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Box 15: Campaign Files, 1967-1968

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions (continued)

F1: Expenses (1968). Radio tapes.

F2: Expenses (1968). Rental Cars and Telegrams.

F3: Expenses (1968). Shipping charges.

F4: Expenses (1968). Television, Ada, Oklahoma. Correspondence and schedules included.

F5: Expenses (1968). Television, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Correspondence, leaflet, schedules and coverage map included.

F6: Expenses (1968). Television, Lawton, Oklahoma. Correspondence and schedules included.

F7: Expenses (1968). Television, recommended.

F8: Expenses (1968). Television, Sherman, Texas, correspondence and schedules included.

F9: Expenses (1968). Television, Shreveport, Louisiana. Notes, correspondence, schedules, and sales area map included.

F10: Income and Expenses (1968). Carl Albert Unveiling Dinner.

F11: Income and Expenses (1967). Accounts for: Third District Voter Information Committee Fund and Carl Albert Fund. Correspondence attached.

F12: Income and Expenses (1967). Assortment.

F13: Miscellaneous (1968). Estimates.

F14 :Miscellaneous (1968). Form for Rental Car and note.

F15: Notes (1968). Laws on Campaign Contributions and Layout.

F16: Newspaper Clipping (1968). Campaign expenditures and contributions.

F17: Printed Matter (1968). An Act, Enrolled House Bill 1002. Correspondence and memoranda included.

F18: Printed Matter (1968). An Act, Enrolled Oklahoma State Senate Bill number 478. Memorandum included.

F19: Printed Matter (1968). Agents and Sub-Agents for Campaign Contributions. List and correspondence.

F20: Printed Matter (1968). Fair Campaign Practices Committee, Inc. Code of Fair Campaign Practices and pamphlet attached.

F21: Printed Matter (1968). Government Document. Handwritten notes included.

F22: Printed Matter (1968). Government Document.

F23: Receipt (1968). Advertising. Handwritten note on back.

F24: Receipt (1968). Congressional Key Tags

F25: Statement (1968). Federal Statement of Contributions and Expenditures.

F26: Statement (1968). State of Oklahoma Political Contributions and Expenditure Report. List of contributors. Handwritten list of contributors and expenses attached.


F27: List (1968). Ada, Oklahoma. Correspondence attached.

F28: List (1968). Biographical sketches sent out.

F29: List (1968). Cable Television Stations. Handwritten list attached.

F30: Lists (1968). Campaign Leaders. Memorandum attached.

F31: Lists (1968). Campaign volunteers by County.

F32: Lists (1968). Campaign volunteers by last name. Includes notes and handwritten material.

F33: Lists (1968). College football in Oklahoma.

F34: Lists (1968). County Campaign Chairmen. Correspondence and form letter attached.

F35: List (1968). County campaign managers, chairmen, and workers. Notes and various handwritten material included.

F36: List (1968). People at meeting in Antlers, Oklahoma.

F37: List (1968). Contributors, Murray and Hughes Counties.

F38 :List (1968). National Rural & Electric Cooperative Association's Reception.

F39: List (1968). Saints and Sinners Luncheon.

F40: List (1968). Tapes made by Carl Albert on October 22, 1968.

F41: Lists (1968). Telegrams to Oklahoma State Legislators, supporters and campaign workers.

F42: List (1968). Ticket sales, 1968 congressional dinner (Washington, D.C. people).


F43: Memorandum (1968). Humphrey - Muskie Statistical Information. Material from William Connell, Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, to Carl Albert, (October 18, 1968).

F44: Memorandum (1968). Immigration Policy 1882-1953.

F45: Miscellaneous (1968-1969). Envelope. La Tour Publishing Co.

F46: Miscellaneous (1967-1968). Includes clippings, articles, data for speeches & May 1967 copy of The Democrat.

F47: Printed Matter (1968). The American Heritage Foundation. "Findings of Gallup Survey of Political Attitudes of young people."

F48: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. "1967 Guide to Nationality Observances."

F49: Printed Matter (1968). Democratic National Committee. Campaign Suggestions.

F50: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. Facts and quotes for Democrats.

F51: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. Leaflets.

F52: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. Magazine clipping.

F53: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. News Releases.

F54: Printed Matter (1967). Democratic National Committee. "Political Profiles of the 50 states."

F55: Printed Matter (1968). Democratic National Committee. Research and Publications Division.

F56: Printed Matter (1965-1967). Democratic National Committee. Urban Aid Programs.

F57: Printed Matter (1968). Federal Funds to Oklahoma. Financial assistance, by county, to Carl Albert's District, January 1, 1968 to July 1, 1968.

