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Box 20

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Box 20: Campaign Files 1971-1974

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F1: Humphrey, Hubert H. (1971-1972). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached. Correspondence with Pennsylvania Governor George Michael Leader.

F2: Johnson, Jed (1972). Brochure.

F3: Johnson, Roy Z. (1972). Correspondence.

F4: Marshall, Harold J. (1972). Flyer.

F5: McCarthy, Max (1972). Correspondence.

F6: McCloskey, Paul N., Jr. (1972). Statement and letter.

F7: McGovern, George (1972). Form letter.

F8: McGovern, George (1972). News Release, Drugs.

F9: McGovern, George (1972). News Release, Economic Prospects and Policies.

F10: McGovern, George (1971-1972). Printed Matter, The Positions of George McGovern. Includes correspondence between Carl Albert and McGovern (August 15, 1972). Memorandum attached.

F11: McGovern, George (1972). Printed Matter, An Alternative National Defense and Economic Posture. Form letter from McGovern included. The Positions of George McGovern.

F12: McGovern, George (1972). Transcript of news article on Albert Leading OK. McGovern-Shiver campaign.

F13: McGovern, George (1972). Friends of Eleanor McGovern.

F14: Merson, Alan (1972). Correspondence. Note attached. Includes correspondence from Merson to Thomas O'Neill, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts), (October 22, 1972).

F15: Miller, Harold (1972). Correspondence.

F16: Murphy, John (1972). Correspondence. Newspaper clipping attached.

F17: Muskie, Edmond S. (1971). Correspondence.

F18: Nichols, Paul F. (1972). Correspondence. Note attached.

F19: Nixon, Richard M. (1972). Form letters.

F20: Sanford, Terry (1972). Correspondence. Biography of Sanford attached.

F21: Thomas, Bill (1972). Correspondence.

F22: Tonn, Elsworth (1972). Correspondence.

F23: Tuohey, Conrad (1972). Correspondence.

F24: Wickersham, Victor (1972). Press release.

F25: Wilson, Hugh (1972). Correspondence. Note and literature attached.

F26: Various Candidates (1972). Miscellaneous Correspondence re: support of incumbents and others.

Personal Files

F27: Statement (1972). Notification and Declaration State Office. Appointment of Agent or Subagent attached. Correspondence and notes included.

Primary and General Election

F28: General Election (1972). Lincoln, Logan and Okfuskee Counties, Oklahoma. Percentage from 1952 to 1968.

F29: General Election (1972). Newspaper clippings. Include manilla folder with note.

F30: General Election (1972). Mill Creek Precinct, Oklahoma. Correspondence and magazine clipping attached.

F31: General Election (1972). Precincts.

F32: General Election (1971). South Carolina, from 1960-1970. Includes Special Election, 1971.

F33: Primary (1972). Correspondence.

F34: Primary (1972). Counties.

F35: Printed Matter (1972). Guide to Absentee Voting.


F36: Correspondence (1971). Oklahoma Legislative Council. Charges to state for Federal Bureau of Census. Boundary information. Includes correspondence among James Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, George H. Brown, Director, Federal Bureau of the Census, and Carl Albert, (February 10, 1971-July 8, 1971). Includes note, memorandum and "List of Legislative Council Purchases from Census Bureau for Reapportionment Purposes".

F37: Correspondence (1971). Realignment of Congressional Districts. Maps of Plans 1 through 5 included.
a. Correspondence between Heber Finch, Jr., Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (April 12, 19, 1971).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to: Page Belcher, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), (April 19, 1971); John N. Happy Camp, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), (April 19, 1971); Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), (April 19, 1971); John Jarman, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), (April 19, 1971); Tom Steed, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), (April 19, 1971).

F38: Correspondence (1971). Re-districting Bill. Includes correspondence between Allen G. Nichols, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (August 26, 29, 1972).

F39: Map (1971). Oklahoma, prepared revision of the first 3 districts. Includes correspondence from Finis W. Smith, Oklahoma State Senator to Carl Albert, (May 18, 1971).

F40: Newspaper Clippings (1971). General. Note attached.

F41: Printed Matter (1971). Census of Population, Oklahomans.

F42: Printed Matter (1971). Congressional District Data.

Speeches, Remarks, Statements

F43: Schedules (1972). Campaign and Airlines.

F44: Schedules (1972). Staff Vacations. Notes attached.

F45: Statement (1972). For Bill Thomas.

F46: Speech (1972). DNC TV Show.



F47: Correspondence (1974). Advertising firm. Russian wheat deal vs. industrial alcohol.

F48: Correspondence (1974). Advertising firms. Assortment. Postcard attached.

F49: Bumper Sticker (1974). Red and blue, Re-elect Carl Albert

F50: Printed Matter (1973). Advertising firm. Notes and letter attached.

F51: Printed Matter (1974). Advertising firm. Catalogs.


F52-58: Appreciation (1974). Campaign calendars.

F59: Appreciation (1974). Campaign workers.

F60-68: Appreciation (1974). Campaign workers. List and clippings.

F69-72: Appreciation (1974). General.

F73: Congratulations (1974). Colleagues. B through F.

F74: Congratulations (1974). Colleagues. J through Y.

F75: Congratulations (1974). Former defeated House members, re-elected. D through S.

F76: Congratulations (1974). Incumbents, A-M. Alphabetical by state.

F77: Congratulations (1974). Incumbents, N-W. Alphabetical by state.

F78: Congratulations (1974). Labor.

F79: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, California.

F80: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Colorado.

F81: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Connecticut.

F82: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Georgia.

F83: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Illinois.

F84: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Indiana.

F85: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Iowa.

