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F1-6:  Mail, 1974, Aviation, Discrimination in International Air Travel Industry
Topics include Universal Postal Union rate for U.S. flag carriers, HR 14266, Pan-Am Airways, International Air Transportation Fair Competition Practices Act, Murphy amendment, S. 3481, landing fees, domestic air travel routes, Export-Import Bank loans, and HR 14355.

F7:  Mail, 1974, Banking
Topics include Federal Reserve control of currency, U.S. Treasury Department sale of gold, “Competition in Financial Services” (publication), and HR 988.

F8:  Mail, 1974, Bicentennial
Topics include mural at the Bicentennial Center in Washington DC and sheet music for “America Forever” band ensemble.

F9:  Mail, 1974, Brown, George
Topics include comments at Duke University about American Jews and U.S. support for Israel.

F10:  Mail, 1974, Business
Topics include corporations.

F11:  Mail, 1974, Busing
Topics include forced busing, racial integration, and fuel conservation.

F12-26:  Mail, 1974, Campaign Finance Reform
Topics include transcript of “Meet the Press” episode (3/17/74), Anderson-Udall bill, Clean Election Bill, public financing of elections, Wayne Hays, Common Cause, S. 3044, reporting bill out of House Administration Committee, HR 16090, contribution limits, and union campaign contributions.


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