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Box 18

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Box 18: Campaign Files, 1969-1970, 1971-1972

Other Political Candidates and Politicians (continued)

F1: Turner, Bailey W. (1970). Correspondence. Brochure and note attached.

F2: Tunno, Dave (1970). Correspondence.

F3: Wallace, George C. (1970). Newsletter.

F4: Whitener, Basil L. (1970). Correspondence. Printed matter attached.

Personal Files

F5: Congressman Albert Reception (1970). Book signed by guests.

F6: Printed Matter (1970). Oklahoma State Oath of Registration. Note attached.

Primary and General Election Returns

F7: General Election (1970). Correspondence and official certificate of votes.

F8: General and Primary (1968 and 1970). Manila folder with returns.

F9: General and Primary (1968 and 1970). Hughes County.

F10: Primary (1970). Carter County, Correspondence.

F11: Primary (1970). Garvin County. Correspondence and note included.

F12: Primary (1970). Jefferson County. Includes correspondence.

F13: Primary (1970). Johnston County. Includes correspondence.

F14: Primary (1970). LeFlore County, correspondence. Includes correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (September 10, 14, 1970).

F15: Primary (1970). Pittsburg County, Absentee Votes, includes correspondence.

F16: Printed Matter (1970). Election results and statistics, State of Oklahoma.

F17: Printed Matter (1970). Government Document.

F18: Printed Matter (1970). Government Regulations.

F19: Special Elections (1970). Massachusetts, 1964 through 1970.

F20: Statistical Table (1970). Percentage of Democratic votes in Congressional Race.


F21: Correspondence (1970). Assortment. Includes memoranda, preliminary census figures for 3rd district, Oklahoma, (typed and handwritten copy), and newspaper clipping.
a. Correspondence from James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator to Carl Albert, September 2, October 7, 1970.
b. Correspondence device from C. H. Spearman, Jr., Oklahoma State Representative, October 8, December 29, 1970.

F22: Maps (1970). Oklahoma Counties.

F23: Printed Matter (1970). Census of Oklahoma. June 1970; December 1970.

F24: Printed Matter (1970). County Business. Patterns, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Publication.

F25: Typed Material (1970). Suggested Oklahoma Redistricting Plans.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F26: Schedule (1970). Bus Tour.



F27: Correspondence (1972). Includes correspondence with Jim Bolling/Democratic Association. Advertising Firms. Leaflet attached.

F28: Memoranda (1972). Assortment.


F29: American Business on National Priorities (1971). Poll. Includes correspondence between J.C. Kennedy, State Chairman, Democratic Party of Oklahoma, and Charles L. Ward, Administrative Assistant to Carl Albert, (August 19-September 2, 1971).

F30: Appreciation (1972). Campaign Workers flyers and handcard attached.

F31: Appreciation (1972). Campaign Workers. Newspaper articles, napkin and memoranda included.

F32-33: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers.

F34: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers. Includes note, memoranda and song, "A Flag of Three Colors."

F35: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers.
a. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Kenneth Converse, Oklahoma State Representative, (November 22, 1972).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Glen Ham, Oklahoma State Senator, (November 22, 1972).

F36: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers. List attached. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to Lonnie Abbott, Oklahoma State Representative, (November 20, 1972).

F37: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers.

F38: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to George Miller, Oklahoma State Senator (November 21, 1972).

F39: Appreciation (1972). Campaign workers. Manilla folder with notations included.

F40: Appreciation (1972). General.

F41: Appreciation (1972). General. Memorandum included.
a. Correspondence between Lonnie Abbott, Oklahoma State Representative and Carl Albert, (November 14, 20, 1972).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Admiral H.G. Rickover, Director, Division of Naval Reactors, (August 22, 1972). Cachet attached.

F42: Appreciation (1972). General. Includes correspondence among Harold P. Gibson, Elmore City, Oklahoma, Edmund S. Muskie, Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator (Maine) and Carl Albert, (April 7, 12, 17, 1972).

F43: Appreciation (1971). Newspaper and magazine clippings. Newspaper clipping attached.

F44: Appreciation (1971-1972). Newspaper and magazine clippings. Newspaper clippings attached.

F45: Appreciation (1971-1972). Newspaper and magazine articles.

F46: Carl Albert Education Day (1971). Tickets. Form letter included.

F47: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, labor.

