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Box 17: Campaign Files 1969-1970

Correspondence (continued)

F1: Legislation (1970). Assortment. Appropriations for Civil Rights Act of 1964 attached.

F2: Legislation Assortment. Note attached.

F3: Memoranda (1969-1970). Assortment. Letter included.

F4: Memoranda (1969-1970). Assortment. Notes and correspondence attached.

F5: Memoranda (1970). Assortment. Notes attached. Includes Oklahoma votes for gubernatorial race in 3 and 6th district.

F6: Memoranda (1970). Assortment.

F7: Memoranda (1970). Oklahoma Supreme Court case Bare v. Patterson.

F8: Miscellaneous (1969-1970). Assortment.

F9: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment. Newspaper clipping attached.

F10: Miscellaneous (1969-1970). Assortment. Newspaper clipping attached.

F11: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment. Newspaper clippings and note included.

F12: Miscellaneous (1969-1970). Assortment.

F13: Miscellaneous (1969-1970). Assortment. Notes and newspaper clipping included.

F14: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment.
a. Correspondence between David Hall, then Governor-elect (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (October 8, November 21, 1970).
b. Correspondence between Allen G. Nichols, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (July 2, 6, 1970).
c. Two letters from George Nigh, Lt. Governor of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (no dates).
d. Letter from Charles L. Ward, Administrative Assistant to Carl Albert, to Gene Stipe, Oklahoma State Senator (October 26, 1970). Newspaper clipping attached.

F15: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment. Certificate attached from Oklahoma Teen Dems.

F16: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment. Garvin County Democratic Meeting Program attached.

F17: Miscellaneous (1970). Assortment. Includes a letter from Jim E. Lane, Oklahoma State Senator, to Carl Albert. (April 27, 1970).

F18-22: Miscellaneous (1970). Constituents' Opinions.

F23-24: Miscellaneous (1969-1970). Constituents' Opinions. Reverend D.D. Creecy.

F25: Miscellaneous (1969). Sam Rayburn and Rural Electrification.

F26: National Campaign (1970). California. Includes list and newspaper clipping and correspondence between California State Representative Walter Karabian, and Carl Albert, (September 30, October 5, 1970).

F27: National Campaign (1970). Comments on 1970. National General Election.

F28: National Campaign (1970). Form letter to Republican members of House Committee on Elections.

F29: National Campaign (1970). General.
a. Correspondence between Orren Beaty, Democratic candidate for Congress (Arizona) and Carl Albert, (December 14, 22, 1970).
b. Correspondence from Bob Casey, U.S. Representative (Texas) to Carl Albert, (December 21, 1970).
c. Correspondence from James H. De Coursey, Lt. Governor of Kansas to Carl Albert, (December 16, 1970).
d. Correspondence between Leonard Farbstein, defeated incumbent U.S. Representative (New York) and Carl Albert, (December 7, 1970).
e. Correspondence between Milton Gordon, Beverly Hills, California, and Carl Albert, (December 1, 4, 1970). Newspaper clipping attached regarding U.S. Senator Henry M. (Scoop) Jackson.
f. Correspondence between George McGovern, U.S Senator (South Dakota) and Carl Albert, (November 5, 18, 1970).
g. Copies of letter and telegram from Constituents to Edward Muskie, U.S. Senator (Maine), (November 3, 1970).
h. Correspondence between Kenneth P. O'Donnell, and Carl Albert, (January 22, March 6, 1970).
i. Correspondence between Teno Roncalio, U.S. Representative (Wyoming) and Carl Albert, (November 10, 18, 1970).
j. Correspondence from Stuart M. Stebbings, Constituent, to Vernon W. Thompson, U.S. Representative (Wisconsin), (September 15, 1969, March 3, 1970).

F30: National Campaign (1970). General. Note attached.

F31: National Campaign (1970). Special Committee to Investigate Campaigns. Includes letters from David A. Tunno, unsuccessful democratic candidate for Congress (California), to Thomas O. O'Neill, Jr., U.S. Representative (Massachusetts) and Chairman, Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures for the House of Representatives, and to Carl Albert, (November 27, November 28, 30, 1970).

F32: Oklahoma Federation of Democrat Women (1970). Bus tour. Includes correspondence, schedules, notes, memoranda, newspaper clipping and newsletter.

F33: Oklahoma Federation of Democrat Women (1970). State Convention. Correspondence including letter to Patsy Mink, U.S. Representative (Hawaii) from Edna Mae Phelps, President, Oklahoma Federation of Democrat Women's Club, (January 22, 1970).

F34: Opponent (1970). Marvin D. Andrews. Includes form letter from Andrews, handcards, and memorandum. Includes correspondence between Allen G. Nichols, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (July 13, 19, 1970).

F35: Reception and Dinner (1970). Appreciation.

F36: Reception and Dinner (1970). Contributions. List attached.

F37: Reception and Dinner (1970). General.
a. Correspondence between Lyle H. Boren, Oklahoma Assistant Insurance Commissioner, and Carl Albert, (August 10-September 9, 1970). Includes copies of letters to Joe B. Hunt, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, from various people. Newspaper clipping attached.
b. Correspondence between Wilburn Cartwright, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Carl Albert, (August 7, 12, 1970). Handcards attached.
c. Correspondence between Joe B. Hunt, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner, and Carl Albert, (August 10-September 15, 1970).
d. Correspondence between Allen G. Nichols Oklahoma State Senator, and Charles L. Ward, Administrative Assistant to Carl Albert, (August 18, 20, 1970).

