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Box 8: Campaign Files 1955-1956; 1957-1958; 1959-1960


F1: List (1956). Active Democrats.

F2: List (1956). Democratic State Central Committee.

F3: List (1956). LeFlore Election Officials.

F4: List (1956). Miscellaneous. One handwritten copy.

F5: Mailing List (1955). Taken from Farmers Bulletin.


F5B: Newspaper (1956). Directory.

F6: Newspaper Clippings (1955-1956). Carl Albert and Mike Monroney's Endorsement of Adlai Stevenson.

F7: Newspaper Clippings (1955-1956). Miscellaneous.

F8: Newspaper Clippings (1955-1956). Polls.

F9-20: Newspaper Clippings (1956). Primary and General Election Returns.

F21: Radio (1956). News Release.

F22: Television (1956). Correspondence.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F23: Brademas, John (1956). Information sheet on background. Hand card attached.

F24: Misenheimer, M.L. (1956). Hand card and Correspondence.

F25: Whyte, James P. (1956). Form Letter.

Primary and Election Returns

F26: General Election (1956). Votes cast from 1946 through 1956. Includes 1954 Votes Cast in Primary. Handwritten notes attached.

F27: Primary Election (1956). Telegram.


F28: Newspaper Clippings (1956). General Coverage.

F29: Newspaper Clippings (1956). Maps.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F30: Remarks (1956). Democratic Party, Dwight Eisenhower vs. Adlai Stevenson.

F31: Schedule (1956). To District.



F32: Correspondence (1958). Advertising Agency.

F33: Correspondence (1958). Miscellaneous.

F34: Correspondence (1958). Newspaper Advertisements. Memorandum and clipping attached.


F35-36: Appreciation (1958). Campaign Contributions. Newspaper clippings and list attached.

F37: Appreciation (1958). Campaign Workers.

F38: Congratulations (1958). Primary. Includes correspondence from J. Howard Edmondson, Democratic Candidate for Governor, to Carl Albert, (July 9, 1958).

F39: Endorsement (1958). Labor.

F40: Miscellaneous (1958). Assortment. Memorandum attached.


F41-42: Atoka (1957). List.

F43: Choctaw (1957). List. Correspondence attached.

Expenditures, Bills, and Campaign Contributions

F44: Contributions (1958). Correspondence. Includes media expenses.

F44B: Contributions (1958). List.

F45: Expenses (1958). Newspaper Advertisements. Includes contributions. Correspondence, receipts and newspaper clipping attached.

F46: Statement (1958). Campaign Receipts and Expenditures (Blanks) Instructions attached.

F47: Statement (1958). State (Oklahoma) Election Board. Itemized statement attached. Receipt attached.

F48: Printed Matter (1958). Government Document. Handwritten note attached.


F49: List (1958). Party Nominees, General Election, Texas and Oklahoma.

F50: List (1958). Counties (handwritten) with numbers.

F51: Printed Matter (1958). "Changes in the House of Representatives, 86th Congress.

F52: Printed Matter (1957). Registration Laws-Oklahoma.


F53: Newspapers (1957). Directory.

F54: Newspapers (1958). Lists.

F55: Newspaper Clippings (1958). Carl Albert's political advertisements.

F56: Periodical (1958). The American Press, Vol. 77, No. 2, December, 1958. Form letter included.

F57: Periodicals (1958). Democratic Digest, Vol. 6, No. 2, November-December, 1958.

F58: Radio (1958). Brief Political Broadcast.

F59: Radio (1958). Correspondence.

F60: Radio (1958). Lists.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F61: Atkinson, Bill (1958). Transcript of Telecast. Handwritten note attached.

F62: Atkinson, Bill (1958). Form Letters.

F63: Atkinson, Bill and Edmondson, J. Howard (1958). County vs. REA Precinct Vote.

F64: Connors, Mike (1958). Unsigned endorsement.

F65: Edmondson, J. Howard (1958). Copies of newspaper clippings.

F66: Morris, Toby (1958). Leaflet.

F67: Sanders, Dee (1958). Pictorial Post Card.

F68: Williams, Cowboy Pink and Nigh, George (1958). Third District. Votes in Primary and Runoff Primary. Includes correspondence between George Nigh, Lt. Governor, Oklahoma, and Charles Ward, (February 18, 22, 1960).

Personal Files

F68B: State Election Board (1958).

Primary and General Election Returns

F69: Correspondence (1958). Election Returns by Precinct.

F70: Primary (1958). By Precinct.

F71: Primary (1958). Comparative Study.

F71B: Printed Matter (1958). Government Documents.


F72: Newspaper Clippings (1957). Assortment.



F73: Memorandum (1960). Newspaper Advertisements.

F74: Miscellaneous (1960). Advertising Agencies.

F74B: Miscellaneous (1960). Literature on postcards for campaign purposes.


F75: Appreciation (1960). Assortment.

F76: Appreciation (1960). Campaign Workers. Includes correspondence to Joe Bailey Cobb, Oklahoma State Senator, from Carl Albert, (October 29, 1960).

F77: Appreciation (1959). Hospitality. List included.

F78: Congratulations (1960). Congressional Race-Oklahoma.

