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Box 5

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Box 5: Campaign Files, 1951-1952

Counties, (Continued)

F1: McCurtain (1952). Correspondence.

F2-4: McCurtain (1951). Lists.

F5: McCurtain (1951). Memoranda. Handcards included.

F6-7: McCurtain (1951). Newspaper clippings.

F8: Murray (1951-1952). Correspondence.

F9: Murray (1952). Lists.

F10: Murray (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F11-12: Pittsburg (1952). Correspondence.

F13-19: Pittsburg (1951-1952). Lists.

F20: Pittsburg (1952). Memoranda. Clipping attached.

F21-41: Pittsburg (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F42: Pushmataha (1952). Correspondence.

F43-44: Pushmataha (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F45: Bills and Receipts (1952). Assortment.

F46: Contributions (1952). Correspondence.

F46B: Contributions (1952). List.

F47: Expenditures (1952). Campaign workers.

F48: Expenditures (1952). Duplicating Service.

F49: Expenditures (1952). Miscellaneous; Handwritten note and stub from singing group; memorandum attached.

F50: Expenditures (1952). Newspaper Advertisements.

F51: Expenditures (1952). Photographs and slides.

F52: Expenditures (1951-1952). Postage.

F53: Expenditures (1952). Radio Advertisement.

F54: Itemized Statement (1952). State (Oklahoma) Election Board.

F55: Statements (1952). Contributions and Expenditures.

F56: Statements (1952). Pre- and Post-Election Statement Receipt. Literature attached. Includes two government documents.


F57: List (1952). Campaign Workers. Includes correspondence.

F58: Lists (1952). Contacts.

F59: List (1952). Towns.

F60: Mailing Lists (1952). Campaign correspondence.

F61: Mailing Lists (1952). Counties.

F62: Mailing Lists (1952). Literature distribution.

F63: Mailing Lists (1952). Names. Correspondence attached.

F64: Mailing Lists (1951-1952). Newspaper clippings.

F65: Mailing Lists (1952). OU Alumni.


F66: Correspondence (April 9, 1952). Form letter from Democratic National Congressional Committee.

F67: Forms (1952). Absentee Ballots.

F68: Handwritten Notes (1952). Literature Distribution.

F69: Printed Matter (1952). Government Documents.

F70: Printed Matter (1952). Assortment.


F71: Newspaper Clippings (1952). The Daily Oklahoman (Oklahoma City).

F72: Newspaper Clippings (1951). Miscellaneous.

F73: Newspaper Clippings (1952). Political. Carl Albert's Advertisements.

F74: Newspaper Clippings (1951-1952). Publicity Leaflet attached.

F75: Newspaper Clippings (1952). Publicity. Memorandum attached.

F76: Newspaper Clippings (1952). Speaking Schedules.

F77: Newspapers (1951-52). News Releases.

F78-79: Radio (1952). Broadcasts.

F80: Radio (1952). Newscast.

F81: Radio (1952). Schedules. Correspondence attached.

F82: Radio (1952). Schedules and list of radio stations.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F83: Allen, Haskell (April 19, 21, 1952). Correspondence. Includes handcard and newspaper clipping.

F84: Edwards, C. Plowboy (1952). Leaflet.

F85: Kerr, Robert S. (March 3, 1952). Jackson-Jefferson Day Dinner Speech (California); (May 20, 1952) Democratic Dinner Speech (Arizona).

F86: Lupiano, Vincent (1952). Pictorial Postcard.

F87: Nix, Kirskey M. (1952). Excerpts of speeches.

F88: Nix, Kirskey M. (1952). Form Letters.

F89: Nix, Kirskey M. (1952). Advertisements: Matchbook cover, leaflets, flyers.

F90: Steed, Tom (1952). Leaflet.

Personal Files

F91: Biographical Sketch (1952). For Congressional Directory

F92: Forms (1952). Certificate of Watcher.

F93: Handwritten Notes (1952). Assortment.

F94: Spiral Notebook (1952). From trips to district. Includes loose handwritten notes.

F95: Statement (April 29, 1952). State Election Board.

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