Box and Folder Inventory
Box 9

Box 8

Box 9: Campaign Files, 1959-1962


F1: Printed Matter (1960). Analysis of 1948 Presidential Election, Elmira, New York.

F1B: Printed Matter (1960). Miscellaneous data sheets.

F2: Printed Matter (1960). Religion.

F3: Printed Matter (1960). Young Democratic Clubs of America. Democratic National Convention - Manual and Platform. Democratic National Committee.

F4: Special Interest Groups (1960). Form Letters.


F5: Magazine Clippings (1960). Assortment.

F6: Newspaper Clippings (1960). Assortment.

F7: Newspaper Clippings (1959-1960). Carl Albert's News Coverage.

F8: Newspaper Clippings (1959-1960). Bill Doenges and J. Howard Edmondson.

F9-10: Newspaper Clippings (1960). Presidential Campaign.

F11: Newspapers (1960). News Release and Editorial. Memorandum attached.

F12: Television (1960). Advertisement.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F13: Bowles, Chester (1960). Copy of "Meet the Press".

F14: Burdick, Quentin (1960). Radio Advertisements.

F15: Eisenhower, Dwight (1960). Assortment.

F16: Johnson, Lyndon B. (1960). Biographical sketch and speech excerpts.

F16B: Johnson, Lyndon B. (1960). Clippings, correspondence, flyer.

F17: Johnston, Olin D. (1960). Press Release.

F18: Kefauver, Estes (1960). Media Plan of Operation.

F19: Kennedy, John F. (1960). Assortment.

F20: Kennedy, John F. and Johnson, Lyndon B. (1960). Advertising.

F21: Kennedy, John F. and Johnson, Lyndon B. (1960). Magazine Clippings.

F22: Kennedy, John F. and Johnson, Lyndon B. (1960). Farmers.

F23: Kennedy, John F. and Nixon, Richard M. (September 26, 1960). Transcript - First Joint Radio Television Broadcast. Includes correction sheets.

F24: Kennedy, John F. and Nixon, Richard M. (October 7, 1960). Transcript - Second Joint Radio Television Broadcast.

F25: Kennedy, John F. and Nixon, Richard M. (October 13, 1960). Transcript - Third Joint Radio Television Broadcast.

F26: Kennedy, John F. and Nixon, Richard M. (October 21, 1960). Transcript - Fourth Joint Radio Television Broadcast.

F26B: Kerr, Robert S. (1960). Campaign leaflet for 1960 Senatorial Race.

F27: McGinley, Don (1960). Leaflet.

F28: Metcalf, Lee (1960). Radio Advertisements, flyer, cards.

F29: Miscellaneous (1960). Assorted material on many candidates. Memorandum and newspaper clipping attached.

F30: Monroney, Mike (1960). Religion and Nixon.

F31: Morris, Toby (1960). Form Letter.

F32: Nixon, Richard M. (1960). Correspondence. Documents attached. Correspondence concerning "so-called Nixon Fund"; Correspondence commenting on Nixon documents; Copies of: lease, Union Oil Company of California, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Affidavit, Death of Joint Tenant Assignment of Deed of Trust, Short Form Deed of Trust and Assignment of Rents, and Correspondence.

F33: Nixon, Richard M. (1960). Democratic National Committee.

F34: Nixon, Richard M. (1960). Know Nixon Committee pamphlet.

F34B: Nixon, Richard M. (1960). Correspondence/clippings/printed material.

F35: Sneathers, George (1960). Memorandum to Robert Kennedy.

F35B: Steed, Tom (1960). Clipping.

F36: Stevenson, Adali (1960). Speech Excerpts/Clippings/Printed material.

F36B: Symington, Stuart (1960). Correspondence, clippings, printed material.

F37: Zdanowicz, Edwin (1960). Flyer.

Personal Files

F38: Correspondence (1960). Filing for Re-election.

F39: Printed Matter (1960). House of Representative Voting and Attendance Record.

Primary and Election Returns

F40: Correspondence (1960). LeFlore County General Election.

F41-42: Newspaper Clippings (1960). General Election.


F42B: Printed Matter (1960). Census of Population, Oklahoma.

Speeches, Remark, Schedules

F43: Schedule (1960). Rally. Advertising layout attached.



F44: Correspondence (1962). Radio.

