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Box 10: Campaign Files, 1962-1964

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules (Continued)

F1: Speeches (1962). Breeding, J. Floyd. Correspondence and telegrams included. Includes correspondence from J. Floyd Breeding, U.S. Representative (Kansas) to Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Chairman, Speakers Bureau, (July 23, 1962).

F2: Speeches (1962). Correspondence. Printed matter attached.
a. Correspondence from Hugh Alexander, U.S. Representative (North Carolina) to Carl Albert, (March 28, 1962).
b. Correspondence to Henry B. Gonzalez, State (Texas) Senator, from Carl Albert, no date.
c. Correspondence to Warren G. Magnuson, State (Washington) Senator, from Carl Albert, (October 2, 1962).
d. Correspondence to Thomas G. Morris, U.S. Representative (New Mexico) from Carl Albert, (September 27, 1962).

F3: Speeches (1962). Cuba.

F4: Speeches (1962). Davis, John W. Memorandum attached.

F5: Speeches (1962). Decisions.

F6: Speeches (1962). Defense.

F7: Speeches (1962). Democratic-Republican Vote.

F8: Speeches (1962). Federal Debt.

F9: Speeches (1962). Legislative Accomplishments.

F10: Speeches (1962). Legislative Accomplishments.

F11: Speeches (1962). Memoranda.

F12: Speeches (1962). National Economy.

F13: Speeches (1962). National Economic Charts.

F14: Speeches (1962). Republican Opposition. Handwritten notes and printed matter attached.

F15: Speeches (1962). Whitener, Basil L. Handwritten notes included. Includes correspondence from Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Chairman, Speaker's Bureau to Basil Whitener, U.S. Representative (North Carolina), October 1, 1962.

F16: Remarks (1962). Transcript, "Washington Reports to People", AFL-CIO Public Service Program. Participants included Carl Albert, President John F. Kennedy, U.S. Representative (Illinois) Leslie Arends.


F17: Bumper Stickers, leaflets, material from newspapers radio and television.


F18: Appreciation (1963). General.

F19: Congratulations (1964). From Carl Albert to Colleagues; Colleagues to Carl Albert.

F20: Congratulations (1964). From Carl Albert to Post Office Employees.

F21: Congratulations (1964). From Carl Albert-Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and printed matter attached.

F22: Congratulations (1964). Labor.

F23: Congratulations (1964). Re-election from Oklahomans.

F24: Congratulations (1964). Re-election, from outside Oklahoma.

F25: Congratulations (1964). Re-election, from outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence between Charles E. Bennett, U.S. Representative (Florida) and Carl Albert, (November 26, 1964).
b. Correspondence between Anthony J. Celebrezze, Secretary, Health, Education, and Welfare, and Carl Albert (November 9, 20, 1964).
c. Correspondence between Sergio Fenoaltea, Ambassador of Italy, and Carl Albert, (November 9, 14, 1964).
d. Correspondence between James G. Fulton, U.S. Representative (Pennsylvania) and Carl Albert, (November 11, 17, 1964).
e. Correspondence between John A. Gronouski, Postmaster General, and Carl Albert, (November 10, 13, 1964).
f. Telegram to Carl Albert from President Lyndon B. Johnson, (November 4, 1964).
g. Correspondence between Speedy O. Long, U.S. Representative-Elect (Louisiana) and Carl Albert, (November 13, 17, 1964).
h. Correspondence between H. H. Morris, Postmaster, House of Representatives and Carl Albert, (November 5, 6, 1964).
i. Correspondence between Lawrence F. O'Brien, Special Assistant to the President, and Carl Albert, (November 5, 1964).
j. Correspondence between Adam Clayton Powell, U.S. Representative (New York) and Carl Albert, (November 17, 1964).
k. Correspondence between George M. Rhodes, U.S. Representative (Pennsylvania) and Carl Albert, (November 6, 17, 1964).
l. Correspondence between Dean Rusk, Former Secretary of State and Carl Albert, (November 5, 6, 1964).
m. Correspondence between William F. Ryan, U.S. House of Representatives (New York).
n. Correspondence between Roberto H. Tiscornia, Counselor, Embassy of the Argentine Republic, and Carl Albert, (November 4, 12, 1964).

F26: Congratulations (1964). Special Interest Groups.

F27: Democratic Campaign (1963). Campaign in North Carolina. Newspaper clippings attached. Includes correspondence between Basil L. Whitener, U.S. Representative (North Carolina) and Carl Albert, (August 20, 22, 1963).

F28: Indians (1964).

F29: Legislation (1963). Assortment.

F30: Little, Reuel (1962-1964). Assortment.

F31: Memoranda (1964). Photograph Requests.

F32: Miscellaneous (1964). Printed matter and memoranda attached. Includes correspondence to Tom Steed, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) from Charles V. Gilmore, Holdenville, Oklahoma, (October 31, 1964). Correspondence Re: tribute to Leonor K. Sullivan.

F33-38: Miscellaneous (1964). Correspondence. Emphasis on Oklahoma Races

F39: Photograph Requests. From Colleagues.
a. Correspondence from Phillip Burton, U.S. Representative (California) to Carl Albert, (February 27, 1964).
b. Correspondence between Frederick G. Dutton, Assistant Secretary of State, and Carl Albert, (January 22, 24, 1964).
c. Correspondence between John Jarman, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (January 10, 14, 1964).
d. Correspondence between Larry F. O'Brien, Special Assistant to the President, and Carl Albert, (January 10-October 23, 1964).
e. Correspondence between James G. O'Hara, U.S. Representative (Michigan) and Carl Albert, (February 5, 6, 1964).

F40: Photograph Requests (1964). General. Memorandum and two press releases attached.

F41: Presidential Campaign (1964). Miscellaneous. Newspaper clipping included.

F42: Right to Work (1964).


F43: Atoka (1964). List - County Teachers.

F44: Bryan (1964). Correspondence.

F45: Carter (1963-1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F46: Choctaw (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F47: Johnson (1964). Correspondence.

F48: Latimer (1964). List - County Teachers.

F49: LeFlore (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F50: Love (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F51: Marshall (1964).

F52: McCurtain (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F53: Murray (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F54: Pittsburgh (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

F55: Pushmataha (1964). Correspondence; List - County Teachers.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F56: Contributions (1963-1964).

F57: Expenses (1964). Photograph. Memorandum attached.

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