Box and Folder Inventory
Box 1

Box 1: Campaign Files, 1942, 1945-1946

Other Political Candidates

F1: Lee, Josh (1942). Campaign Literature.



F2: Flyers, Leaflets, Bookmarks (1946). Pictorial.

F3: Handcards (1946).

F4: Postcards (1946). Includes handwritten and typed notes.


F5: Appreciation (1946). Campaign workers - Oklahoma.

F6: Congratulations (1946). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.

F7: Congratulations (1946). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.

F8: Congratulations (1946). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.

F9: Congratulations (1946). Congressional Race - outside Oklahoma.

F10: Congratulations (1946). Labor.

F11: Congratulations (1946). Special Interest Groups.

F12: Form Letters (1946). General.

F13: Form Letters (1946). Ministers Congregation.

F14: Form Letters (1946). Signed by Mrs. Carleton B. Welch.

F15: Miscellaneous (1946). Newspaper.

F16: Miscellaneous (1946). Assortment.
a. Correspondence between Oklahoma State Senator Raymond Gary and Carl Albert, (January 24, 27, 1947).
b. Correspondence from Robert S. Kerr, Governor of Oklahoma, to Carl Albert, (November 23, 1946).
c. Correspondence between Elmer Thomas, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (September 24, 27, 30, 1946).


F17-21: Atoka (1946). Correspondence.

F21B: Atoka (1946). List - Mailing.

F22-27: Bryan (1946). Correspondence.

F28: Bryan (1946). List.

F29-33: Carter (1946). Correspondence.

F34: Carter (1946). Lists.

F35-36: Choctaw (1946). Correspondence.

F37: Choctaw (1946). List.

F38-39: Latimer (1946). Correspondence.

F40: Latimer (1946). Lists.

F41: Latimer (1946). Primary Results by Towns.

F42-48: LeFlore County (1946). Correspondence.

F49: LeFlore County (1946). Lists.

F50: LeFlore County (1946). Speech: Delivered at Poteau, Oklahoma, (June 8, 1946). Correspondence attached.

F51: Love (1946). Correspondence.

F52: Love (1946). Lists.

F53: Marshall (1946). Correspondence.

F54: Marshall (1946). Lists. Includes correspondence.

F55-57: McCurtain (1946). Correspondence. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to Oklahoma State Senator Tom Finney, (August 6, 1946 and May 8, 1946).

F58: McCurtain (1946). Lists. Includes correspondence.

F59-65: Pittsburg (1946). Correspondence.

F66: Pittsburg (1946). Lists - Mailing. Includes absentee ballot lists; includes form letters, handwritten notes and clipping.

F67-68: Pushmataha (1946). Correspondence. Includes correspondence between former Oklahoma State Senator Paul Stewart and Carl Albert, (October 11, 14, 1946).

F69: Pushmataha (1946). List.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F70: Contributions (1946). Correspondence.

F71: Contributions and Expenses (1946). Carter County.

F72: Expenses (1946). Assortment.

F73: Expenses (1946). Campaign workers.

F74: Expenses (1946). Newspaper Advertisements.

F74B: Expenses (1946). Photography.

F75: Expenses (1946). Printed Advertisements.

F75B: Expenses (1946). Printing.

F76: Expenses (1946). Radio Advertising.

F77: Expenses (1946). Sign.

F78: Expenses (1946). Slide - Theatre.

F79: Expenses (1946). Sound Service

F79B: Receipts (1947). Money orders.

F79C: Statement (November 29, 1946). Post-Election Receipts and Expenditures.

F80: Expenses (July & August, 1946). Telephone and Telegraph.


F81: Mailing List (1946). Business and Professional Women in District.

F82: Mailing List (1946) Carl Albert For Congress Club.

F83: Mailing List (1946). Classmates - McAlester High School, 1927.

F84: Mailing List (1946). Classmates - University of Oklahoma, 1931.

F85: Mailing List (1946). Democratic Central Committee - Bryan County.

F86: Mailing List (1946). Miscellaneous.

F87: Mailing List (1946). Primary Precinct and Election Officials.

F88: Mailing List (1946). Rotary Club - Ardmore, Oklahoma.

F89: Mailing List (1946). School Teachers.

F90: Mailing List (1946). Washington, D. C. area..


F91: Printed Matter (1946). Assortment.

F92: Printed Matter (1946). Democratic State Central Committee; Committee for Constitutional Government, Inc.; Democratic National Committee.


F93: Newspaper Clippings (1946). Advertisements.

F94-95: Newspaper Clippings (1946). Miscellaneous.

F96: Newspaper Clippings (1946). Primary and Election Returns.

F97: Newspaper Clippings (1946). Publicity.

F98: Newspapers (1946). Press Releases.

F99-101: Radio (1946). Broadcasts.

F102: Radio (1946). Prices and Schedule.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F103: Coe, William O. (1946). Radio Broadcast.

F104: Fox, O. J. (1946). Flyer.

F105: Gwinn, Ralph W. (1946). Form Letter.

F106: Irby, Bayless (1946). Speech delivered by Joe Summit for Robert S. Kerr.

F107: Pettengill, Samuel B. (1946). Printed matter.

F108: Stewart, Paul (June 1, 1946). Correspondence.

Personal Files

F109: Correspondence (July 23, 1946). Carl Albert's nomination for watcher at primary.

F110: Correspondence (April 27, 1946; July 19, 1946). State Election Board.

F111: Official Papers (July 26, 1946; August 8, 1946). Bill Steger's contest of the run-off primary. Results of this recount.

Primary and Election Returns

F112: General Election Returns. Correspondence attached.

F113: Primary (July 2, 1946). By precinct for Democratic Congressman.

F114: Primary and Run-off (1946). By county. Correspondence attached.

Speeches, Remarks, and Schedules

F115: Schedules (1946). Speaking dates. Correspondence and handwritten notes attached.

F116: Speeches (1946). Bureaucracy and bureaucrats (handwritten).

F117: Speeches (1946). Indians.

F118: Speeches (1946). Pittsburg County.

F119: Speeches (1946). Various topics (one handwritten speech).

F120: Statement (1946). Campaign platform.

Box 2
Carl Albert Collection Box List

Carl Albert Collection Description

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