F45: Newspapers (1962). Political Advertisements. Layouts, Mat and Clipping attached.


F46: Appreciation (1962). General. Handwritten draft attached.

F47: Communism (1962). Printed matter and newspaper clippings attached.

F48: Congratulations (1962). Labor.

F49: Congratulations (1962). Re-election - from Oklahomans. Includes correspondence between Harlan Bell, Democratic candidate for Commissioner of Labor (Oklahoma) and Carl Albert, (March 8, 16, 1962). Bell's press release and handcard

F50: Congratulations (1962). Re-election - from Outside Oklahoma.
a. Telegram from John M. Bailey, Chairman, Democratic National Committee, to Carl Albert, (November 9, 1962).
b. Correspondence between Anthony J. Celebrezze, Secretary, Health, Education, and Welfare, and Carl Albert, (November 27, 30, 1962).
c. Correspondence between Nancy Dickerson, CBS Broadcast House, and Carl Albert, (November 8, 12, 1962).
d. Correspondence from Jacob H. Gilbert, U.S. Representative (New York) to Carl Albert, (November 9, 1962).
e. Correspondence from J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, to Carl Albert, (November 7, 1962).
f. Telegram from Michael J. Kirwan, U.S. Representative (Ohio), and Chairman, Democratic National Congressional Committee, to Carl Albert, (November 8, 1962).
g. Telegram from John McCormack, Speaker, U.S. House of Representative (Massachusetts), to Carl Albert, (November 8, 1962).
h. Correspondence from Lawrence F. O'Brien, Special Assistant to the President, to Carl Albert, (November 7, 1962).
i. Correspondence between Luis Munoz-Marin, Governor of Puerto Rico, and Carl Albert, (November 10, 14, 1962).
j. Correspondence between Esther Peterson, Assistant Secretary of Labor and Director, Women's Bureau, and Carl Albert, (November 21, 23, 1962).
k. Telegram from Dean Rusk, former Secretary of State, to Carl Albert, (November 9, 1962).

F51: Congratulations (1962). Special Interest Groups.

F52: Democratic Campaign (1962). Assortment.
a. Telegram from Carl Albert to W.P. Atkinson, Gubernatorial Candidate (Oklahoma), (June 1, 1962).
b. Correspondence between Everett G. Burkhalter, Democratic Candidate, U.S. House of Representatives, and Carl Albert, (April 6, 7, 1962).
c. Telegram to Carl Albert from Clarence Cannon, U.S. Representative (Missouri), (November 8, 1962).
d. Correspondence between Martin A. Evers, Democratic Candidate for Congress (Ohio), and Carl Albert, (October 22, 25, 27, 1962). Newspaper clipping and biographical material on Cannon attached.
e. Letter from Carl Albert to Charles A. Halleck, U.S. Representative (Indiana), (May 18, 1962). Draft of correspondence attached.
f. Correspondence between Julia Butler Hansen, U.S. Representative (Washington), and Carl Albert, (November 7, 12, 1962).
g. Copy of correspondence from J.G. Puterbaugh, McAlester, Oklahoma, to Robert S. Kerr, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (September 14, 1962).
h. Correspondence between Robert E. Cook, U.S. House of Representative (Ohio), and Carl Albert, (October 26, 30, 1962).
i. Correspondence between Basil L. Whitener, U.S. Representative (North Carolina), and Carl Albert, (October 27, 30, 1962).
j. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Tom Morris, U.S. Representative (New Mexico), (November 12, 1962). Newspaper clippings attached.
k. Telegram from George Nigh, Lt. Governor (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (November 5, 1962).
l. Telegram from Claude Pepper, U.S. Representative (Florida), to Carl Albert, (November 9, 1962).
m. Correspondence between Robert C. Farrow, Administrative Assistant to Congressman D.S. Sound (California) and Carl Albert, (September 27-October 29, 30, 1962).
n. Correspondence between Carlton R. Sickles, Candidate for Congress-at-Large (Maryland) and Carl Albert, (November 20, ?, 1962).

F53: Democratic Campaign (1962). Carl Albert's Form letter.

F54: Democratic Campaign (1962). Democratic National Committee. Printed matter and brochure attached. Includes correspondence between Matthew E. Welsh, Governor of Oklahoma, and Carl Albert, (August 13, 25, 1962).

