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Box 95: Press (1976) - Southeastern State University (1976)

F 1: Press (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert Portraits, Sun Myung Moon, and Rolling Stone. Correspondents include Richard Avedon.

F 2-9: Publications (1976).

Topics include refugees in Vietnam (report) and the Middle East. Correspondents include Paul Harvey (Folder 2) and the book Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor (Folder 2)

F 10: Publications, Congressional Research Service (1976).

Topics include freedom of information (publications).

F 11-12: Publicity (1976).

Topics include Carl Albert, Edward W. Brooke, Elizabeth II Queen of Great Britain, Gerald R. Ford, Thomas P. Tip O'Neill, and United States Congress.

F 13: Publicity, Legislators (1976).

Topics include legislators in United States.

F 14: Questionnaires (1976).

Topics include political and social views of Carl Albert.

F 15-18: Referrals, A-Z (1976).

F 19: Revenue Sharing (1976).

F 20: Rothbaum, Julian (1976).

Topics include Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. Correspondents include David Boren, Savoie Lottinville, and Julian J. Rothbaum.

F 21: Sam Rayburn Library (1976).

Correspondents include Sam Rayburn Library.

F 22: Seminole Junior College (1976).

Topics include depository libraries in Seminole (Okla.). Correspondents include Seminole Junior College.

F 23-24: Southeastern State University (1976).

Topics include federal aid to higher education, monorail railroads, scientific apparatus and instruments, training of teachers in Oklahoma, training of teachers in Texas, and the Oklahoma-Texas TTT Project (report). Correspondents include E. Leon Hibbs, Southeastern State College (Durant, Okla.) Technology Use Studies Center (report).

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