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Box 21: Campaign Files, 1973-1974

Correspondence (continued)

F1: Miscellaneous (1974). Coal Reserves in the Ozarks of Oklahoma. Printed matter included.

F2: Miscellaneous (1973-1974). Voters' Opinions.

F3: Miscellaneous (1974). Voters' Opinions.

F4: National Democratic Committee (1973-1974). Assortment.

F5: National Democratic Committee (1973). Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Note attached.

F6: National Democratic Committee (1974-1975). Mini-Convention in Kansas City.
a. Correspondence between B.F. Sisk, U.S. Representative (California) and Carl Albert, (June 12-August 8, 1974). Petition on the Democratic Charter included.
b. Correspondence between Robert S. Strauss, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, and Carl Albert, (December 19-April 8, 1974).

F7: National Democratic Committee (1974-1975). Mini-Convention in Kansas City. Brochure "The Democratic Party of the United States, Draft Charter" attached.

F8: National Democratic Committee (1974). Mini-Convention in Kansas City, form letters.

F9: National Democratic Committee (1973-1974). Mini-Convention in Kansas City, printed matter.

F10: National Democratic Committee (1974). Mini-Convention in Kansas City, Periodical, The American Political Science Review, pp. 667-681, Vol. 68.

F11: National Democratic Committee (1974). Mini-Convention in Kansas City, magazine clipping, Newsweek, pg. 29, 51.

F12: National Democratic Committee (1974). Mini-Convention in Kansas City, Schedule.

F13: Opponents (1974). Marvin Andrews and Peryle H. Eastwood. Note included.

F14: Supporters (1974). Assortment. List and form letter attached.

F15: Supporters (1974). Assortment.

F16: Resolution (1974). Latimer County. Resolution attached.

F17: Resolution (174). Pontotoc County. Resolution attached.

F18: Republican Candidates for Congress (1974). Assortment.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F19: Contributions (1974). Correspondence. Notes and copies of checks attached.

F20: Contributions (1974). Correspondence. Lists and notes attached.

F21: Contributions (1974). Correspondence. Includes: notes, Carl Albert's "Political Contributions and Expenditures Report".

F22: Contributions (1974). Correspondence. Includes note, memorandum and list.

F23: Contributions, Returned (1974). Correspondence. Note and copies of checks attached.

F24: Dinner (1973).

F25: Expenses (1974). Campaign workers.

F26: Expenses (1974). Motel. Bill attached.

F27: Expenses (1974). Newspaper advertisements. Bill and newspaper clipping attached.

F28: Expenses (1974). Radio advertisements. Copies of message and list included. Note attached.

F29: Expenses (1974). Sound equipment. Memoranda attached.

F30: Expenses (1974). Stamps.

F31-32: Federal Election Campaign Act (1973-1974).

F33: New Laws in Conducting Campaign (1974). Correspondence. Includes memoranda, lists, and notes.

F34: Report of Receipts and Expenditures (1974).


F35: List (1974). Cocktail Buffet Party. Includes copy of invitation, notes, and form letter from Robert Strauss, Chairman, Democratic National Committee.

F36: List (1974). Campaign Re-election Committees. Correspondence attached.

F37: List (1974). Campaign Supporters, by Counties. Form telegram attached.

F38: List (1974). Campaign workers. Includes correspondence.

F39: List (1974). Democratic and Republican nominees, General Election, by state. Includes note and list of new Democrats.

F40: List (1974). Democratic and Republican Nominees, General Election, by state. Includes "Change in Nominee Lists".

F41: List (1974). House of Representatives, 90th Congress, by state.

F42: List (1974). "Oklahoma List of Candidates for State Elective Offices". Filing list from newspaper, and memorandum included.

F43: List (1974). Pocket Calendars. Letter included.

F44: List (1974). Radio stations. Copy of Carl Albert's remarks and form letter included.


F45: Hand cards (1974). Democratic Party activities and Delegate Allocations from Oklahoma.

F46: Printed Matter (1974). Democratic Fact Book. Form letter included.


F47: Magazine Clipping (1974). The National Rural Letter Carrier, "Political Activity Restrictions", October 5, 1974, pp. 580-581.

