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F1:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Famine and Hunger

F2:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Aid
Topics include foreign aid at the expense of domestic programs, military aid, food aid, and aid to Southeast Asia.

F3-6:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Israel and the Middle East
Topics include U.S. foreign aid, Israel conflict with Egypt, Arab oil, Zionists, Palestinians, Arab-Israeli conflict, U.S. arms sales to Jordan, and Oman.

F7:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Latin America
Topics include Puerto Rico, Chile, and Cuba.

F8:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Mayaguez
Topics include seizure of the U.S. merchant ship Mayaguez by Cambodians and U.S. Marine Corps rescue operation.

F9:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Panama Canal
Topics include U.S.-Panama treaty negotiations, Canal Zone, and Henry Kissinger.

F10-15:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, Turkey and Cyprus
Topics include 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, U.S. military aid to Turkey, refugees in Cyprus, “Crisis in Cyprus: 1974” (Judiciary Committee report), U.S. arms embargo against Turkey, Greece, refugees in Karpass region, U.S. military bases in Turkey, and S. 846.

F16:  Mail, 1975, Foreign Affairs, USSR
Topics include spread of communism, détente, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, trade with U.S., Helsinki Accords, U.S. non-recognition of Soviet annexation of Baltic States, Lithuania, Latvia, and Soviet Jews.

F17-19:  Mail, 1975, General
Topics include John Connally, automobile insurance, daylight savings time, and Washington DC.

F20:  Mail, 1975, Girvin, Pauline
Topics include indictment of Carl Albert’s secretary for fraud.

F21:  Mail, 1975, Government Regulations and Bureaucracy

F22-23:  Mail, 1975, Gun Control
Topics include crime control and Consumer Product Safety Commission ban on handgun ammunition.

F24:  Mail, 1975, Health Care
Topics include Medicare, nursing homes, Community Mental Health Centers, cigarette smoking, and alcohol abuse.

F25:  Mail, 1975, Health Care, Medical Conditions and Research
Topics include Black Lung disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and cancer.

F26:  Mail, 1975, Health Care, National Health Insurance
Topics include Kennedy-Griffith bill and Carl Albert appearance and comments on the “Today Show.”

F27:  Mail, 1975, Health, Education, and Welfare, Dept. of (HEW)
Topics include federal spending by HEW and cuts in social programs.

F28:  Mail, 1975, Holidays and Observances
Topics include George Washington’s birthday, HJ Res. 148, National Day of Remembrance of Man’s Inhumanity to Man, celebrating federal holidays on Mondays, and U.S. bicentennial.

F29:  Mail, 1975, Housing
Topics include tax credit for new homeowners, rights of condominium owners, and mortgage loans.

F30:  Mail, 1975, Immigration
Topics include illegal aliens.

F31:  Mail, 1975, Indians
Topics include early retirement of non-Indian employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and S. 509.

F32-34:  Mail, 1975, Inflation
Topics include federal spending, causes of inflation, labor unions, recession, suggestions for solving inflation, deficits, energy prices, and price increases.

F35:  Mail, 1975, Interest Rates
Topics include high interest rates.

F36:  Mail, 1975, Jury Award to Antiwar Protestors
Topics include $12 million government payment for civil rights violations to antiwar protestors at a demonstration at the Capitol on May 3, 1971.

F37:  Mail, 1975, Kennedy (John) Assassination
Topics include H Res. 204 and congressional investigations of assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. and assassination attempt on George Wallace.

F38:  Mail, 1975, Kissinger, Henry
Topics include peace negotiations, speech to the St. Louis World Affairs Council (May 12, 1975), and demands for resignation.

F39:  Mail, 1975, Labor
Topics include federal job creation, shortening the work week, wages, and unemployment.

F40:  Mail, 1975, Law Enforcement and Judicial System
Topics include Department of Justice, issues of the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department newsletter “Metro-Intercom,” and pay increase for federal judges.


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