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Box 13: Campaign Files 1967-1968

Counties (Continued)

F1: Bryan (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clippings and memoranda attached. Includes correspondence between Ray Roberts, U.S. Representative (Texas), and Carl Albert, (June 13, 29, July 2, 1968).

F2: Bryan (1968). Correspondence. Notes attached. Includes correspondence between Jim Townsend, Oklahoma State Representative and Carl Albert, (July 31, September 27, 1968).

F3: Bryan (1968). Lists. Form letter included.

F4: Bryan (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F5-7: Carter (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda included.

F8: Carter (1968). Correspondence. Includes a copy of correspondence from William T. Gossett, President, American Bar Association, to Hubert H. Humphrey, Vice President and to Richard M. Nixon, Former President September 26, October 3, 1968).

F9: Carter (1968). Lists. Form letter included.

F10-11: Choctaw (1968). Correspondence.

F12: Choctaw (1968). Correspondence. Includes correspondence between William J. Holloway, former Governor of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (September 3, 9, 1968).

F13: Choctaw (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping and note attached.

F14: Choctaw (1968). Correspondence.

F15 :Choctaw (1967-1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.
a. Correspondence between Barefoot Sanders, Legislative Counsel to the President, and Carl Albert, (March 23, 25, 1968). Attached to Johnnie D. Westmoreland's correspondence.
b. Correspondence between Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), and Carl Albert, (September 15, 20, 1967). Attached to Henry D. Wolfe's correspondence.

F16: Choctaw (1968). Lists.

F17-21: Coal (1967-1968). Correspondence.

F22: Coal (1967-1968). Lists.

F23: Coal (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F24: Cotton (1968). Correspondence. Includes list and FFA Banquet Program.

F25: Cotton (1968). Correspondence. Includes memorandum.

F26: Cotton (1968). Correspondence. Leaflet, memoranda, and newspaper clipping attached.

F27: Cotton (1968). Lists.

F28: Garvin (1968). Correspondence. List attached.

F29: Garvin (1968). Correspondence. Printed matter and newspaper clipping attached.

F30: Garvin (1968). Correspondence. Includes layout for postcards, hand written notes and memoranda.

F31: Garvin (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda, notes and printed matter attached.

F32 :Garvin (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memorandum, football hand card and layout included.

F33: Garvin (1968). Correspondence. Includes material on Carl Albert's Award from The Association of Federal Investigators.

F34 :Garvin (1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and printed matter attached.

F35: Garvin (1967). Correspondence. Notes and Report: Crude Oil Purchases by Counties attached.

F36: Garvin (1967). Correspondence.

F37: Garvin (1967). Correspondence. Program for the House of Representatives included.

F38 :Garvin (1967-1968). Correspondence. Flyer and memoranda included.

F39: Garvin (1967-1968). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F40: Garvin (1968). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F41: Garvin (1967). Newspaper clippings. Put together by Jim Jackson. Carl Albert Garvin County Get Acquainted Program and note included.

F42: Garvin (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F43: Haskell (1968). Correspondence. Notes, layout for post cards and newspaper clippings.

F44: Haskell (1968). Correspondence. Notes and newspaper clipping attached. Includes correspondence from Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (March 23, 1967).

F45: Haskell (1967-1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping.

F46: Haskell (1967-1968). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F47: Hughes (1968). Correspondence. Notes by Peggy Massey, Holdenville, Oklahoma.

F48: Hughes (1968). Correspondence. Includes correspondence between Hugh M. Sandlin, Oklahoma State Representative and Carl Albert, (August 7-November 18, 1968).

F49: Hughes (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.

F50-51: Hughes (1968). Correspondence.

F52: Hughes (1967-1968). Correspondence. Includes correspondence between Hugh M. Sandlin, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (August 7, 14; October 5, 9, 1967).

F53: Hughes (1967-1968). Correspondence. Notes and List attached.

F54: Hughes (1967). Correspondence. Flyers attached.

F55: Hughes (1967). Correspondence. Newspaper clippings and Grant Announcement, Office of Economic Opportunity, attached.

F56-57: Hughes (1967-1968). Lists.

F58: Hughes (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F59: Jefferson (1968). Correspondence.

F60: Jefferson (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clippings and handwritten notes attached. Includes correspondence from Charles L. Ward, Administrative Assistant to Carl Albert, to W.D. (Bill) Bradley, Oklahoma State Representative (September 19, 1968).

F61: Jefferson (1967-1968). Correspondence.

F62: Jefferson (1967-1968). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F63: Jefferson (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F64: Johnston (1968). Correspondence. Form letter attached.

F65: Johnston (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memoranda attached.

F66: Johnston (1967-1968). Lists. Correspondence and form letter attached.

F67: Johnston (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F68: Latimer (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and newspaper clippings attached.

F69: Latimer (1967-1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clippings attached.

F70: Latimer (1968). List.

F71: Latimer (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F72: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Note attached. Includes speech and other material by Opponent W. Jon Marshall.

F73: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Susan Kilgore. Hand drawn cartoons, matchbook, and membership card, "Teen Dem Clubs", included.

F74: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Memorandum included.

F75: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and handwritten notes attached.

F76: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping and memorandum included.

F77: LeFlore (1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and handwritten note included.

F78: LeFlore (1967-1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping and memorandum attached.
a. Correspondence between Rucker Blankenship, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (March 17, 21, 1967).
b. Correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator and Carl Albert, (June 20-September 13, 1968). Newspaper clipping attached.

F79: LeFlore (1967). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.

F80: LeFlore (1968). Lists. Correspondence and form letter attached.

F81: LeFlore (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F82: Love (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and handwritten note attached.

F83: Love (1968). List.

F84: Love (1968). Newspaper clipping. Business advertisement included.

F85: Marshall (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda included. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to John D. Rushing, Oklahoma State Representative, (August 2, 1968). Memoranda attached.

F86: Marshall (1968). Correspondence. Memorandum and newspaper clipping attached.

F87: Marshall (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memorandum included.

F88: Marshall (1968). Lists.

F89: McCurtain (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.

F90: McCurtain (1967-1968). Correspondence. Memoranda and copy of: Program for "Fourth Annual Fiesta and Barbecue," for Carl Albert and Mike Monroney.

F91: McCurtain (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda included.

F92: McCurtain (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda and form letter included. Includes correspondence between E. T. Dunlap, Chancellor, Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and Carl Albert, (July 10, 15, 1968).

F93: McCurtain (1968). Lists.

F94: McCurtain (1967). Memorandum. Resolution-Democrats of McCurtain County attached.

F95: McCurtain (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F96: McCurtain (1968). Radio Script-Delivered by Lambert Barkman, Idabel, Oklahoma.

F97: Murray (1968). Correspondence. Notes attached.

F98: Murray (1968). Correspondence. Form letter, note, and list included.

F99: Murray (1968). Correspondence. Agricultural Soil Conservation State Committee. Map, statistical data and Committee memorandum attached.

F100: Murray (1968). Lists. Notes and correspondence attached.

F101: Murray (1968). Sheet of Music. Carl Albert campaign jingle.

F102: Murray (1968). Newspaper clippings.

F103: Pittsburg (1968). Correspondence. Note attached.

F104: Pittsburg (1968). Correspondence. Memoranda and newspaper clipping attached.

F105: Pittsburg (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached. Includes a letter from Fred R. Harris, U. S. Senator (Oklahoma), to Carl Albert, (September 5, 1968).

F106: Pittsburg (1968). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping and list attached.

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