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Box 2: Campaign Files, 1947-1948



F1: Correspondence (1948). Business Firms

F2: Correspondence (1948). Newspaper advertisements.

F3: Fliers and Handcards (1948). Pictorial and plain.

F4: Layouts (1948). Re-elect Carl Albert.

F5: Layout (1948). Thanks to Constituents.

F6: Leaflets (1948). Pictorial.

F7: Miscellaneous (1948). Handwritten notes.


F8: Appreciation (1948). Campaign workers - Oklahoma.

F9: Appreciation (1948). Hospitality.

F10: Appreciation (1948). Miscellaneous (Clipping attached).

F11-13: Congratulations (1948). Congressional Race - Oklahomans.

F14: Congratulations (1948). Congressional Race - Oklahomans.
a. Correspondence between Wilburn Cartwright, Oklahoma Secretary of State, and Carl Albert, (August 19, 24, 1948).
b. Correspondence between Floyd E. Maytubby, Governor, Chickasaw Nation, and Carl Albert, (November 9, 12, 1948).
c. Correspondence between Roy J. Turner, Governor, State of Oklahoma and Carl Albert, (November 3, 5, 1948).

F15: Congratulations (1948). Congressional Race - outside Oklahoma.

F16: Congratulations (1948). Congressional Race - outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence between Joseph H. Callahan, U.S. Representative (Kentucky) and Carl Albert, (November 9, 22, 1948)
b. Correspondence between George P. Miller, U.S. Representative (California) and Carl Albert, (November 10, 14, 1948).
c. Correspondence between Sam Rayburn, U.S. Representative (Texas) and Carl Albert, (November 22, 29, 1949).
d. Correspondence between Stuart Symington, Secretary, U.S. Air Force, and Carl Albert, (November 4, 5, 1948).

F16B: Congratulations (1948). Indians.

F17: Congratulations (1948). Special Interest Groups -Oklahoma.

F18: Congratulations (1948). Special Interest Groups - outside Oklahoma. Includes correspondence between Willard E. Givens, Executive Secretary, National Educational Association, and Carl Albert, (November 9, 13, 1948).

F19: Farmers (1948). Correspondence; Farmer Committeemen, 3rd District, Oklahoma. Includes correspondence between U. S. Senator (Okla.) , Elmer Thomas and Carl Albert, (October 6, 11, 15, 1948).

F20: Form Letters (1948). Announcement - candidate for re-election to Congress.

F21: Frank Regulations (1948). Circular letters and posters in lobbies of post offices. Layouts included.

F22: Indians (1948). Choctaw-Chickasaw Coal Lands.

F23: Invitations (1948). General and to the President. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to the President [Harry S. Truman], (August 25, 1948).

F24: Labor (1948). Taft Hartley Law and Campaign; other comments.

F25: Legislation (1948). General Comments.

F26: Memoranda (1948). Assortment.

F27: Miscellaneous (1948). Absentee Ballots.

F28: Miscellaneous (1947-1948). General. Includes correspondence between Robert S. Kerr, former Governor of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (January 28, 31, June 23, 1947).

F29: Miscellaneous (1947-1948). General. Includes correspondence from William J. Holloway, former Governor of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (February 7, 1947).

F30: Miscellaneous (1948). General. Includes correspondence between Edward H. Rees, U.S. Senator (Kansas) and Carl Albert, (July 8, 10, 1948).

F31: Miscellaneous (1948). General, clipping attached. Includes correspondence from Paul Harkey, Oklahoma State Representative to Carl Albert, (May 2, 1948).

F32: Opponents (1948). General.

F33: Opponents (1948). M. L. Misenheimer, clipping attached.

F34: Opponents (1948). Kirksey Nix.

F35: Opponents (1948). John Powell.

F36: Publicity (1948). General. Clipping and handwritten notes included.

F37: Publicity (1948). General. Mat included.

F38: Special Interest Groups (1948). Catholics. Includes correspondence between John McCormack, U.S. Representative and Democratic Whip (Massachusetts) and Carl Albert, (October 19, 25, 1948).

F39: Special Interest Groups (1948). Miscellaneous.

