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Box 4

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Box 4: Campaign File, 1951-1952



F1: Correspondence (1952). Advertising Firms.

F2: Correspondence (1952). Newspapers-Political Advertisements, layout attached.

F3-4: Correspondence (1952). Rates - Political Advertisements.

F5: Flyer (1952). Pictorial.

F6: Handcards (1952). Two types; pictorial and non-pictorial.

F7: Layout (1952). Leaflet.

F8: Layouts (1952). Newspaper - Farmers.

F9: Layouts (1952). Newspaper - Indians.

F10: Layouts (1952). Newspaper - Re-elect Carl Albert. Handwritten notes attached.

F11: Layouts (1952). Newspaper - Workers.

F12: Layouts (1952). Newspaper - Youth, Future Farmers of America and 4-H Club.

F13: Leaflets (1952). Keep Carl Albert in Congress.

F13B: List (1952). Tabulation of Advertisement Material.


F14-23: Appreciation (1952). Campaign workers.

F24: Blacks (1952). H. James Shoeboot

F25-30: Congratulations (1952). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.

F31: Congratulations (1952). Congressional Race - Oklahoma. Includes correspondence between John Jarman, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma), and Carl Albert, (November 14, 24, 1952).

F32: Congratulations (1952). Congressional Race - Outside Oklahoma.

F33: Congratulations (1952). Congressional Race - Outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence between Richard Akagi, Associate Legislative Director, Japanese American Citizens League, Anti -Discrimination Committee and Carl Albert, (November 18, 29, 1952).
b. Correspondence between Charles E. Bennett, U.S. Representative (Florida) and Carl Albert, (November 25, 28, 1952).
c. Correspondence between Albert Gore, U.S. Representative (Tennessee) and Carl Albert, (June 25, July 7, 1952).
d. Correspondence between Estes Kefauver, U.S. Senator (Tennessee) and Carl Albert, (November 10, 13, 19, 1952).
e. Telegram from Carson F. Lyman, Managing Editor, U.S. News and World Report, to Carl Albert, (November 4, 1952).
f. Correspondence between John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative and Majority Leader (Massachusetts) and Carl Albert, (November 18, 26, 1952).
g. Correspondence between Earl J. McGrath, Commissioner of Education, Federal Security Agency, and Carl Albert, (November 7, 13, 19, 1952).
h. Correspondence between Landon Mitchell, Special Majority Employee, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (November 10, 20, 1952).
i. Telegram from Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (July 2, 1952).
j. Correspondence between Paul A. Walker, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, and Carl Albert, (December 2, 6, 1952).

F34: Congratulations (1952). Special Interest Groups, Oklahoma

F35: Congratulations (1952). Special Interest Groups, outside Oklahoma.

F36: Endorsements (1952). Labor. Clipping and 2 magazine articles attached.

F37: Endorsements (1952). Special Interest Groups.

F38-40: Form Letters (1952). Farmers and Stockmen.

F41-50: Form Letters (1952). General.

F51: Form Letters (1952). Handwritten personal message; political announcement; memorandum attached.

F52: Form Letters (1952). McAlester Constituents.

F53: Form Letters (1952). O.U. Alumni.

F54: Form Letters (1952). Postcards.

F55: Form Letters (1952). Stationery-blank sheet.

F56: Indians (1952). Letters and Invitations.

F57: Invitations (1952). General - Oklahoma.

F58: Legislation (1952). General Comments.

F59-60: Memoranda (1952). Campaign Headquarters to Carl Albert.

F61: Memoranda (1952). Inter-office.

F62: Memoranda (1952). Miscellaneous.

F63: Miscellaneous (1952). Absentee Ballots.

F64: Miscellaneous (1952). General.

F65: Miscellaneous (1952). General.
a. Correspondence between Albert Gore, U.S. Representative (Tennessee) and Carl Albert's staff, (June 5, 7, 1952).
b. Correspondence between Raymond Gary, Oklahoma State Senator and Carl Albert, (November 5, 15, 1952).

F66: Miscellaneous (1952). Sales Tax tokens.

F67: Opponents (1952). Kirksey Nix.

F68: Opponents (1952). Sam Sullivan. Clippings attached.

F69: Supporters (1952). General.

F70-72: Supporters (1952). Responses to form letters.


F73: Atoka (1952). Correspondence.

F74: Atoka (1952). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F75: Atoka (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F76: Atoka (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F77: Bryan (1952). Correspondence.

F78: Bryan (1951-1952). Correspondence. Clipping attached.

F79-80: Bryan (1951-1952). Lists.

F81: Bryan (1952). Mailing Lists. Includes correspondence.

F82-84: Bryan (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F85-86: Carter (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F87: Carter (1951-1952). Lists.

F88: Carter (1951). Miscellaneous.

F89-93: Carter (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings. Correspondence attached.

F94: Choctaw (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F95: Choctaw (1951). Lists.

F96: Choctaw (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F97: Johnston (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F98: Johnston (1951-1952). Lists. Telephone book included.

F99: Johnston (1952). Lists.

F100: Johnston (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F101: Latimer (1952). Correspondence.

F102: Latimer (1951). Lists.

F103: Latimer (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F104: LeFlore (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F105-106: LeFlore (1951). Lists.

F107: LeFlore (1951). Mailing Lists. Correspondence attached.

F108-110: LeFlore (1951). Newspaper clippings.

F111: Love (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F112: Love (1952). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F113: Love (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F114: Marshall (1952). Correspondence.

F115-116: Marshall (1952). Lists.

F117: Marshall (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

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