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Box 19: Campaign Files 1971-1972

Correspondence (continued)

F1: Miscellaneous (1972). Assortment. Includes correspondence between Allen G. Nichols, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (July 18, 21, 1972).

F2: Miscellaneous (1971-1972). Assortment.

F3: Miscellaneous (1971-1972). Assortment.

F4: Miscellaneous (1971-1972). Assortment.
a. Correspondence from Barbour Cox, Oklahoma State Representative, to Carl Albert, (June 2, 1972).
b. Correspondence from Raymond Gary, former Governor of Oklahoma, to Carl Albert, (November 4, 1971).

F5: Miscellaneous (1971-1972). Assortment.
a. Correspondence to Mr.Harold P. Gibson, Elmore City, Oklahoma, from Wilbur D. Mills, U.S. Representative (Arkansas), (June 1, 1971).
b. Correspondence from Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) to Gibson (June 3, 1971).

F6: Miscellaneous (1971). Charley Carter's Desk.

F7: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions.

F8: Miscellaneous (1971-1972). Constituents' Opinions.

F9: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions.

F10: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions.

F11: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions. Newspaper clipping attached.

F12: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions. Newspaper clipping attached.

F13: Miscellaneous (1972). Constituents' Opinions. Newspaper clipping attached.

F14: Miscellaneous (1972). Resolution, Poteau, Oklahoma Democratic Party.

F15: National Campaign (1972). Labor. Copy of Supreme Court ruling included. Includes correspondence from Jerry Wurf, International President, AFL-CIO, to Carl Albert, (September 21, 1972).

F16: National Campaign (1972). Miscellaneous. Includes correspondence from Rogers C.B. Marton, Secretary, Department of the Interior, to Carl Albert, (January 6, 1972).

F17: National Campaign (1972). Platform, Democratic.

F18: National Campaign (1971-1972). Voters' Opinions.

F19: National Campaign (1972). Voters' Opinions.

F20: National Campaign (1972). Voters' Opinions.

F21: National Campaign (1972). Voters' Opinions. Newspaper clippings attached. Includes correspondence to Mike Mansfield, U.S. Senator (Montana), from Harold A. Crezier, Erie, Pennsylvania, (January 18, 1972).

F22: National Democratic Governor's Conference (1972). List attached. Includes correspondence between Marvin Mandel, Governor, State of Maryland.

F23: Opponent (1972). Marvin D. Andrews. Flyers, newspaper clippings and notes attached.

F24: Special Interest Groups (1972). Assortment. Printed Matter attached.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F25: Contributions (1972). Correspondence. Copies of checks, notes and handcard included.

F26: Contributions (1972). Correspondence. Copies of checks and money orders included.

F27: Contributions (1972). Correspondence. Hand card attached.

F28: Contributions (1972). Correspondence.

F29: Contributions, Returned (1972). Correspondence. Receipt, memoranda and copy of stock certificate included. Includes correspondence between Allen Williamson, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (November 1, 14, 1972).

F30: Correspondence. Amended Report, Albert for Congress Club.

F31-32: Correspondence and Reports (1972).

F33: Expenses (1972-1973). Airline. Copy of ticket, bill and memoranda included.

F34: Expenses (1972). Campaign workers.

F35: Expenses (1971-1972). Christmas Cards, envelopes, and stamps. Notes, memoranda and invoices included.

F36: Expenses (1971). Flag. Memoranda and notes included.

F37: Expenses (1972). House Restaurant.

F38: Expenses (1972). Hotel. Includes letter, charge record, and copy of bill.

F39: Expenses (1972). Photographs. Notes, letters, and bills included.

F40: Expenses (1972). Stamps.

F41: Expenses (1972). Stationery and letters.

F42: Expenses (1972). Tapes. Includes letter.

F43: Expenses (1972). Telephone.

F44: Memoranda (1972). Assortment.

F45: Memoranda (1972). Federal Campaign Act.

F46: Printed Matter (1972). Dates for reporting receipts and expenditures.

F47: Printed Matter (1972). Internal Revenue.

F48: Printed Matter (1972). Regulations of the Comptroller General, Title I of Law 92-225. Correspondence included.

F49: Printed Matter (1972). Regulations of the Comptroller General, Title III of Law 92-225.

F50: Printed Matter (1972). Summary-Receipts and Expenditures of Political Committees. Blank forms. Includes correspondence and letter to Pat Jennings, Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives, from Carl Albert, (February 15, 1972).

F51: Receipt (1972). Air Line Tickets

F52: Receipt (1972). Certified Mail.

F53: Reports of Receipts and Expenditures (1972).


F54: List (1972). Assortment. Memorandum and notes included.

F55: List (1972). California Dinner. Form letter and black IBM card included.

F56: List (1972). Democratic and Republican Part nominees, General Election, by states. Note included.


F57: Printed Matter (1971). Aeronautics and Space Report of the President, 1971 Activities.

F58: Printed Matter (1972). Congressional Record.

F59: Printed Matter (1972). Democrats in Convention, Official Program.

F60: Printed Matter (1972). Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs.

F61: Printed Matter (1972). Democratic Fact Book. Compiled by the Senatorial Campaign Committee in cooperation with the Democratic National Congressional Committee.

F62: Printed Matter (1972). Joint Center for Political Studies' Guide to Black Politics 72: Part I. The Democratic National Convention.

F63: Printed Matter (1972). Senior Citizens.

F64: Printed Matter (1972). Supplement to Nomination and Election of the President and Vice-President of the U.S.; National Democrat; Campaign Manual 1972; Handbook for Democratic Candidates; Now Is the Time for New Politics; Campaign '72 Voter Registration Manual.


F65: Magazine Clipping (1972). U.S. News and World Report.

F66: Newspaper Clippings (1972). General.

F67: Newspaper Clippings (1972). General.

F68: Newspaper Clippings (1972). General.

F69: News Release (1972). Reserve Officers Association. Note attached.

F70: News Release (1971). Statement by the President and Proposal for a New Regulatory Framework.

F71: Radio (1972). News Release. Carl Albert's campaign trip.

F72: Radio (1972). News Release by Carl Albert for Mendel Davis.

F73: Television (1972). Memorandum on how ABC will tabulate election results, and rates for spot advertisements.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F74: Andrews, Marvin D. (1971-1972). Correspondence. Notes and flyer attached.

F75: Andrews, Marvin D. (1972). Flyers and handcards.

F76: Andrews, Marvin D. (1972). Newspaper clippings.

F77: Atkins, Hannah (1972). Flyer.

F78: Bartlett, Dewey (1972). Form letter.

F79: Binkley, John (1972). Correspondence.

F80: Corey, Kent (1972). Correspondence. News release and note attached.

F81: Dolan, Tom (1972). Correspondence. Newsletter attached.

F82: Edmondson, Ed (1972). List of Regional Coordinators; endorsement.

F83: Edmondson, Ed (1972). List of County Coordinators.

F84: Edmondson, Ed (1972). Maps of Homestretch Meetings.

F85: Edwards, William J. Bill (1972). Correspondence. Handcard included.

F86: Frey, Herman (1972). Correspondence.

F87: Gallegos, Eugene (1972). Correspondence. Biographical sketch attached.

F88: Hicks, Louise (1972). Correspondence. Memorandum attached.

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