F40: Supporters (1948). Miscellaneous.


F41: Atoka (1948). Correspondence.

F42: Atoka (1948). Lists.

F43: Atoka (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F44: Bryan (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F45 :Bryan (1948). Lists.

F46: Bryan (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F47: Carter (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F48: Carter (1948). Lists.

F49-50: Carter (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F51: Choctaw (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F52: Choctaw (1948). Lists.

F53-54: Choctaw (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F55: Latimer (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F56: Latimer (1948). Lists.

F57: Latimer (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F58: LeFlore (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F59: LeFlore (1948). Lists.

F60-61: LeFlore (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F62: Love (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F63: Love (1948). Lists.

F64: Love (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F65: Marshall (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F66: Marshall (1948). Lists.

F67: Marshall (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F68: McCurtain (1947-1948). Correspondence. Clippings attached.

F69: McCurtain (1948). Lists.

F70: McCurtain (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F71-72: Pittsburg (1947). Correspondence.

F73: Pittsburg (1948). Lists.

F74-80: Pittsburg (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

F81: Pushmataha (1947-1948). Correspondence.

F82: Pushmataha (1948). Lists.

F83: Pushmataha (1947-1948). Newspaper clippings.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F84: Contributions (1948). Correspondence.

F85: Expenditures (1947-1948). Engraving - Mats.

F86-87: Expenditures (1948). Newspaper advertisements.

F88: Expenditures (1947). Newspaper subscriptions.

F89: Expenditures (1948). Radio advertisement.

F90: Printed Matter (1948). Campaign expenditures - Federal regulations.


F91: List (1948). Newspapers in District.

F92: List (1948). Form letter Candidate for Re-election.

F93: List (1948), (1947 -1948). Correspondence - Requests for various lists.

F94: List (1948). District and County Chairmen (Black).

F95: List (1948). Election Officials.

F96: List (1948). McAlester Civic Clubs and Organizations.

F97: List (1948). Newspaper clippings.

F98: List (1948). Politicians in District.

F99: List (1948). Precinct Officials.


F100: Correspondence (1948). Requests for Campaign Literature.

F101: Printed Matter (1948). Absentee Voters Law (note attached).

F102: Printed Matter (1947). Primary and General Election Laws of the State of Oklahoma (correspondence attached).

F102B: Printed Matter (1947-1948). Federal Corrupt PracticesAct/Hatch Political Activities Act (1948); Statistics of the Congressional Election of November 5, 1946 (1947).


F103: Correspondence (1948). Democratic State Central Committee.

F104: Correspondence (1948). Radio.

F105: Correspondence (1947). Press Release. Includes correspondence and Press Release from Edward H. Rees, U. S. Representative (Kansas) to Carl Albert, (October 16, 1947).

F106: Newspaper Clippings (1948). Announcements of Carl Albert's speeches and Personal Appearances.

F107: Newspaper Clippings (1948). Carl Albert's political advertisements.

F108: Newspaper Clippings (1947). Indians. Note attached.

F109: Newspaper Clippings (1947-1948). Miscellaneous.

F110: Newspaper Clippings (1947-1948). Miscellaneous.

F111: Newspaper Clippings (1948). President Harry S. Truman's visit to Oklahoma.

F112-118: Newspaper Clippings (1948). Primary and Election Returns; Voter information; Candidates and Parties' Coverage.

F119-121: Newspaper Clippings (1947-1948). Publicity.

F122: Newspapers (1948). News and Press Releases.

F123: Newspapers (1948). Reader advertisements.

F124: Periodical (July 1948). The Railway Post Office, "McAlester, Okla.," Vol. XLIX, No. 12, July, 1948, p. 55.

F125: Periodical (January, 1947). The Sooner Magazine, "The Cover", Vol. XIX, No. 5, January, 1947, p. 3.

F126: Periodical (May 3, 1947). The National Rural Letter Carrier, "Photos -Members Post Office Committees", and "On Capital Hill", Vol. XLVI, No. 16, May 3, 1947, pp. 1-2.

F127-132: Radio (1947-1948). Broadcasts.

F133: Radio (1947-1948). News Releases.

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