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F1:  Mail, 1975, Congress, Expense Allowances
Topics include increase in expense allowance, fringe benefits, staff allowance, trips to home districts, and cost of redecorating Carl Albert’s Speaker’s office.

F2:  Mail, 1975, Congress, House Committee Chairmanships
Topics include Democratic Caucus, seniority, replacing committee chairmen, Wayne Hays, Jamie Whitten, Wright Patman, Edward Hebert, Leonor K. Sullivan, Robert Poage, and Tom Foley.

F3:  Mail, 1975, Congress, House Committee on Internal Security
Topics include transfer of the committee’s duties to the Judiciary Committee and abolition of the committee.

F4-5:  Mail, 1975, Congress, House Recesses
Topics include house ten-day Lincoln Day vacation, criticism for spending too much time on vacation amid serious economic problems, speaking engagements, and ten-day Easter recess.

F6:  Mail, 1975, Congress, Junkets
Topics include cost of oversight trips, abuse of travel privileges, and Carl Albert trip to China.

F7:  Mail, 1975, Congress, Members
Topics include Bob Carr, Edward Kennedy, Andrew Hinshaw, William Clay, George Hansen, Wilbur Mills, and members jeering during Gerald Ford’s address Congress (April 10, 1975).

F8:  Mail, 1975, Congress, Trucking Industry Campaign Contributions
Topics include passage of truck weight limit increase and Truck Operators Nonpartisan Committee.

F9:  Mail, 1975, Consumers
Topics include Consumer Protection Agency, Agency for Consumer Advocacy, and products made in America.

F10:  Mail, 1975, Crime
Topics include punishment for using guns in commission of crime.

F11:  Mail, 1975, Defense
Topics include civilian technicians in the ART program, arms race, sinking World War II liberty ships to create fish reefs, B-1 bomber, F-17 combat fighter aircraft, defense budget, HR 6674, ceiling on military spending, Defense Authorization bill, and Aspin amendment.

F12:  Mail, 1975, Drugs
Topics include drug abuse and decriminalization of marijuana.

F13-21:  Mail, 1975, Economy
Topics include Gerald Ford economic proposals, Ford’s State of the Union address, Democratic Party economic proposals, inflation, suggestions for solving economic problems, energy crisis, recession, unemployment, partisanship, taxes, responsibility for causing economic problems, and depression.

F22:  Mail, 1975, Education
Topics include Title IX, peace education, and overseas dependent schools.

F23:  Mail, 1975, Education, Religion in Schools
Topics include use of tax money for parochial schools, religious curriculum, and prayer in school.

F24:  Mail, 1975, Energy
Topics include public utilities.

F25:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Alternative Energy
Topics include solar power, wind power, methanol, geothermal energy, oil shale, electricity, coal, and need for intensive alternative energy development program.

F26:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Automobiles
Topics include tax on cars with low fuel efficiency, improving gas mileage, carburetors, Lapan fuel system, electric cars, diesel engines, and steam engines.

F27:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Congress Proposals
Topics include requests for congressional action on energy crisis, opposition to Gerald Ford’s energy proposals, tariff on oil, tax on gasoline, rationing, override of Ford’s veto on oil import tariff, Carl Albert’s address in response to the State of the Union address (January 20, 1975), and tack of congressional proposals to counter Ford’s proposals.

F28-30:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Conservation
Topics include reducing business hours, driveless days, fuel allotment, ideas for federal conservation programs, recreational vehicles, gasoline coupons, reducing outdoor lighting, weekly closure of gas stations, enforcing speed limits, government travel, HR 6860, and Energy Conservation and Conversion Act.


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