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Box 7

Box 6

Box 7: Campaign, 1953-1956

Counties (Continued)

F1: Johnston (1954). Form letters.

F2-8: Johnston (1954). List. Correspondence attached.

F9-10: Latimer (1954). List.

F11: Latimer (1953). Newspaper Clippings.

F12: LeFlore (1953-1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F13: Love (1954). Correspondence.

F14: Love (1954). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F15: Marshall (1953). Newspaper Clippings.

F16: McCurtain (1954). Correspondence.

F17: McCurtain (1954). Handwritten Notes.

F18: McCurtain (1954). List. Correspondence attached.

F19: McCurtain (1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F19B: Murray (1954). Correspondence.

F20-22: Murray (1954). Lists.

F23: Murray (1953). Newspaper Clippings.

F24-28: Pittsburg (1954). List.

F29-33: Pittsburg (1953-1954). Newspaper Clippings.

F34: Pushmataha (1954). Correspondence.

F35: Pushmataha (1954). Form letters. Handwritten copy included.

F36: Pushmataha (1954). Lists. Handwritten notes included.

F37: Pushmataha (1954). Lists.

F38: Pushmataha (1954). List. Correspondence attached.

F39: Pushmataha (1953-1954). Newspaper Clippings.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F40: Contributions (1954). Correspondence. Includes Disbursements.

F40B: Contributions (1954). List.

F41: Expenses (1954). Hotel.

F42: Expenses (1954). Mailing Fee. Includes Receipts, Printed Regulations, and Correspondence.

F43: Expenses (1954). Newspaper Advertisements.

F44: Expenses (1954). Printing - Hand cards.

F45: Expenses (1954). Stamps (Postage).

F46: Itemized Statement (1954). Handwritten Copy included.

F47: Printed Matter (1954). State Election Board; campaign information distributed by the federal government.


F48: List (1954). Active Democrats.

F49: Lists (1954). Campaign workers. Correspondence and literature distribution map attached.

F50: List (1954). Community Leaders. Rough draft, partially handwritten, attached.

F51: Lists (1954). Counties. Form letter attached.

F52: List (1954). Polling Places and Registrars. Handwritten note attached.

F53: List (1954). State and Federal Office - Filings.

F54: List (1954). Veterans.


F55: Forms (1954). Absentee Ballots.


F56: Newspaper Clippings (1953-1954). Miscellaneous.

F57: Newspaper Clippings (1954). Political Advertisement - Carl Albert's.

F58: Newspaper Clippings (1954). Political Advertisements - Other Candidates.

F59-62: Newspaper Clippings (1953-1954). Primary and Election News Coverage.

F63: Newspaper Clippings (1954). Primary and Election News Returns.

F64: Newspaper Clippings (1954). "Thank you" Advertisements - Other Candidates. Carl Albert's handwritten "thank you" attached.

F65: Radio (1954). Correspondence.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F66: Buchanan, Vera (1954). Handcards.

F67: Crowley, Ben (1954). Leaflet.

F68: Free, Orval (1954). Form Letter for Gary, Raymond.

F69: Hillelson, Jeff (1954). Handcard.

F70: Kerr, Robert (1954). Correspondence, leaflet and sticker.

F71: Morris, Alvin J. (1954). Leaflet, sticker and form letter. Handwritten note attached.

F72: Morris, Alvin J. (1954). Newspaper Advertisements.

F73: Nix, Kirskey (1954). Form letter.

F74: Turner, Roy J. (1954). Form letter.

F75: Wilson, Earl (1954). Handcard.

Personal Files

F76: Material for State Election Board and Notes (1954).

Primary and Election Returns

F76B: Primary and General Election (1946-1954). Assortment.

F77: Primary Election (1954). By Counties. Correspondence attached.

F78: Primary Election (1954). Newspaper Clippings.


F79: Correspondence (1954). General Comments. Brief attached-Initiative Petition No. 253.

F80: Newspaper Clippings (1953-1954). Assortment.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F81: Schedules (1954). Assortment.

F82: Schedules (1954). Invitations.

F83: Schedules (1954). Radio.

F84: Schedules (1954). Trips while in District.



F85: Correspondence (1956). General.

F86: Correspondence (1956). Newspaper - Political Advertisements.

F87: Correspondence (1956). Oklahoma Press Assoc.

F88: Correspondence (1956). Rates - Political Advertisements.

F89: Layouts. Newspapers - Political Advertisements.

F90: Layouts. Newspapers - Political Advertisements.


F91: Appreciation (1956). Campaign Contributions.

F92: Appreciation (1956). Campaign Workers.

F93: Congratulations (1956). Congressional Race - Oklahoma. Includes correspondence between George Miskovsky, Oklahoma State Senator and Carl Albert, (July 11, 13, 1956).

F94: Congratulations (1956). Outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence from John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts) to Carl Albert, (July 4, 1956).
b. Correspondence between Estes Kefauver, U.S. Senator (Tennessee) and Carl Albert, (November 6, 10, 17, 1956).
c. Correspondence between Henry S. Reuss, Congressman (Wisconsin), and Carl Albert, (November 7, 8, 1956).
d. Correspondence between Wayne N. Aspinall, Congressman (Colorado) and Carl Albert, (November 7, 8, 1956).
e. Correspondence between Clyde Doyle, U.S. Representative (California) and Carl Albert, (November 14, 19, 1956).
f. Telegram from Sam Rayburn, Speaker, U.S. House of Representative, to Carl Albert, (November 9, 1956).

F95: Congratulations (1956). Special Interest Group.

F96: Endorsements (1956). Labor.

F97: Form Letters (1956). General.

F98: Memorandum (1956). Political Advertising.

F99: Miscellaneous (1956). Absentee Ballots.

F100: Miscellaneous (1956). Assortment. Democratic Party Forms attached. Letter from Bill Hampton (constituent) to Raymond Gary, Governor of Oklahoma, (August 4, 1955).

F101: Miscellaneous (1956). Campaigning in California. List attached. Includes correspondence between Judge D.S. Sound, Congressman-elect (California) and Carl Albert, (November 8, 20, 23, 1956).

F102: Miscellaneous (1956). Campaigning in Oregon.
a. Correspondence from Wayne Morse, U.S. Senator (Oregon) to Carl Albert, (May 7, 1956).
b. Correspondence between Adlai E. Stevenson, Presidential Candidate, and Carl Albert, (September 14, 19, 1956).

F103: Miscellaneous (1956). Blacks.

F104: Miscellaneous (1956). Franking. Congressional Records attached.

F105: Special Interest Groups (1956). Assortment.

F106: Supporters (1956). General.


F107: Atoka (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F108: Bryan (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F109: Carter (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F110: Choctaw (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F111: Johnston (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F112: Latimer (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F113: LeFlore (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F114: Marshall (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F115: McCurtain (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F116: Murray (1955). Newspaper clippings.

F117: Pittsburg (1955). Newspaper clippings.

Expenditures, Bill, Campaign Contributions

F118-119: Expenses (1956). Newspapers - Political Advertisements.

F120: Receipts (1956). Assortment.

F121: Printed Matter (1956). Two Government Documents.

F122: Printed Matter (1956). Platforms of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party - 1956.

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