F79: Congratulations (1960). Congressional Race-Outside Oklahoma.
a. Correspondence between Estes Kefauver, U.S. Senator (Tennessee) and Carl Albert, (November 14, 18, 1960).
b. Correspondence between Luis Munoy Marin, Governor, Puerto Rico, and Carl Albert, (November 16, 19, 1960).
c. Correspondence between John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts) and Carl Albert, (November 11, 16, 1960).
d. Correspondence between Zeake W. Johnson, Jr., Sergeant at Arms, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (November 16, 19, 1960).

F80: Congratulations (1960). Re-election, Labor.

F81: Congratulations (1960). Re-election, Special Interest Groups.

F82: Endorsements (1960). Labor.

F83: Form Letters. Education. Press Release, Public document, and memorandum included.

F83B: Form Letters (1960). Agriculture. (Washington Farm letter).

F84: Memoranda (1959-1960). Assortment. Handwritten notes and newspaper clippings included.

F85: Miscellaneous (1960). Absentee Ballots.

F86: Miscellaneous (1959-1960). Assortment. Newspaper Clippings attached.
a. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Raymond Gary, former Governor of Oklahoma, (October 19, 1960).
b. Correspondence from Herman George Kaiser, Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. Senator (Texas), (January 22, 1959).
c. Correspondence between Don O'Brien, candidate for U.S. Representatives (Iowa), and Carl Albert, (September 14, 19, 1960). Memorandum attached.
d. Correspondence between Jack Combs, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, and [Cowboy] Pink Williams, Governor of Oklahoma, (December 14, 1959).

F86B: Miscellaneous (1959-1961). Includes correspondence, some from colleagues of Carl Albert as well as members of the Democratic Party leadership; some clippings attached; has state and national races.

F87: National Defense (1962). General. Includes correspondence between George Mahon, U.S. Representative (Texas) and Carl Albert, (September 28, 29, and October 4, 1960). Two public documents attached.

F88-89: Opponents (1959-1960). Jim Braly flyers attached.

F90: Presidential Campaign (1960). Democratic National Committee. Public document and printed matter attached.
a. Correspondence between Chet Holifield, U.S. Representative (California) and Carl Albert, (October 4, 14, 1960).
b. Correspondence to Carl Albert from Sam Rayburn, U.S. Representative (Texas), (October 13, 1960).

F91: Presidential Campaign (1960). Indians.

F92: Presidential Campaign (1960). John F. Kennedy. Includes correspondence between John F. Kennedy, Presidential Candidate, and Carl Albert, (October 19, 25, November 9, 11, 1960).

F93: Presidential Campaign (1960). Mayor's Committee. Includes correspondence between John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts), and Carl Albert, (September 3, 8, 1960).

F94: Presidential Campaign (1960). Miscellaneous.
a. Correspondence between Harold T. (Bizz) Johnson, U.S. Representative (California), and Carl Albert, (November 18, 26, 1960).
b. Copy of correspondence to Barry Goldwater, U.S. Senator (Arizona) from J.G. Puterbaugh, McAlester, Oklahoma, (November 2, 1960). Excerpt and memorandum attached.
c. Correspondence to Toby Morris, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) from Carl Albert, (November 14, 1960).
d. Correspondence between George Nigh, Lt. Governor (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (August 24, 26, 1960).
e. Correspondence between Sam Rayburn, Speaker, U.S. Representative (Texas) and Carl Albert, (November 11, 1960).
f. Correspondence from George A. Smothers, U.S. Senator (Florida) to Carl Albert, (December 22, 1960).

F95: Presidential Campaign (1960). Natural Resources Advisory Committee.

F96: Presidential Campaign (1960). Religion, Leaflet and newspaper clipping attached.

F97: Presidential Campaign (1960). Harry S. Truman. Includes correspondence between former President Harry S. Truman and Carl Albert, (October 5, 7, 1960). Copy of original letter attached and memoranda on Truman's visit to Oklahoma attached.

F98: Supporters (1959-1960). Miscellaneous.

F98B: Press Releases (1960).


F99: Atoka (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F100: Bryan (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F101: Carter (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F102: Choctaw (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F103: Johnston (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F104: Latimer (1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F105: LeFlore (1959-1960). Lists. Correspondence attached.

F106: Love (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

F107: Marshall (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

F108: McCurtain (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

F109: Murray (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

F110: Pittsburg (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

F111: Pushmataha (1959-1960). List. Correspondence attached.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F112: Contributions (1960). Correspondence. Also includes various government documents regarding campaign finance.

F113: Expenses (1960). Mailing.

F114: Expenses (1960). Newspaper Advertisements.

F115: Expenses (1960). Refreshments.

F116: Expenses (1960). Telegram.


F117: Correspondence (1960). Appreciation.

F118: List (1960). Drug Stores and Druggist.

F119: List (1959). Home Demonstration Club Officers.

F119B: List (1960). Newspapers, Radio, and T.V. Stations in 3rd District.

F120: List (1959). Oklahoma Secondary School Principals Association.

F121: List (1959). Social Gathering.

F122: List (1960). Third Congressional District.

F123: List (1960). Nominees for State Elective Officer (April & Nov. 1960).

F124: List (1960). Democratic State Central Committee/Committees in 4th District.

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