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F1:  Mail, 1974, Judicial System
Topics include Legal Services Corporation, judges, salaries for federal judges, Supreme Court, and Otto Kerner.

F2:  Mail, 1974, Kidnapping
Topics include deterring kidnapping, Patty Hearst, and the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

F3-4:  Mail, 1974, Kissinger, Henry
Topics include investigation of involvement in FBI wiretapping, House Judiciary Committee leaks, Joshua Eilberg, threatened resignation, demands for Kissinger’s resignation, and accusations of being a KGB spy.

F5:  Mail, 1974, Labor
Topics include Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), minimum wage, and workmen’s comp.

F6:  Mail, 1974, Law Enforcement
Topics include GI Bill education benefits for police officers and employment benefits.

F7:  Mail, 1974, Letters in Foreign Languages

F8:  Mail, 1974, Library of Congress
Topics include using the James Madison annex as office space for the House of Representatives.

F9-10:  Mail, 1974, Media
Topics include bias, coverage of Watergate, negative coverage of Richard Nixon, press, radio, and television.

F11:  Mail, 1974, Merchant Marine
Topics include suggestions for financial restoration of the Merchant Marine.

F12:  Mail, 1974, Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee
Topics include H Res. 988, Committee Reform amendments, and abolishing the committee.

F13:  Mail, 1974, Metric System
Topics include HR 11035 and conversion to the metric system.

F14-19:  Mail, 1974, Multiple Issue Letters

F20:  Mail, 1974, National Commission for the Observance of World Population Year
Topics include appointment of Clem Zablocki, Angelo Roncallo, Jesse Helms, and Dewey Bartlett to the commission.

F21:  Mail, 1974, National Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer

F22:  Mail, 1974, Natural Resources
Topics include National Land Use bill, HR 10294, S. 268, federal control of private property, Eastern Wilderness bill, and HR 13455.

F23:  Mail, 1974, Natural Resources, Forests
Topics include timber industry and private forest landowners.

F24:  Mail, 1974, Natural Resources, Mining
Topics include amendments to 1872 mining laws, strip mining, coal, surface mining, HR 11500, Seiberling amendment, HR 15000, Mansfield amendment, water protection amendment, S. 2590, mineral rights, and mining in Tucson, Arizona.

F25-27:  Mail, 1974, New River
Topics include inclusion in the Wild and Scenic River System, S. 2349, HR 11120, study bill, and Appalachian Power Company dam.

F28:  Mail, 1974, Nixon, Richard
Topics include Nixon’s tax returns and letters of support and criticism.

F29:  Mail, 1974, Office of Equal Opportunity and Community Action Programs
Topics include federal funding, HR 12464, and Project Teen Aid.

F30:  Mail, 1974, Parks and Recreation
Topics include Grand Canyon National Park Enlargement Act.

F31:  Mail, 1974, Pensions
Topics include private pension reform, HR 2, HR 4200, termination insurance, retroactive application of reforms, vesting, employees of REA Express, and taxes.

F32:  Mail, 1974, Political Candidates
Topics include Barry Goldwater, Edmund Muskie, and communist party candidates in New York.

F33:  Mail, 1974, Postal Service
Topics include Elmer Klassen and international airmail transportation rates.

F34:  Mail, 1974, Presidential Elections
Topics include 25th Amendment, term of office, direct elections, and allowing naturalized citizens to run for president.

F35:  Mail, 1974, Prisoners of War /Missing in Action (POW/MIA)
Topics include return of prisoners of war in Southeast Asia ex-prisoners of war protest of Jane Fonda using a congressional office to conduct a course on American imperialism.

F36:  Mail, 1974, Railroads
Topics include override of Gerald Ford’s veto of HR 15301 and railroad retirement.
Correspondents include Norton Simon.

F37-38:  Mail, 1974, Religion
Topics include separation of church and state and the U.S. as a Christian nation.

F39:  Mail, 1974, Rockefeller, Nelson
Topics include appointment as vice president.

F40:  Mail, 1974, Securities Industry
Topics include fixed rate commissions, auction market system, HR 5050, First Home Investment Corporation of Kansas, HR 13113, and commodity futures trading.

F41:  Mail, 1974, Social Security
Topics include benefits increase, earnings limit, age requirements, and widows’ benefits.


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