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F1:  Mail, 1974, Consumers
Topics include football helmets, budget of Consumer Product Safety Commission, and Consumer Protection Agency.

F2:  Mail, 1974, Copyright and Patents
Topics include HR 3976 and copyright extension.

F3:  Mail, 1974, Crime
Topics include prison reform and controlling crime.

F4:  Mail, 1974, Cults
Topics include religious cults, communes, hypnotism, Ted Patrick, and Children of God cult.

F5:  Mail, 1974, Daylight Savings Time
Topics include energy conservation, safety of children, and repeal of Daylight Savings Time.

F6:  Mail, 1974, Defense
Topics include extension of Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, HR 13320, and defense spending.

F7:  Mail, 1974, Drugs
Topics include marijuana.

F8-9:  Mail, 1974, Economy
Topics include Gerald Ford’s economic proposals, WIN, inflation, suggestions for improving economy, federal spending, depression, recession, Carl Albert’s comments on Richard Nixon’s economic policies, and shortages.

F10-11:  Mail, 1974, Education
Topics include federal funding, Head Start, compensatory education program, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, American Overseas Dependent Schools, and school prayer.

F12:  Mail, 1974, Energy
Topics include Senate energy bill, House Rules Committee blocking energy bill, coal, emergency energy bill, and public utilities.

F13:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Conservation and Alternative Energy
Topics include nuclear energy, fuel economy of cars, and solar energy.

F14:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Energy Crisis
Topics include responsibility for causing energy crisis and congressional inaction.

F15:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Foreign Oil
Topics include using U.S. tankers to ship oil imports, Arab oil embargo, and OPEC.

F16:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Fuel Allocation
Topics include allocation of crude oil and do-it-yourself household moving industry.

F17:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Fuel Shortage
Topics include causes of shortage and whether a shortage actually exists.

F18-19:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Gasoline and Fuel Oil
Topics include gasoline tax increase, rationing, energy conservation, and home heating.

F20:  Mail, 1974, Energy, Petitions

F21-24:  Mail, 1974, Energy, U.S. Oil Industry
Topics include depletion allowance, rollback of crude oil prices, profits, nationalizing oil industry, tripper well exclusion, independent oil producers, exploration and development of new supplies, price controls, and windfall profits tax.

F25-27:  Mail, 1974, Federal Spending
Topics include wasteful spending, deficit, inflation, national debt, and foreign aid.

F28:  Mail, 1974, Federal Spending, Carl Albert’s Office Furnishings
Topics include Speaker’s Office redecoration and wasteful spending.

F29:  Mail, 1974, Fonda, Jane
Topics include Jane Fonda’s and Tom Hayden’s use of House subcommittee room in the Rayburn Office Building to conduct a course on American imperialism.

F30:  Mail, 1974, Food and Drug Administration
Topics include nutritional supplements.

F31:  Mail, 1974, Ford, Gerald
Topics include pardon of Richard Nixon, comments of support and criticism, and travel to Japan.

F32:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs
Topics include foreign debts, transcript of Robert McNamara on “Meet the Press” (3/24/74), and foreign companies operating in the U.S.

F33:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs, Asia
Topics include India, speech by Nguyen Van Thieu, U.S. aid to South Vietnam, China, relations between Japan and Korea, ceiling on aid to Cambodia, HR 17234, and Philippines.

F34:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs, Communist Bloc
Topics include Romania, human rights abuses, Ukranian political prisoners, and Valentyn Moroz.

F35:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs, Cuba
Topics include U.S. recognition of Cuba, Jacob Javits and Claiborne Pell visit to Cuba, and Fidel Castro.

F36:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs, Egypt
Topics include nuclear power, Nixon visit to Egypt, and U.S. aid.

F37:  Mail, 1974, Foreign Affairs, Europe
Topics include East Germany.


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