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Box 96: Southern Methodist University (1976) -Luci Johnson's Wedding Gift from Members of Congress (1966-1967)

F 1: Southern Methodist University (1976).

Correspondents include James Herbert Zumberge and the Southern Methodist University.

F 2: Speaker of the House (1976).

This folder contains a drawing of Carl Albert, and copies of The Office and the Duties of the Speaker of the House of Representatives (1976) and the Duties of the Speaker (1962).

F 3: Stroman, Jim (1974-1976).

Topics include William Banowsky, David Boren, and Raymond Gary. Correspondents include Jimmy Carter and Jack Kemp.

F 4: Telegrams (1976).

Topics include Johnny Bench, Bowie Kuhn, George M. Steinbrenner, Charles L. Ward, and Charles Banks Wilson.

F 5: Testimonials and Tributes (1976).

Topics include Liz Carpenter, Philip M. Landrum, Clarence M. Mitchell, Parren J. Mitchell, Joseph M. Montoya, James G. O'Hara,. Stuart Symington, and Roy A. Taylor.

F 6-9: University of Oklahoma (Includes Carl Albert Award, Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, and Health Sciences Center),1973 - 1976.

Folder 6 contains a letter from Paul Sharp concerning the University of Oklahoma's acquisition of furniture from the Speaker's office. Topics include Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center (Folder 8), Pew Memorial Trust (Folder 9), University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Libraries (Folder 9), marine biology research, physical fitness centers in Norman (Okla.), regional medical programs in Oklahoma, Melinda Wharton(Folder 7), and Oceanic and Coastal Resources Act. Correspondents include Pushkar N. Kaul (Folder 6), John M. Murphy (Folder 6), Julian J. Rothbaum (Folder 7), Paul F. Sharp, and University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (Folder 9).

F 10: Vietnam (1976).

Topics include Vietnamese Conflict (1961-1975) missing in action.

F 11: Welfare, General (1976).

Topics include public welfare.

F 12-14: White House (Includes Fellowships and Press Releases) (1976).

Folder 12 contains a letter from Gerald Ford concerning Carl Albert's retirement. Topics include Nicholas Shadrin, the Republican Party (U.S.:1854- ), the United States Congress, influenza vaccines, American military assistance in the Middle East, Cambodia, and the Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1976. Correspondents include Gerald R. Ford and Mary Louise Howe.

F 15: Democratic National Convention, Manuals and Delegate Listings (1968).

F 16: Luci Johnson's Wedding Gift from Members of Congress (1966-1967)

Additional documents on Luci Johnson's wedding gift can be found in Box 37 Folder 34 of the General Series. Topics include Luci Baines Johnson Nugent. Correspondents include Edna F. Kelly.

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