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Box 6

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Box 6: Campaign Files, 1951-1954

Primary and General Election Returns

F1-3: Pre-Primary (1952). Albert and Nix's Newspaper Clippings.

F4: Primary Results (1952). By Counties. Includes correspondence, newspaper clipping and handwritten tabulations.

F5: Primary Results (1952). By Precincts. Includes newspaper clippings and handwritten tabulations.

F6: Printed Matter (1952). Federal and State documents. County tabulation attached.


F7: Correspondence (1951). Carl Albert's views. Newspaper clippings attached.

F8: Correspondence (1951). General.

F9: Correspondence (1952). Initiative Petition No. 253, State Question No. 357.

F10: Correspondence (1951). Special Interest Groups.

F11: Correspondence (1951). State Legislators. Includes correspondence between Oklahoma Representative Dual Autry and Carl Albert, (December 14, 1950-May 31, 1951). Maps, newspaper clippings and a report attached.

F12: Correspondence (1951). State Legislators.
a. Oklahoma State Representative E.T. Dunlap and Carl Albert, (January 24-February 17, 1951). Map attached.
b. Oklahoma State Representative C. Plowboy Edward to Carl Albert, (February 17, 1951). Map attached.
c. Oklahoma State Representative Paul Harkey and Carl Albert, (February 25-March 19, 1951). Map attached.
d. Oklahoma State Representative Edwin Langley and Carl Albert, (January 29-February 1, 1951). Schedule of Hearings, Re-Districting Committee attached.
e. State Legislative Council and Carl Albert, (January 30-March 5, 1951). Map attached.
f. Oklahoma State Senator Joe B. Thompson, Oklahoma State Representative James D. Payne, Oklahoma State Representative Ernest W. Tate, Superintendent of Ardmore City Schools George D. Hann and Carl Albert, (January 29, February 6, 1951).
g. Correspondence between Oklahoma State Representative Mort Welch and Carl Albert, (January 25, 30, 1951).

F13: Map (1951). Amendment to Senate Bill No. 26.

F14: Map (1951). Cartwright Congressional Re-Districting Plan.

F15: Map (1951). Committee substitute for House Bill 78 by Langley.

F16: Map (1951). Conference Committee Re-Districting Plan. Note attached.

F17: Map (1951). Congressional Districts in Oklahoma 1907-1914.

F18: Map (1951). Congressional Districts in Oklahoma 1914-1950.

F19: Map (1951). Democratic Oklahoma Re-Districting Plan.

F20: Map (1951). House Bill No. 388.

F21: Map (1951). Langley Congressional Re-Districting Plan.

F22: Map (1951). Munson Congressional Re-Districting Plan.

F23: Map (1951). Romang's Compact Common Sense Congressional Districts. House Bill No. 267 attached.

F24: Map (1951). Tate Congressional Re-Districting Plan.

F25: Newspaper Clippings (1951). General.

F26: Newspaper Clippings (1951). General.

F27: Newspaper Clippings (1951). General.

F28: Newspaper Clippings (1951). Maps. News stories attached.

F29: Newspaper Clippings (1951-1952). Republicans.

F30: Printed Matter (February 12, 1951). Democratic National Committees.

F31: Printed Matter (1951). House Bill 78.

F32: Printed Matter (1951). Senate Bill No. 26.

F33: Printed Matter (1951). Total Population in Congressional Districts 1920-1950.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F34-35: Schedules (1952). Speeches, radio, personal appearances.

F36: Speeches (1952). Candidacy for Re-election. Includes handwritten speech.

F37: Speech (1952). Democratic Party.

F38: Speech (1952). Decentralized Education.

F39: Speech Material (1952). Handwritten notes.

F40: Speech Material (1952). Miscellaneous.

F41: Speech Material (1952). Newspaper Clipping.

F42: Speech Material (1952). Unidentified printed matter. Dwight D. Eisenhower quotes.

F43: Statement (July 9, 1951). Before the Senate Committee Investigating Ethical Standards in Government. Memorandum attached.

F44: Statement (October 18, 1951). Defense spending. Correspondence and memoranda attached.

F45: Statement (September 24, 1951). Democracy. Correspondence to constituent.



F46: Correspondence (1954). Advertising Firms.

F47: Correspondence (1954). Newspapers - Political Advertisements.

F48-50: Correspondence (1954). Rates - Political Advertisements.

F51: Layouts (1954). Newspaper - Re-elect Carl Albert Newspaper clipping and memorandum attached.

F52: Leaflets (1954).

F53: Miscellaneous (1954). Handwritten notes.

F54: Miscellaneous (1954). Stickers and Matchbook.

F55: Rates (1954). Hand cards. Mark up and hand cards included.


F56-57: Appreciation (1954). Campaign workers.

F58: Appreciation (1954). Supporters. Includes correspondence between U.S. Representative (Massachusetts) John McCormack and Carl Albert, (August 11, 16, 1954).

F59-60: Appreciation (1954). Supporters.

F61: Congratulations (1954). Congressional Race - Oklahoma.

F62: Endorsement (1954). Indians.

F63-64: Endorsements (1954). Labor. Periodical attached.

F65: Endorsements (1954). Labor.

F66: Form Letters (1954). Antlers (Oklahoma) Farmers.

F67: Form Letters (1954). Background Sheet.

F68: Form Letters (1954). Elderly.

F69: Form Letters (1954). General. Handwritten copy and list of names attached.

F70: Form Letters (1954). General. Folder with handwritten notes included.

F71: Form Letters (1954). Handwritten notes.

F72: Form Letters (1954). Old Age Pension. List attached.

F73: Form Letter (1954). OU Alumni.

F74: Form Letter (1954). Support and votes.

F75: Form Letters (1954). Veterans. List attached.

F76: Invitations (1954). Speaking.

F77: Legislation (1954). General Comments.

F78: Memoranda (1954). Campaign headquarters to Carl Albert.

F79: Miscellaneous (1954). Absentee Ballots.

F80: Miscellaneous (1953-1954). General.
a. Correspondence from Oklahoma State Senator Raymond Gary to Carl Albert, (July 28, 1954).
b. Correspondence from Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor James E. Berry to Carl Albert, (May 22, 1954).
c. Correspondence from Victor Wickersham (September 27, 1954).

F81-82: Miscellaneous (1954). General.

F83-86: Opponents (1954). Constituents and Carl Albert's comments. Literature on Alvin J. Morris attached.

F87: Special Interest Groups (1954). Assortment. Printed matter attached.


F88: Atoka (1954). Correspondence.

F89-91: Atoka (1954). List.

F92: Atoka (1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F93-94: Bryan (1953-1954). List. Correspondence attached.

F95: Bryan (1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F96: Carter (1954). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F97-102: Carter (1954). List.

F103: Carter (1953-1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F104: Choctaw (1954). Correspondence.

F105: Choctaw (1954). List. Correspondence attached.

F106: Choctaw (1953-1954). Newspaper Clippings.

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