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Box 3: Campaign Files, 1947-1950

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F1: Bloom, Sol (February 20, 1947). Remarks - Congressional Record.

F2: Kerr, Robert S. (1947). Advertisement.

F3: Monroney, Mike (1947). Suggested script for radio program.

F4: Peden, Preston E. (February 12, 1948). Press Release.

F5: Stigler, W. G., (October 25, 1948). Form letter.

F6: Taft, Robert A. (1947). Senate Voting Record. Literature attached.

F7: Ward, Truman (1948). Form letter. "The American Creed" attached.

F8: Williamson, Mac Q. (1948).

Personal Files

F9: Biographical Sketch (no date). Includes comments on topics.

F10: Congressional Quarterly Log. Handwritten note.

F11: Minutes of Meeting (November 2, 1948). Valliant Soil Conservation District.

F12: Notes and Notebooks (no date). Handwritten notes.

F13: State Election Board (April 3-26, 1948) (Nov. 16, 1984). Notification and declaration -Regular Primary Election. Includes correspondence.

Primary and Election Returns

F14: General Election (1948). LeFlore County - Correspondence.

F15: Primary Election (1948). By counties. Includes correspondence.

Speeches, Remarks and Schedules

F16: Notes (1948). Handwritten - Individuals.

F17: Schedules (November-December, 1947-1948). Counties.

F18: Schedule (1948). Pittsburg County.

F19: Schedule (August-December 1947-1948). Individuals.

F20: Speeches (1947-1948). Congressional Record.

F21: Speech (1948). Views on Democratic Party of Oklahoma.

F22: Remarks (1947-1948). Congressional Record.



F22B: Flier & Leaflets (1950).

F23: Correspondence (May 8, 1950). Advertising firm.


F24: Appreciation (1949-1950). Courtesies and Support - Oklahoma.

F25: Congratulations (1950). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.
a. Telegram from Carl Albert and Mary to Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (November 9, 1950).
b. Telegram from Carl Albert and Mary to Johnston Murray, Governor of Oklahoma, (November 9, 1950).
c. Correspondence from W. G. Stigler, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (November 7, 1950).

F26: Congratulations. Congressional Race - outside Oklahoma. Includes correspondence between Joseph H. Callahan, Sergeant at Arms, U.S. House of Representatives and Carl Albert, (November 15, 27, 1950).

F27: Congratulations (1950). Congressional Race - outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence between John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts) and Majority Leader, and Carl Albert, (September 5, 11, 22 and November 10, 16, 1950).
b. Correspondence between Sam Rayburn, U.S. Representative (Texas) and Speaker of the House, and Carl Albert, (November 10, 15, 1950).

F28: Endorsements (1950). Labor.

F29: Farmers (1949). General Comments.

F30: Legislative (1949-1950). Comments on various legislation and projects requested. Includes correspondence between Wilburn Cartwright, Secretary of State (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (August 3, 5, 1949).

F31: Memorandum (no date). Inter-office.

F32: Miscellaneous (1949-1950). General. Clipping attached.
a. Correspondence between Mike Monroney's campaign office, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (October 5, 10, 1950).
b. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Johnston Murray, Governor of Oklahoma, (November 3, 1950). Correspondence to constituent attached.
c. Correspondence with League of Young Democrats.

F33: Miscellaneous (1950). General.

F34: Opponents (1950). Harold Moore. Clipping attached.

F35: Opponents (1949). Kirksey Nix.

F36: Opponents (1949). Sam Sullivan.


F37: Atoka County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F37B: Bryan County (1949-1950). Correspondence.

F38: Bryan County (1949-1950). Newspaper clippings.

F39: Carter County (1949-1950). Newspaper clippings.

F40: Choctaw County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F41: Johnston County (1950). Correspondence. Includes correspondence to Tom Steed, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) from constituent.

F42: Johnston County (1950). List.

F43: LeFlore County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F44: Love County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F45: Marshall County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F46-52: McCurtain County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F52B: Pittsburg County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

F53: Pushmataha County (1950). Newspaper clippings.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F54: Contribution (1950). Correspondence.

F55: Expenses (1950). Newspaper advertisements. Clippings attached.

F56: Expenses (1949). Newspaper subscription.

F57: Printed Matter (September 21, 1950). Campaign expenditures. Federal Regulations. H. Res. 635 attached.