F48: Newspaper Clippings (1974). Carl Albert's advertisements. Includes mockup and list.

F49: Newspaper Clippings (1974). General. Notes included.

F50: Newspaper Clippings (1974). General.

F51: Newspaper Clippings (1974). General. Note attached.

F52: Newspaper Clippings (1974). National Coverage of National Campaign.

F53: News Release (1974). Hughes County (Oklahoma). Includes notes and memoranda.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F54: Andrews, Marvin D. (1974). Correspondence, unmailed.

F55: Andrews, Marvin D. (1974). Newspaper clippings and flyer.

F56: Blanton, Ray (1974). Correspondence. Note and card attached.

F57: Clulow, Ernest E. (1974). Announcement.

F58: Edmondson, Ed (1974). News Release. Copy of editorials attached.

F59: Ford, Bob (1974). Correspondence.

F60: Heckler, Ken (1974). Postcard.

F61: Humphrey, Hubert (1974). Press Release.

F62: Hunt, John E. (1974). Postcard.

F63: Kennedy, Edward M. (1974). Statement. Includes correspondence between Edward M. Kennedy, U.S. Senator (Mass.) and Carl Albert (November 26, December 2, 1974).

F64: Kerr, Patricia A. (Mrs. Billy) (1974). Vita, flyer, notes.

F65: Mezvinsky, Ed (1974). Postcard.

F66: Mink, Patsy T. (1974). Poster.

F67: Richmond, Fred (1974). Correspondence. Note attached.

F68: Sparger, Rex (1974). Memorandum.

F69: Taylor, Roy (1974). Poster. Price list included.

F70: Thone, Charles (1974). Postcard.

F71: VanderVeen, Richard (1974). Correspondence from advertising firm. Note attached.

F72: Watkins, L.V. (1974). Correspondence. Flyers and newspaper clippings attached.

F73: Ziebarth, Wayne (1974). Correspondence.

Personal Files

F74: Filing Forms (1974). Affidavit. Note attached.

F75: Filing Forms (1974). Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Act. Appointment of Agent or Subagent.

F76: Filing Forms (1974). Financial Disclosure Report.

F77: Filing Forms (1974). Notification and Declaration of State Office.

F78: Printed Matter (1974). Instructions for Notification and Declaration of State Office.

F79: Printed Matter (1974). Oath of Registration. Notes attached.

Primary and General Election

F80: General Election (1974). Atoka County. Correspondence attached.

F81: General Election (1974). Choctaw.

F82: Primary (1974). All Counties. Memoranda attached.

F83: Primary (1974). All Counties. Letter attached.

F84: Primary (1974). Atoka County.

F85: Primary (1974). Bryan County.

F86: Primary (1974). Carter County.

F87: Primary (1974). Choctaw County. Correspondence attached.

F88: Primary (1974). Coal County.

F89: Primary (1974). Correspondence.

F90: Primary (1974). Cotton County. Correspondence attached.

F91: Primary (1974). Garvin County.

F92: Primary (1974). Hughes County. Correspondence included.

F93: Primary (1974). Johnston County.

F94: Primary (1974). LeFlore County.

F95: Primary (1974). Lincoln County.

F96: Primary (1974). Logan County.

F97: Primary (1974). Marshall County.

F98: Primary (1974). McCurtain County.

F99: Primary (1974). Mill Creek (Oklahoma). Correspondence attached.

F100: Primary (1974). Murray County.

F101: Primary (1974). Okfuskee County.

F102: Primary (1974). Pittsburg County.

F103: Primary (1974). Pontotoc County. Correspondence included.

F104: Primary (1974). Pushmataha County.

F105: Primary (1974). Seminole County.

F106: Primary (1974). Stephens County.

F107: Printed Matter (1974). Joint Resolution to Establish a Non-Partisan Commission on Federal Election Reform.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F108: Remarks (1974). Conference on Democratic Organization and Policy.

F109: Remarks (1974). Conference on Democratic Organization and Policy. Kansas City, Missouri, December 6, 1974. Memorandum attached.

F110: Speech (1973). In Philadelphia: Support for Joshua Eilberg. Biography of Eilberg included.

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