F58: Printed Matter (1967). Federal Funds of Oklahoma. Office of Economic Opportunity. Includes a national summary and memorandum.

F59: Printed Matter (1968-69). "Nixon on the Issues".

F60: Printed Matter (1967). Old-Age, survivors, Disability, and Health Insurance. Benefit payments by states.

F61: Printed Matter (1968). "Publication or Distribution of Political Statements"

F62: Printed Matter (1967). Publication. Congressional Records

F63: Printed Matter (1968). Publication. Department of Commerce. Exports from Oklahoma (1966). Form letter attached.

F64: Printed Matter (1968). Publication. Government document, "Factual Campaign Material."

F65: Printed Matter (1968). Publication. Oklahoma Democratic Party's Platform.

F66: Printed Matter (1967). Publication. Oklahoma Government Bulletin. Note attached.

F67: Printed Matter (1967-1968). Reports and Bills, House of Representatives.

F68: Printed Matter (Aug. 1968). A Study of Voter Preferences and Attitudes in Oklahoma's 3rd Congressional District. John F. Kraft, Inc.

F69: Printed Matter (1967). Voting Record, GOP, 1964-1967.


F70: Magazine Clippings (1968). Assortment.

F71-74: Newspaper Clippings (1967-1968). Carl Albert's general news coverage: Note attached.

F75: News Releases (1968). Civil Disobedience.

F76: News Releases (1968). Department of Housing and Urban Development.

F77: News Releases (1968). By Journalist Drew Pearson. Correspondence attached.

F78: News Releases (1968). Education.

F79: News Releases (1968). Farmers Home Administration and U.S. Senators (Oklahoma) signed by Carl Albert, and U. S. Senators (Oklahoma) Mike Monroney and Fred Harris.

F80: News Releases (1968). Foreign Policy.

F81: News Releases (1968). General. Correspondence and newspaper clipping attached.

F82: News Releases (1968). Post Office Department.

F83: Periodical (1968). Clift, John, "The Fishingest Town," All Outdoors, October 1968, pp. 6-9.

F84: Publication (1968). Technology Use Studies Center.

F85: Radio (1968). Correspondence.
a. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Oklahoma State Representative David L. Boren, (October 26, 1968).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Oklahoma State Senator James E. Hamilton, (October 26, 1968).

F86: Radio (1968). Memoranda, Radio Spots. Includes correspondence and transcription of tape.

F87: Radio (1968). News Release. List attached.

F88: Radio (1968). Transcription of tapes. Lists included.

F89: Radio and Television (1968). Handwritten notes by Carl Albert on advertisements.

F90: Television (1968). Correspondence. Includes lists, map, and research report. Includes a telegram from Carl Albert to Oklahoma State Senator James E. Hamilton, (August 20, 1968).

F91: Television (1968). Lists.

F92: Television (1968). Memoranda.

F93: Television (1968). News Release.

F94: Television (1968). Schedules.

F95-96: Television (1968). Transcriptions of telecasts. Note attached.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F97: Bartlett, Dewey F. (1968). Address as Governor of Oklahoma.

F98-101: Beasley, Dr. Gerald L. (1968). Advertisement, form letters, newspaper clippings, schedule..

F102: Campbell, R.T. (1968). Form letter.

F103-104: Denney, James B. (1968). Correspondence and clipping.

F105: Eisenhower, Dwight (1968). Extracts from Health messages of Presidents.

F106: Ford, Gerald R. (1968). Address as Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.

F107: Gary, Raymond (1967-1968). Correspondence and memoranda. Newspaper clippings attached.

F108: Gary, Raymond (1968). Newspaper Clippings.

F109-110: Humphrey, Hubert (1968). Excerpts from an address as Vice President.

F111: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1968). Flyers,

F112: 1968 Democratic National Committee. Memo.

F113: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1968). List of accomplishments and invitation to Carl Albert to attend kickoff meeting.

F114: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1968). Correspondence.

F115: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1968). Misc. printed material.

F116: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1968). Press release.

F117: Jarboe, John B. (1968). Correspondence. Note attached.

F118: Johnson, Lyndon (1968). Extracts from Health messages of Presidents.

F119: Johnson, Lyndon (1967-1968). Clippings and correspondence.

F120: Kennedy, Edward (1968). Copy of UPI news story.

F121: Kennedy, Robert F. (1968). Correspondence.

F122: Knight, James (Bullet) (1968). Flyer.

F123: McCarthy, Eugene J. (1968). Pamphlet "First Things First."

F124: McCarthy, Eugene J. (1968). Correspondence.

F125: Marshall, W. Jon (1968). Advertisements. Note attached.

F126-129: Marshall, W. Jon (1968). Correspondence, news release, clippings.

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