F58: Printed Matter (June 30, 1950). Unopposed candidates. State Regulations.

F59: Statements (1950). Contributions and Expenses. Clipping attached. Handwritten expense sheet attached.


F60: Correspondence (1949-1950). Requests for lists.

F61: List (1949). County Election Boards, Third Congressional District (Oklahoma).

F62: List (1949). Bryan County Precinct Election Officials.

F63: List (1949). Latimer County Precinct Election Officials. Correspondence attached.

F64: List (1949). LeFlore County Precinct Election Officials.

F65: List (1949). McCurtain County Precinct Election Officials.

F66-67: List (1949). Newspaper clippings.

F68: List (1950). Political Nominees, State and Federal Offices.

F69: List (1949). Telephone Directory, Milburn, Oklahoma.


F70: Forms (1950). Applications for Oklahoma Ballot.

F71: Forms (1950). Change of Address, House of Representatives.

F72: Forms (1950). Official Absentee Ballots.

F73: Printed Matter (1950). Absentee Ballots.

F74: Printed Matter (1950). Congressional Record

F75: Printed Matter. Government Document.

F76: Printed Matter (1950). Miscellaneous. Includes note.

F76B: Printed Matter (1950). Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties 1932 to 1948.


F77: Newspaper Clippings (1949-1950). Announcements of Carl Albert's Speeches and personal appearances.

F77B: Newspaper Clippings (1949). Oklahoma Vote On Prohibition.

F78: Newspaper Clippings (1950). Indians

F79: Newspaper Clippings (1950). Mesta, Pearl Mrs.

F80-81: Newspaper Clippings (1949-1950). Miscellaneous.

F82: Newspaper Clippings (1950). Political Advertisements.

F83: Newspaper Clippings (1950). Population - U.S. by States; Oklahoma by County.

F84-88: Newspaper Clippings (1949-1950). Primary and Election Returns; Voter information; Candidates and Parties' Coverage.

F89-94: Newspaper Clippings (1949-1950). Publicity.

F95: Newspapers (1950). Press Releases.

F96: Periodical (1950). Tetirick, Guy C. (ed.), The Grand Avenue Advance, October 6, 1950, Vol. 6, No. 30, p. 1.

F97: Periodical (1950). Time, January 16, 1950, Vol. LV, No. 3, pp. 16-20.

F98: Periodical (1950). World Government News, March 1950, Vol. 8, No. 84, p. 6.

F99: Radio (January 14, 1949). Correspondence. Note attached.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F99B: Cartwright, Wilburn (1949). Correspondence, re: Cartwright's candidacy for State Auditor.

F100: Monroney, Mike (1950). Flier, Form letter (VFW), Advertisement.

F101: Murray, Johnston (1950). Handbill.

F102: Stewart, Paul (1950). Correspondence and clippings regarding his death.

F103: Thomas, Elmer (July 12, 1950). Form letter to Carl Albert.

Personal Files

F104: Certificate (September 21, 1950). Valley Forge Historical Society.

F105: Correspondence (1950-1951). Affidavits and Certificate of election.

F106: Legislation (1949-1950). Bills introduced in the House by Carl Albert.

F107: Notes (1950). Handwritten - Names.

Primary and Election Returns

F108: Printed Matter (1951). Statistics of the Congressional Election of November 7, 1950. Government document.


F109: Correspondence (1950). Comments on Redistricting.
a. Correspondence to Grady Pennington, Oklahoma State Senator, from Carl Albert (January 18, no year).
b. Correspondence between Keith Cartwright, Oklahoma State Senator, and Carl Albert (December 19, 20, 1950).
c. Correspondence between Paul Harkey, Oklahoma State Representative and Carl Albert, (December 16, 20, 21, 1950).

F110: Correspondence (December 5, 1950). Data for apportionment. Bureau of the Census report and news release attached.

F111: Correspondence (December 4, 1950). Distribution of Representatives. Statistical Reports attached.

F112: Correspondence (December 9, 1950). Request for Redistricting Material. Statistical Reports for 1910 and 1950 attached.

F113: Newspaper Clippings (1950). Census.

F114: Printed Matter (no date). Public Document-House Distribution.

F115: Printed Matter (1950). Population of Oklahoma - By Counties.

F116: Printed Matter (1950). Population of Congressional Districts by States.

Speeches, Remarks, and Schedules

F117: Speech (March 16, 1949). Congressional Record.

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