F48: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, Oklahomans. Reverend Douglas D. Creecy. Includes correspondence from Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Rex Privett, Oklahoma State Representative, (August 28, May 20, 1972), to Creecy.

F49: Congratulations. Re-election, Oklahomans.
a. Correspondence between Dewey Bartlett, U.S. Senator-elect and former Governor, State of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (November 9, 11, 1972).
b. Correspondence between Larry Derryberry, Oklahoma Attorney General, and Carl Albert, (November 13, 16, 1972).
c. Correspondence between J. Dale Dowdy, State Director, Oklahoma Civil Defense, (November 10, 14, 1972).
d. Correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (September 6, 8, November 10, 13, 1972).
e. Correspondence between Rex Privett, Speaker, Oklahoma State House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (August 28, September 5, 1972). Note attached.
f. Correspondence between Brigadier General W.Y. Smith, U.S. Air Force, and Carl Albert, (November 15, 21, 1972).

F50: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, Oklahomans.

F51: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, Out-of-State. Publication included.

F52-53: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, Out-of-State.

F54: Congratulations (1972). Re-election, Out-of-State.
a. Correspondence between Donald K. Anderson, Democratic Floor Manager, and Carl Albert, (November 8, 13, 1972).
b. Correspondence between Ike Andrews, Congressman-elect (North Carolina), and Carl Albert, (November 28, December 15, 1972).
c. Correspondence between Birch Bayh, U.S. Senator (Indiana), and Carl Albert, (November 17, 29, 1972). Note attached.
d. Correspondence between Walter Becher, Member, Foreign Relations Committee, Germany, and Carl Albert, (November 8, 13, 1972).
e. Correspondence between Kyung Soon Chang, Vice Speaker, National Assembly, Republic of Korea, and Carl Albert, (November 11, 14, 1972).
f. Telegram from Rafael Hernandez Colon, President; Senate of the Commonwealth, Puerto Rico, to Carl Albert, (November 13, 1972).
g. Correspondence between Lev E. Dobriansky, President, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Inc., and Carl Albert, (November 13, 15, 1972).
h. Correspondence between L. Patrick Gray, III, Acting Director, FBI, and Carl Albert, (November 15, 20, 1972).
i. Correspondence between Hubert H. Humphrey, U.S. Senator (Minnesota) and Carl Albert, (November 30, December 15, 1972).
j. Telegram from Koh Heungmoon Seoul, Seoul, Korea, to Carl Albert, (November 15, 1972).
k. Correspondence between Yu Jae Hung, Minister of National Defense, Seoul, Korea, and Carl Albert, (November 13, December 6, 1972).
l. Correspondence between Peter N. Kyros, U.S. Representative (Maine) and Carl Albert, (November 10, 13, 1972).
m. Correspondence between Ernest W. McFarland, Former Governor of Arizona, and Carl Albert, (November 11, 14, 1972).
n. Correspondence between John E. Nidacher, Deputy Special Assistant to the President, and Carl Albert, (November 17, 27, 1972).
o. Correspondence between Peter Peterson, Secretary of Commerce, and Carl Albert, (November 20, 27, 1972).
p. Correspondence between Robert V. Rota, Postmaster, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (November 13, 28, 1972).
q. Telegram from Phillip V. Sanchez, Director, Office of Economic Opportunity, to Carl Albert, (November 10, 1972).
r. Correspondence between James C.H. Shen, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Republic of China, and Carl Albert, (November 8, 11, 1972).
s. Correspondence between Joseph D. Tydings, former U.S. Senator (Maryland) and Carl Albert, (November 8, 13, 1972).
t. Correspondence between Nobuhiko Ushiba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Embassy of Japan, (November 8, 11, 1972).
u. Correspondence between C.C. Villarreal, Administrator, Urban Mass Transportation Administration, and Carl Albert, (December 20, 26, 1972).
v. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Stefan Voitec, President, Grand National Assembly, Romania, (April 24, 1973).
w. Correspondence between John A. Volpe, Secretary of Transportation, (November 9, 11, 1972).

F55: Congratulations (1972). Special Interest Groups.

F56: Congratulations (1972). Special Interest Groups.

F57: Consumerism (1972). Form letters to Radio and Television Stations.

F58: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Assortment . Presidential Poll of House members included.

F59: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). California Dinner.

F60: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). California Dinner. List included.

F61-62: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Contributions.