F86: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Kansas.

F87: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Kentucky.

F88: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Maryland.

F89: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Massachusetts.

F90: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Michigan.

F91: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Minnesota.

F92: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Montana.

F93: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Nevada.

F94: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, New Hampshire.

F95: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, New Jersey.

F96: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, New York.

F97: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, North Carolina.

F98: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Ohio.

F99: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Oklahoma.

F100: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Oregon.

F101: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Pennsylvania.

F102: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Rhode Island.

F103: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, South Carolina.

F104: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Tennessee.

F105: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Texas.

F106: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Utah.

F107: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Virginia.

F108: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Washington.

F109: Congratulations (1974). New Democrats, Wisconsin.

F110: Congratulations (1974). Oklahomans. Includes correspondence between James E. Hamilton, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert, (August 27-November 14, 1974). Newspaper clippings attached.

F111-112: Congratulations (1974). Out-of-state.

F113: Congratulations (1974). Out-of-state.

a. Correspondence between Donald K. Anderson, Manager, Democratic Cloakroom, and Carl Albert, (November 6, 8, 1974).
b. Correspondence from Jack Brooks, U.S. Representative (Texas) to Carl Albert, (November 6, 1974).
c. Correspondence between Jimmy Carter, Governor, State of Georgia, and Carl Albert, (September 3, 16, 1974).
d. Correspondence between William Jennings Bryan Dorn, U.S. Representative (South Carolina) and Carl Albert, (September 19, 20, 1974).
e. Correspondence between James A. Farley, Former Postmaster General, and Carl Albert, (November 14, 23, 1974). Press release by Farley attached.
f. Correspondence from Ashraf A. Ghorbal, Ambassador, Arab Republic of Egypt, to Carl Albert, (November 19, 1974).
g. Correspondence between John J. Gilligan, Governor, State of Ohio, and Carl Albert, (November 8, 22, 1974).
h. Telegram from Pyong-Choan Hakm, Ambassador of Korea, to Carl Albert, (November 11, 1974).
i. Correspondence between Henry M. Jackson, U.S. Senator (Washington), and Carl Albert, (November 7, 18, 1974).
j. Correspondence between W. Pat Jennings, Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives and Carl Albert, (November 6, 14, 1974).

F114: Congratulations (1974). Out-of-State.
a. Correspondence between William J. Keating, President, The Cincinnati Enquirer, and Carl Albert, (November 11, 14, 1974).
b. Correspondence between Clarence M. Kelley, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Carl Albert, (November 12, December 16, 1974).
c. Correspondence between John Kyl, Assistant Secretary, Congressional and Legislative Affairs, United States Department of the Interior and Carl Albert, (November 7, December 14, 1974).
d. Correspondence between Robert V. Rota, Postmaster, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (November 13, 25, 1974).
e. Correspondence between Arthur F. Sampson, Administrator, General Services Administration, and Carl Albert, (November 6, 14, 1974).
f. Telegram from James C.H. Shen, Ambassador of the Republic of China, to Carl Albert, (November 7, 1974).
g. Telegram from Robert S. Strauss, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, to Carl Albert, (November 6, 1974).
h. Correspondence between Witold Trampczynski, The Ambassador of the Polish People's Republic, and Carl Albert, (November 11, 19, 1974).
i. Correspondence from Antonio B. Won Pat, U.S. Representative (Territory of Guam) to Carl Albert, (November 26, 1974).

F115: Congratulations (1974). Special Interest Groups.

F116-117: Democratic Congressional Campaign (1974-1975). Assortment. Includes correspondence on contributions to various campaigns.

F118: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1974). Assortment. Includes agenda for Candidate Wives' Forum.
a. Telegram from David Hall, Governor of Oklahoma, to Carl Albert, (January 18, 1974).
b. Correspondence between Bill Nigh, member Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Carl Albert, (August 19, 21, 1974).

F119: Democratic Party of Oklahoma (1973-1974). Governor's Race. Includes newspaper clippings. Includes correspondence between David L. Boren, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (December 31-August 9, 1974).

F120: Endorsements (1974). Labor

F121: Endorsements (1973-1974). Special Interest Groups. Includes press release.

F122: Form Letter (1973). Oklahoma Medical Political Action Committee. List attached.

F123: Form Letter (1974). To Friends in Garvin County.

F124: Indians (1974). Choctaw Nation. Includes newspaper clipping. Includes correspondence between Harry Q. Candell, Assistant Chief, Choctaw Nation, and Carl Albert, (July 25, 30, 1974).

F125: Legislation (1974). Federal Financing of the Conventions. Includes form letter from George Bush, Chairman, Republican National Committee, to Carl Albert, (May 6, 1974).

F126: Legislation (1974). Prohibition against Oklahoma State Judges Political Participation.

F127: Memoranda (1974). Assortment. Notes attached.

F128: Memoranda (1974). Assortment. Lions Club Program attached.

F129: Memoranda (1974). Assortment. Notes attached.

F130: Miscellaneous (1973-1974). Assortment.

F131: Miscellaneous (1973-1974). Assortment. Includes correspondence between Hugh M. Sandlin, Oklahoma State Representative, and Carl Albert, (June 20, 21, 1973).

F132: Miscellaneous (1974). Assortment.

F133: Miscellaneous (1974). Assortment. Newspaper clipping attached.

F134: Miscellaneous (1974). Assortment. Newspaper clipping attached.

F135: Miscellaneous (1974). Campaign buttons.

F136: Miscellaneous (1974). Campaign buttons. Includes correspondence between Denis L. McKenna, Massachusetts State Senator, and Carl Albert, (September 18, 30, 1974).

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