahoma Water Resources Board (1976).

Topics include Groundwater in Rush Springs (Okla.) maps, and groundwater in Tillman County (Okla.) report. Correspondents include Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

F 12: Oral Roberts University (1976).

Topics include Oral Roberts. Correspondents include John H. Dent and the Fraternal Order of the Eagles.

F 13: Oratorical Contest (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert Oratorical Contest. Correspondents include Mark Christian.

F 14: Oscar Rose Junior College (1976).

F 15-22: Personal, A-Z (1976).

Topics include statues of Carl Albert (Folder 18), Charles D. Carter, Jimmy Carter, and Juan Carlos I King of Spain (Folder 15). Correspondents include Mae Boren Axton, Paul Bouchard, Liz Carpenter, Stelle L. Carter, Elaine Edmunds, Sara Lane, Pepper Martin, and Ralph Webb.

F 23: Personal, Birthday Greetings (1976).

F 24: Personal, Briscoe, Jessie (1976).

Topics include congressional elections in 1976. Correspondents include Wes Watkins and Jessie M. Briscoe.

F 25: Personal, Ward, Charlie (1976).

Topics include Milt Phillips.

F 26: Photographs (1976).

Topics include tree planting in Washington (D.C.).

F 27: Pittsburg County Democratic Committee (1976).

Topics include Wes Watkins.

F 28: Presidential Campaign (1976).

F 29-33: Presidential Documents (1976).

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