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F1-4:  Mail, 1973, Vietnam, January
Topics include U.S. bombings in Hanoi in December, 1972; cutting off war funds; end of Vietnam War; power of the executive branch; and Richard Nixon.  (Continued from Box 10, Folders 18-29)

F5:  Mail, 1973, Vietnam, February
Topics include opposition to U.S. foreign aid to South Vietnam, aid for rebuilding North Vietnam, HR 3578, U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, American prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action, and amnesty for draft dodgers.

F6:  Mail, 1973, Vietnam, March-December
Topics include cutting off U.S. foreign aid to Southeast Asia, bombing in Cambodia, and political prisoners in South Vietnam.

F7:  Mail, 1973, Vietnam, Form Letters and Petitions
Topics include U.S bombings Hanoi, cutting off funds, compliance with Paris Agreement of January 27, U.S. foreign aid, and accounting for American prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action.

F8:  Mail, 1973, Voting and Elections
Topics include direct election of president and allowing U.S. citizens born in foreign countries to run for president.

F9:  Mail, 1973, Wage and Price Controls

F10:  Mail, 1973, War Powers Act
Topics include congressional override of Nixon’s veto and committing troops without congressional approval.

F11:  Mail, 1973, Washington, D.C. Home Rule
Topics include historical development and organization of the District of Columbia and HR 9682.

F12-22:  Mail, 1974, Abortion
Topics include Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, Human Life Amendment, HR 585, HJ Res. 261, using Medicaid funds to pay for an abortion, Hogan discharge petition, Buckley amendment, Hogan amendment, euthanasia, HR 15580, Bartlett amendment, and Nelson Rockefeller.
Correspondents include National Right to Life Committee.

F23:  Mail, 1974, Agriculture
Topics include sugar, cattle, wheat, rice, commodity trading, and beef prices.

F24:  Mail, 1974, Albert, Carl
Topics include Albert’s comments on the economy, praise and criticism of Albert’s leadership, and demands for Albert to resign.

F25:  Mail, 1974, Albert, Carl, Form Letters        
This folder contains form letter replies to correspondence about various legislative topics.

F26:  Mail, 1974, Amnesty for Draft Dodgers
Topics include conditional amnesty.

F27:  Mail, 1974, Animal Welfare
Topics include wild horses, animal testing, whales, and the use of beagles by Air Force in chemical toxicity tests.

F28:  Mail, 1974, AT&T
Topics include Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit against Bell System.

F29:  Mail, 1974, Atomic Energy
Topics include vacancy on Joint Committee for Atomic Energy, Price-Anderson Act, and nuclear accidents.

F30:  Mail, 1974, Automotive Industry
Topics include GM press release and emission controls.

F31:  Mail, 1974, Aviation
Topics include mandatory retirement age of pilots.


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