F55: Foreign Aid (1961). Department of State. Newspaper clipping and memorandum included. Includes correspondence from Brooks Hays, Assistant Secretary of State, to Carl Albert, (August 15, 1961).

F56: Internal Revenue (1961). General Comments. Includes correspondence from Carl Albert to Mortimer M. Coplin, Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service, (July 7, 1961).

F57: Legislation (1962). General. Includes correspondence between Charles E. Bennett, U.S. Representative (Florida) and Carl Albert, (October 14, 16, 23, 1962).

F58: Endorsements (1962). Labor.

F59: Memoranda (1962). Assortment.

F60: Miscellaneous (1962). Absentee Ballots.

Note from Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (April 14, 1962).

F61: Miscellaneous (1961-1962). Assortment. Newspaper clipping attached.
a. Correspondence from Hale Boggs, U.S. Representative (Louisiana) to Carl Albert, (September 29, 1961).
b. Correspondence between Wilburn Cartwright, State Corporation Commissioner, and Carl Albert. Ink blotter attached.
c. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Robert S. Kerr, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (November 20, 1962). Printed matter attached.
d. Correspondence from John W. McCormack, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts), to Carl Albert (September 29, 1961).
e. Telegram to Carl Albert from Mike Monroney, U.S. Senator (Oklahoma), (November 6, 1962).
f. Correspondence from Arnold Olsen, U.S. Representative (Montana) to Carl Albert, (October 3, 1961).
g. Correspondence between Philip J. Philbin, U.S. Representative (Massachusetts), and Carl Albert, (October 22, 25, 1962).
h. Correspondence between Joe Whittington and Carl Albert re: opponent in 1962, (December 12, 1960).

F62: Miscellaneous (1962). Democratic State Central Committee of Oklahoma.

F63: Miscellaneous (1962). Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

F64: Miscellaneous (1962). As Majority Leader Book excerpt attached.

F65: Miscellaneous (1962). Booklet - Carl Albert Appreciation Dinner.

F66: Stationery (1962). Blank, Office of the Democratic Whip.

F67: Supporters (1962). Miscellaneous. Memorandum attached.

Expenditures, Bills, Campaign Contributions

F68: Contributions (1962).

F69: Expenses (1962). Coupon Payment Book.

F70: Expenses (1962). Newspaper Advertisements.


F71: List (1962). Candidates for state (Oklahoma) Elective Offices.

F72: List (1962). Newspapers, Radio, and Television Stations in 3rd District.

F73: List (1962). Newly Elected U.S. Representatives.


F74: Printed Matter (1962). "What Good Will One Vote Do?"

F75: Printed Matter (1962). Democratic Study Group, U.S. House of Representatives.

F76: Printed Matter (1962). NBC on "Equal Time".


F77: Magazine Clipping (1962). "Private Pollsters, Politicians and Public Opinion".

F78: News Release (1962). American Medical Association.

F79: Newspaper Clippings (1961-62). Assortment.

F80: Newspapers (1962). News Release.

F81: Newspapers (1962). Correspondence.

F82: Periodicals (1962). Democrat, June 7, 1962, Vol. II, No. 11; October 5, 1962, Vol. II, No. 16; October 18, 1962, Vol. II, No. 17.

F83: Television (1962). Correspondence. Copy of editorial attached.

Other Political Candidates and Politicians

F84: Atkinson, W. P. Bill (1962). Associated Press Wire.

F85: Atkinson, W. P. Bill (1962). Editorials.

F86: Atkinson, W. P. Bill (1962). News Release. Correspondence from Atkinson, Gubernatorial Candidate, (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (October 21, 1962). Newspaper Advertisement attached.

F87: Miscellaneous (1962). Assortment.

F88: Bailey, Clure M. (1962). Leaflet.

F89: Church, Frank (1962). Accomplishments for Idaho.

F90: Church, Frank (1962). Agriculture.

F91: Church, Frank (1962). "Background on Campaign".

F92: Church, Frank (1962). Biographies.

F93: Church, Frank (1962). Economy.

F94: Church, Frank (1962). Education.

F95: Church, Frank (1962). Foreign Affairs.

F96: Church, Frank (1962). Indians.

F97: Church, Frank (1962). Industry.

F98: Church, Frank (1962). Lewis and Clark Highway.

F99: Church, Frank (1962). National Affairs.

