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F1-3:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Energy Crisis
Topics include suggestions for solving energy crisis, rationing, taxes, oil imports, energy shortage, fuel conservation, claims that fuel shortage was intentionally created by oil companies, and oil exports.

F4:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Exploration and Development
Topics include off-shore drilling, Naval Petroleum Reserve, HR 49, HR 4035, and Alaskan pipeline.

F5:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Ford Energy Proposals
Topics include Gerald Ford’s State of the Union address (January 15, 1975), comments of support and criticism of Ford, gasoline tax, inflation, gas rationing, oil import tariff, Ford’s Memorial Day speech, and energy conservation.

F6:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Foreign Oil
Topics include American reliance on foreign oil, Arab oil, effect of Middle East conflict on U.S. oil prices, and OPEC.

F7:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Gasoline and Oil Prices
Topics include price increases, inflation, gas tax, home heating, lifting price controls, reducing fuel consumption, and impact on poor people.

F8-10:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Gasoline and Oil Tax
Topics include tariff on crude oil imports, increasing tax on gasoline, cause of inflation, fuel conservation, rationing, income tax rebate, tax on domestic oil and gas, and effect on low and middle income people.

F11-15:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Gasoline Rationing
Topics include energy crisis, taxing gasoline, gasoline shortage, and effect on commuters and agriculture.

F16:  Mail, 1975, Energy, Natural Gas
Topics include deregulation, S. 692, and Natural Gas Production and Conservation Act.

F17-19:  Mail, 1975, Energy, U.S. Oil Industry
Topics include depletion allowance, small oil producers, development of new oil and gas, decontrolling price limits, Federal Energy Administration (FEA), government regulations, influence on Congress, Arab oil, HR 4035, claims that fuel shortage was intentionally created by oil companies, windfall profits tax, and profits.

F20:  Mail, 1975, Environment
Topics include Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pollution, and Clean Air Act.

F21-24:  Mail, 1975, Federal Spending
Topics include deficit, wasteful spending, recession, national debt, reduced spending on military and foreign aid, cost of government bureaucracy, cuts in federal spending, inflation, and budget.

F25:  Mail, 1975, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Topics include nutritional supplements and HR 6807.

F26:  Mail, 1975, Ford, Gerald
Topics include opinions on Gerald Ford’s speeches, comments in support of Ford, comments opposed to Ford, relationship with Congress, cost of official travel, and Ford’s personal energy use.

F27-28:  Mail, 1975, Ford, Gerald, State of the Union Address (January 15, 1975)
Topics include economic and energy proposals.

F29-30:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs
Topics include communism, U.S. foreign policy, Food for Peace program, Congress’s role in setting U.S. foreign policy, Virgin Islands, and tuna boats.

F31:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Africa
Topics include U.S. embargo on Rhodesian chrome.

F32:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Asia
Topics include South Korea and China.

F33:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Europe
Topics include Germany.


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