F63: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Contributions.
a. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Yvonne Burke, U.S. Representative (California), (September 19, 1972).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Barbara Jordan, U.S. Representative (Texas), (September 19, 1972).

F64: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Contributions. Includes correspondence from Philip H. Power, Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Robert Strauss, National Committee for the Re-election of a Democratic Congress, (September 26, 1972).

F65: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Contributions. Includes two lists: Candidate, Donor and Amount and guest list. Includes correspondence from Hubert H. Humphrey, U.S. Senator (Minnesota) to Carl Albert, (October 4, 1972).

F66-77: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Dinner at "21". Includes guest list and form letter. Notes attached.

F78: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1972). Form letters. List, black IBM card, and notes included.

F79: Democratic National Committee (1971). Congressional Dinner, contributions. Copies of checks and notes attached.

F80: Democratic National Committee (1971). Congressional Dinner. Form letter from Carl Albert included.

F81: Democratic National Committee (1971-1972). Congressional Dinner.
a. Correspondence from Ernest F. Hollings, U.S. Senator (South Carolina) to Carl Albert, (July 6, 1971).
b. Correspondence between Lawrence F. O'Brien, Chairman, Democratic National Dinner Committee, and Carl Albert, (March 10-22, 1971).

F82: Democratic National Committee (1972-1973). Expenses. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to Bill D. Burlison, U. S. Representative (Missouri), (January 2, 1973). Includes note, invoice and copy of check.

F83: Democratic National Committee (1972). Form letters, assortment. Correspondence, memoranda and list included.

F84: Democratic National Committee (1972). Itinerary. Note attached.

F85: Democratic National Committee (1972). General.

F86: Democratic National Committee (1972). General.
a. Correspondence between Thomas F. Eagleton, U.S. Senator (Missouri) and Carl Albert, (July 17, 18, 1972).
b. Correspondence among: Julia Butler Hansen, U.S. Rep. (Washington), Henry M. Jackson, U.S. Senator (Washington), Larry O'Brien, Chairman, Democratic National Committee George McGovern, U.S. Senator (South Dakota)James E. Duree, Attorney, Westport, Washington, and Carl Albert, (May 1, 15, 1972).
c. Correspondence between B. Everett Jordan, U.S. Senator (North Carolina) and Carl Albert, (April 3, 12, 1972).
d. Memorandum from Bob Kastenmeier, U.S. Representative (Wisconsin), (May 19, 1972).
e. Correspondence from Edmund S. Muskie, Vice-Presidential Candidate and U.S. Senator (Maine), (June 17, 1972).
f. Correspondence from Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr., U.S. Representative (Massachusetts), to Carl Albert, (September 30, 1972). Memorandum to McGovern-Shriver Coordinators.
g. Correspondence from Robert Sargent Shriver, Jr., to Carl Albert, (December 1, 1972).

F87: Democratic National Committee (1972). General.

F88: Democratic National Committee (1972). Invitations, declined.

F89:Democratic National Committee (1971). Steering Committee. Includes correspondence from Ray J. Madden, U.S. Rep. (Indiana) to Carl Albert, (April 19, 1971).

F90: Democratic National Convention (1972). Miscellaneous.

F91: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1972). Assortment. Includes correspondence from Ernest L. Mike Massad, Finance Chairman, Democratic Party, Carter County, Oklahoma, to Oklahoma's Governor, David Hall, (November 5, 1972).

F92: Form Letter (1972). For Ed Edmondson

F93: Form Letter (1972). Letter opener. List included.

F94: Franking (1971). Regulations.

F95: Indians (1972). General. Newsletter attached. Includes correspondence to U.S. Senator Alan Cranston (California) from Will T. Nelson, editor of the above newsletter, (February 24, 1972).

F96: Invitations (1971-1973). Assortment. Newspaper clipping and rough copy of letter attached.

F97: League of Women Voters (1972). Questionnaire.

F98: Legislation (1972). Assortment.

F99: Legislation (1972). Campaign Expenditures. Public document attached. Includes correspondence from Gerald F. Ford, former President and U.S. Representative (Michigan) to Carl Albert, (February 28, 1972).

F100: Memoranda (1971-1972). Assortment.

F101: Memoranda (1972). Assortment. Correspondence, newspaper clipping and note included.

F102-105: Miscellaneous (1972). Assortment. Includes some routine correspondence.

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