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F1:  Mail, 1974, Capital Punishment

F2:  Mail 1974, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Topics include covert actions in Chile and Michael Harrington.

F3:  Mail, 1974, Civil Rights
Topics include Equal Rights Act (ERA), women’s rights, racial discrimination, racism, hiring quotas, speech by Vernon Jordan at a National Urban League dinner, and Shelby County Tennessee Minority Report I.

F4:  Mail, 1974, Civil Service
Topics include retirement, HR 9107, annuity increases for those who retired before 1969, inequities in Civil Service Retirement and Social Security, HR 4884, and pay increase.

F5:  Mail, 1974, Communications
Topics include fairness doctrine, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and cancellation of Carl McIntire’s radio show on WXUR.

F6:  Mail, 1974, Communism
Topics include “Communist Rules for Revolution” and testimony of Frederick C. Schwarz on terroristic activity.

F7-15:  Mail, 1974, Congress
Topics include Democratic Party mandate after 1974 election, partisanship, responsibility for economic problems, low public approval rating, impeachment of Richard Nixon, cooperation with Gerald Ford, lack of accomplishments, Watergate, veto-proof Congress, Nelson Rockefeller, poor attendance, and responsibility for inflation.

F16:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Campaign Contributions
Topics include Maritime Union contributions, Foreign Gifts Act, Associated Milk Producers illegal campaign contributions, Wilbur Mills, members of House Judiciary Committee, and Peter Rodino.

F17:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Expense Allowances
Topics include allowance increase, stationery allowance, and staff.

F18:  Mail, 1974, Congress, House Committee Reorganization
Topics include seniority system, House Rules Committee, Bolling Committee plan, and abolition of Internal Security Committee.

F19:  Mail, 1974, Congress, House Judiciary Committee
Topics include campaign contributions from AFL-CIO, Richard Nixon impeachment hearings, and Peter Rodino.

F20:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Junkets
Topics include excessive travel and use of tax money.

F21:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Kennedy, Edward
Topics include Chappaquiddick, presidential aspirations, death of Mary Jo Kopechne, and trip to Russia.

F22:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Members
Topics include Fishbait Miller, military veterans in Congress, Harold Ford, Jerome Waldie, Eddie Hebert, Robert Drinan, and Peter Rodino.

F23-28:  Mail, 1974, Mills, Wilbur
Topics include chairmanship of House Ways and Means Committee, demands for resignation, relationship with stripper Fanne Foxe (Annabel Battistella), Tidal Basin Bombshell, onstage appearance with Fanne Foxe in Boston, reelection, comparison to Adam Clayton Powell, accusations of senility and alcoholism, use of taxpayers’ money, and Mills’ car being pulled over for speeding in Washington DC.

F29:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Recess 
Topics include excessive vacation.

F30-31:  Mail, 1974, Congress, Salary Increase


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