F38: Reception and Dinner (1970). General. Newspaper clipping attached.

F39: Reception and Dinner (1970). General. Newspaper clipping attached.

F40: Reception and Dinner (1970). List. Letter attached.

F41: Special Interest Groups (1970). Assortment. Note and draft of letter attached. Map included.

F42: Supporters (1970). General.

F43: Supporters (1970). General.

F44: Tulsa World Editorial (1970). Appreciation. Newspaper clippings attached. Note attached. Includes correspondence between Charles W. Vann, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert , (July 24, 28, 1970).

F45: Tulsa World Editorial (1970). Appreciation. Includes newspaper clippings and attached notes.

F46: Tulsa World Editorial (1970). General. Note and copy of newspaper clipping included.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F47: Contributions (1969). Copy of check.

F48-49: Contributions (1970). Correspondence. Note and copies of checks attached.

F50: Contributions (1970). Correspondence. Handwritten note, list, and copy of checks attached.

F51: Contributions (1970). Correspondence. Notes, list, form letter, duplicate deposit slips, and copy of check attached. Includes correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, and a letter from Hamilton to Charles Ward, Administrative Assistant to Carl Albert, (September 8, 11, October 8, 1970).

F52: Contributions (1970). Lists. Copies of form letter attached.

F53: Contributions, Returned. Correspondence. Copies of checks attached.

F54: Contributions, Returned. Correspondence. Copies of checks attached.

F55: Contributions, Returned (1970). Correspondence. Copies of checks and note attached.

F56: Expenses (1969). Campaign workers. Includes correspondence and note.

F57: Expenses (1970). House of Representative Restaurant.

F58: Expenses (1970). Newspaper advertisements.

F59: Expenses (1970). Photographs.

F60: Expenses (1970). Postage.

F61: Expenses (1970). Telegrams.

F62: Expenses (1970). Television and campaign worker. Includes correspondence other than topic. Includes letter from Carl Albert to Walter H. Annenberg, United States Ambassador to England, (September 3, 1970).

F63: Expenses (1970). Television invoices; House Recording Studio.

F64: Income (1970). Carl Albert Portrait Fund.

F65: Memoranda (1970). Advertising.

F66: Memoranda (1970). Oklahoma State Election Board Regulations.

F67: Memorandum (1970). Jim Jones Campaign.

F68: Printed Matter (1970). Agents and Sub-Agents for campaign contributions

F69: Printed Matter (1970). Government documents.

F70: Receipt (1970). Bumper stickers.

F71: Statement (1970). State (Oklahoma) Contributions and Expenditures Report. Includes memorandum, handwritten copies of expenditures, and printed matter.


F72: List (1970). Bryan County. Includes correspondence.

F73: List (1970). Colleagues. Copy of telegram attached.

F74: List (1970). Cotton County Officers.

F75: List (1970). Democratic candidates for U.S. House. Copy of telegram attached.

F76: List (1970). Democratic Precinct Officials.

F77: List (1970). Oklahoma State candidate for U.S. House.


F78: Maps (1970). U.S. and seven states.

F79: Memoranda (1970). Assortment. Printed matter attached.

F80: Memorandum (1970). U.S. House of Representatives. From: John Brademas, U.S. Representative, (Indiana).

F81: Memorandum (1970). Whip notice information.

F82: Printed Matter (1970). Bureau of the Census. Note and memoranda included. Also includes statistical information. Includes correspondence between James Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (May 7-June 24, 1970).

F83: Printed Matter (1969). Congressional Record.

F84: Printed Matter (1970). Democratic Campaign Manual.

F85: Printed Matter (1970). Farmers Home Administration.

F86: Printed Matter (1969). U.S. House Bills. Memoranda attached.

F87: Printed Matter (1969). Legislative Reference Service.

F88: Printed Matter (1970). Miscellaneous.

F89: Printed Matter (1969). Public Works appropriations.


F90-96: Newspaper Clippings (1969-1970). Carl Albert's general news coverage.

F97-100: Newspaper Clippings (1969-1970). General.

F101: Television (1970). Transcript of "60 Minutes" regarding Bill of Rights.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F102-107: Andrews, Marvin D. (1963-1970). Correspondence, clipping, handcard, flyer, and talley card..

F108: Cost, James W. (1970). Correspondence. Note and flyer attached.

F109: Cunningham, Martin (1970). Correspondence.

F110: Flaherty, Tom (1970). Correspondence. Press release attached.

F111: Goodrich, Jim (1970). Correspondence.

F112: Jones, James R. Printed matter, survey and newspaper clipping.

F113: Lindsay, John V. (1970). Correspondence and copy of speech.

F114: Mansfield, Mike (1970). Speech.

F115: Matsunaga, Spark (1970). Correspondence.

F116: Merron, Chester E. (1970). Biographical printed sheet.

F117: Metzenhaum, Howard M. (1970). Correspondence.

F118: Pattison, Edward W. (1970). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.

F119: Rice, George (1970). Correspondence.

F120: Schmarkey, John C. (1970). Correspondence.

F121: Simmons, Joseph (1970). Correspondence.

F122: Steed, Tom (1970). Correspondence.

F123: Steven, Raymond H. (1970). Letter to Carl Albert.

F124: Telles, Raymond (1970). Correspondence.

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