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Box 16: Campaign Files, 1967-1970

Other Political Candidates and Politicians (continued)

F1: Marshall, W. Jon (1968). Speech at Talihina, Oklahoma.

F2: Monroney, Mike (1968). Brochure.

F3: Monroney, Mike (1968). Correspondence. Includes correspondence between Henry Bellmon, candidate for U.S. Senate and Jack Cole, Mail Advertising Corp. of America, (May 28, 1968).

F4: Monroney, Mike (1968). Form Letter. Signed by Oklahoma State Representative Rex Privett and Jim Townsend, (October 15, 1968).

F5: Monroney, Mike (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F6: Muskie, Edmund (1968). Flyer. Includes comments on Barry Goldwater and Richard M. Nixon.

F7: Nixon, Richard M. (1968). Correspondence. Brochure included.

F8: Nixon, Richard M. (1968). Memorandum. Nixon quotes on former Governor of Alabama, George Wallace.

F9: Sickles, Carlton B. (1968). Campaign Contribution.

F10: Steed, Tom (1968). Brochures and flyer. Congressional Record attached.

F11: Steed, Tom (1968). Form letters. Calendar hand card and copy of newspaper clipping attached.

F12: Steed, Tom (1968). Newspaper clipping.

F13: Steed, Tom (1968). Questionnaire.

F14: Sullivan, Mike (1968). Correspondence. Hand card attached.

F15: Truman, Harry S. (1968). Extracts from Health Messages of Presidents.

F16: Wallace, George (1968). Magazine; newspaper clippings; brochures.

F17: Wallace, George (1968). Transcription of ABC Radio and Television, ABC's Issues and Answers."

F17B: Wallace, George (1968). Correspondence.

Personal Files

F18: State Election Board (1968). Notification and Declaration, State Office. Blank form.

Primary and General Election Material

F19: Correspondence (1968). Assortment. Includes list and newspaper clipping.

F20: Correspondence (1968). Assortment.

F21: General (1968). Hughes County.

F22: Lists (1968). Primary.

F23: Maps (1967). Congressional Districts and Voter Registrations.

F24: Newspaper Clippings (1968). Assortment.

F25: Primary (1968). Hughes County.

F26: Printed Matter (1967). General registration. Laws of the State of Oklahoma.

F27: Printed Matter (1967). Primary and General Election Laws (Oklahoma). Form letter attached.

F28: Talley Sheets (1968). General Election. Includes note.


F29: Printed Matter (1967). Oklahoma Congressional District Identification. Maps attached.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F30: Remarks (1968). Congressional Record. Constitution of the U.S.

F31: Remarks (1968). Platform Committee. Cattle Industry.

F32: Remarks (1968). Unidentified.

F33: Remarks (1968). Vietnam.

F34: Schedules (1968). Oklahoma events. Forms attached.

F35: Schedules (1968). Oklahoma and Out-of-State.

F36: Speech (1967). Congressional Record. On President Lyndon B. Johnson.

F37: Speech (1968). For Pat Kelley, Democratic Candidate for Congress.

F38: Speech (by Frank Heard) (1968). Unveiling of Carl Albert's Portrait.



F39: Correspondence (1969-1970). Advertising firms. Includes newspaper advertisement proof and its layout. Printer matter attached.

F40-43: Correspondence (1970). Advertising firms.

F44: Bumper Sticker (1970).

F45: Correspondence (1969). Advertising firm. Copy of marketing survey attached.

F46: Correspondence (1970). Democratic Party of Oklahoma. Includes brochure on computer service.

F47: Memoranda (1970). Campaign material and radio tapes.

F48: Appreciation (1970). Campaign workers. Troy and Bessie Collins.

F49: Appreciation (1970). Campaign workers.
a. Correspondence between Jim Cook, Oklahoma Commissioner of Charities and Corrections, and Carl Albert, (May 26, June 11, 1970).
b. Correspondence between Glen Ham, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (May 27, June 11, 1970).
c. Correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (May 14-July 21, 1970).

F50-60: Appreciation (1969-1970). Campaign workers. Susan Kilgore. Political cartoons and slogans attached.

F61: Appreciation (1970). Contributions. Includes correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (June 9, June 12, 1970).

F62: Appreciation (1970). Contributions. Jim Jones Reception.

F63: Appreciation (1969-1970). General.
a. Letter from Carl Albert to Fred Harris, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (May 11, 1970).
b. Correspondence between Wayne M. Holden, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (July 6, July 17, 1970).
c. Correspondence between Jim E. Lane, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert,(April 16, 22, 1970).
d. Correspondence between Revel W. Little, Oklahoma State Chairman, American Party of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (July 22, July 24, 1970).
e. Correspondence between Clem McSpadden, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (December 12, December 16, 1969).
f. Correspondence between Allen G. Nichols, Oklahoma State Senator and Carl Albert, (September 21, September 24, 1970).
g. Letter from Finis Smith, Oklahoma State Senator, to Carl Albert, (November 11, 1969). Newspaper clipping attached.
h. Correspondence between Victor Wickersham, Oklahoma Democratic nominee for Congress, (September 10, 15, 1970).

F64: Appreciation (1970). General. News Release attached.