F100: Church, Frank (1962). People.

F101: Church, Frank (1962). Statements about Church.

F102: Gary, Raymond (1962). Press Release.

F103: Kerr, Robert S. Radio and Television Schedule.

F104: Kennedy, John F. (1962). Agriculture.

F105: Kennedy, John F. (1962). Medicare. Copy of Newspaper Clipping attached.

F106: Kennedy, John F. (1962). Press Release.

F107: Kennedy, John F. (1962). Miscellaneous.

F108: Kirwan, Michael J. Brochure. Correspondence from Carl Albert attached.

F109: Monroney, Mike (1962). Form letter and Newspaper Clipping.

F110: Moore, Preston J. (1962). Form letter. Leaflet attached.

F111: Mutnick, Harold E. (1962). Correspondence. Leaflet attached.

F112: Pfast, Gracie (1962). Topics. Memorandum attached.

F113: White, Compton I. (1962). Biography.

F114: Wickersham, Victor (1962). Two leaflets. Letter to Carl Albert attached.

Personal Files

F114B: State Election Board (1962).

Primary and General Election Returns

F115: General Election (1962). Bryan County.

F116: Primary and General Election (1962). By County.

F117: Printed Matter (1961). Government Document.


F118: Correspondence (1961-1962). Assortment.
a. Correspondence between State (Oklahoma) Senator Joe Bailey Cobb and Carl Albert, (February 14, 27, 1961). Newspaper Clipping attached.
b. Correspondence between Dick Fogarty, State (Oklahoma) Representative and Carl Albert, (June 15, 16, 1961).
c. Correspondence from Carl Albert to Gene Stipe, State (Oklahoma) Senator, (February 25, 1961).

F119: Maps (1962). By Counties. Copy of Newspaper Clipping attached.

F120: Miscellaneous (1961-1962). Legislation, general.

F121: Newspaper Clippings (1961). General.

Speeches, Remarks, Schedules

F122: Schedules (1962). Campaign Speaking Tour.
a. Correspondence between Ed Edmondson, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) and Chairman, Speakers Bureau, and Carl Albert, (July 9, 13, 1962).
b. Correspondence from Victor Wickersham, U.S. Representative (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (September 25, 1962).

F123: Schedule (1962). Democratic Rally. Includes correspondence from George Nigh, Lt. Governor (Oklahoma) to Carl Albert, (October 1, 1962). Schedule attached.

F124: Speech Material (1962). Agriculture.

F125: Speech Material (1962). Brademas, John. Includes correspondence from John Brademas, U.S. Representative (Indiana) to Carl Albert, (August 14, 1962). Reprint and handwritten note not included.

F126: Speech Material (1962). Democratic Fact Book.

F127: Speech Material (1962). Federal Debt.

F128: Speech Material (1962). Gray, Kenneth J.

F129: Speech Material (1962). Hansen, Julia Butler Map, Congressional Records, Copy of Newspaper Clipping and telegrams included. Includes correspondence between Julia Butler Hansen, U.S. Representative (Washington) and Carl Albert, (September 12, 1962).

F130: Speech Material (1962). Harding, Paul. Handcard, Congressional Record, Handwritten notes and biography of Harding included. Includes correspondence between Ralph Harding, U.S. Representative (Idaho) and Carl Albert, (September 5, 7, 1962).

F131: Speech Material (1962). Legislative Accomplishments.

F132: Speech Material (1962). Legislative Accomplishments.

F133: Speech Material (1962). Miscellaneous. Handwritten notes included.

F134: Speech Material (1962). Morris, Thomas G., and Montoya, Joseph M. Leaflet and Biographical material on Morris included.

F135: Speech Material (1962). Roush, J. Edward. Includes correspondence from Edward J. Roush, U.S. Representative (Indiana) to Carl Albert, (September 25, 1962).

F136: Speech Material (1962). Shipley, George E. Includes correspondence between George E. Shipley, U.S. Representative (Illinois) and Carl Albert, (March 7, 12-September 6, 1962).

F137: Speech Material (1962). Smith, Neal. Leaflet included.

F138: Speech Material (1962). Taylor, Roy A. Leaflet and Flyer included. Includes correspondence from Roy A. Taylor, U.S. Representative (North Carolina) to Carl Albert, (October 5, 1962).

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