F65: Appreciation (1969). General. Newspaper clippings attached. Includes correspondence between Oklahoma State Representative Pauline Tabor and Carl Albert, (December 16, 22, 1969).

F66-69: Appreciation (1969). General.

F70: Appreciation (1969-1970). General. Includes a letter from Carl Albert to W. E. (Dode) McIntosh, Principal Chief, Creek Nation, (July 22, 1970). Newspaper clipping attached.

F71: Appreciation (1969-1970). General. Two Prayer - A. Graves and printed matter attached.

F72: Appreciation (1969-1970). General. Form letter signed by Barry Goldwater attached. Leaflet attached.

F73-75: Appreciation (1970). General.

F76: Blacks (1970). Oklahoma State NAACP.

F77-84: Colleagues (1970). Endorsements and congratulatory.

F85: Congratulations (1970). From Carl Albert to county officials. Newspaper clippings attached.

F86: Congratulations (1970). From Carl Albert, General newspaper clipping attached.

F87: Congratulations (1970). From Carl Albert to Oklahoma State Government. Newspaper clipping attached.

F88: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Labor.

F89: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Oklahomans. Note: Choctaw-Chickasaw Tribal land sale. Includes correspondence between Virgil N. Harrington, Area Director, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Carl Albert, (November 9, 11, 1970).

F90: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Oklahomans. Flyer and note attached.

F91: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Oklahomans. Copy of newspaper clipping attached.

F92-94: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Oklahomans.

F95: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-state. Includes correspondence between Dean Rusk, former Secretary of State, and Carl Albert, (November 20, 24, 1970).

F96: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-State.

F97: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-State.
a. Letter from Jorge L. Cordova, U.S. Representative (Puerto Rico) to Carl Albert, (November 4, 1970).
b. Correspondence between W. Pat Jennings, Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert's office, November 4, 11, 1970).
c. Correspondence between Dong Jo Kim, Korean Ambassador, and Carl Albert, (November 4, 16, 18, 1970).
d. Telegram from Ed Muskie, U.S. Senator (Maine), (November 4,1970).

F98: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-State.
a. Correspondence between Ernesto V. Lagdamco, Ambassador of the Philippines, and Carl Albert, (November 5, 20, 1970).
b. Correspondence between A. B. Won Pat, U.S. Representative (Territory of Guam), and Carl Albert, (November 5, 20, 1970).
c. Correspondence between Chow Shu-Kai, Ambassador of the Republic of China, and Carl Albert, (November 16, 19, 1970).
d. Correspondence between John A. Volpe, Secretary of Transportation, and Carl Albert, (November 5, 9, 1970).

F99: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-State. Includes correspondence between Walter J. Hickel, Secretary of the Interior, and Carl Albert, (November 4, 9, 1970).

F100: Congratulations (1970). Re-election, Out-of-State. Includes a telegram from Jack Valenti, former Press Secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson, to Carl Albert, (November 5, 1970).

F101: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). Appreciation memorandum and note attached.

F102: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). Appreciation. Includes a letter from Carl Albert to A. S. Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (October 14, 1970). List attached.

F103: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). Contributions. Copy of check, list, and correspondence included.

F104: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). General.
a. Correspondence between Robert Docking, Governor of Kansas, and Carl Albert, (December 18, 1969-January 9, 1970).
b. Correspondence between Fred Harris, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (December 5, 10, 1969). Copy of Congressional Record attached.
c. Letter from George Nigh, Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, to Carl Albert, (December 10, 1969).

F105-111: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). List, form letter, and correspondence,

F112: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969). Program.

F113: Congressional Appreciation Dinner (1969-1970). Statement of cash receipts and disbursements. Correspondence.

F114: Congressional Leadership for the Future (1970). Interim Report. Includes correspondence between Sargent Shriver, Chairman, Congressional Leadership for the future, and Carl Albert, (August 15, 20, 1970).

F115: Democratic National Committee (1970). Democratic Caucus. Flyer attached.

F116: Democratic National Committee (1970). Democratic Congressional Committee. Dinner contributions. Notes, list and copy of checks included.

F117: Democratic National Committee (1969-1970). Democratic Congressional Committee. Dinner, General. Newspaper clipping and note included. Includes a letter from William L. Clay, U.S. Representative (Missouri) to Michael J. Kirwan, Chairman, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and U.S. Representative (Ohio).

F118: Democratic National Committee (1970). Democratic Congressional Committee, Dinner Information Sheet.

F119: Democratic National Committee (1970). List. Form letter included.

F120: Democratic National Committee (1970). Reception for Carl Albert in Washington, D.C.

F121: Endorsement (1970). Labor. Newspaper clippings attached.

F122: Form Letter (1970). Associate District Judges. List attached.

F123: Form Letter (1970). Calendar Distribution. List attached.

F124: Form Letter (1970). Campaign Support.

F125: Form Letter (1970). Congress's "Major Legislative Actions".

F126: Form Letter (1970). County Election. Board Secretaries. List attached.

F127: Form Letter (1970). Republican National Finance Committee.

F128: Indians (1970). Choctaw Indians. Note attached.

F129: Invitations (1969-1970). Assortment. Includes notes, newspaper clippings and printed matter.

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