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F1:  Mail, 1975, Letters in Foreign Languages

F2-6:  Mail, 1975, Multiple Issue Letters

F7:  Mail, 1975, Natural Resources
Topics include land use, HR 3510, water, and New River.

F8:  Mail, 1975, Natural Resources, Mining
Topics include HR 25, reclamation of land, coal, strip mining, Gerald Ford veto of strip mining bill, and Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.

F9:  Mail, 1975, Nixon, Richard
Topics include presidential pardon, payment of pension and expenses by taxpayers, transition budget, and Watergate.

F10:  Mail, 1975, Parks and Recreation
Topics include boathouses on Oklahoma lakes.

F11:  Mail, 1975, Postal Service
Topics include postal worker unions, HR 55, HR 56, 5% wage benefit ceiling, and efficiency of mail delivery.

F12:  Mail, 1975, Race and Discrimination
Topics include employment for minorities, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and white supremacy.

F13:  Mail, 1975, Railroads
Topics include Penn Central, Amtrak, railroad bed and track repair and maintenance, rail reorganization, and nationalizing railroads.

F14-15:  Mail, 1975, Religion

F16:  Mail, 1975, Rockefeller, Nelson
Topics include legitimacy of vice presidency.

F17:  Mail, 1975, Securities Industry
Topics include HR 4111.

F18:  Mail, 1975, Senior Citizens
Topics include fixed incomes and rising costs, taxing retirement benefits, and pension reform.

F19-21:  Mail, 1975, Social Security
Topics include cost of living increase, Gerald Ford’s limit of 5% cost of living increase, Social Security reform, using foreign aid money for domestic programs, age of eligibility, disability benefits, inflation, and earnings limits.

F22-32:  Mail, 1975, Southeast Asia
Topics include U.S. military aid to South Vietnam and Cambodia, Gerald Ford aid proposal, spread of communism, U.S. humanitarian aid, Ford’s address to Congress (April 10, 1975), Indochina, killing of South Vietnamese by North Vietnam, and evacuation of Americans and Vietnamese from South Vietnam.
Correspondents include the Embassy of Vietnam (F22).  (Continues in Box 22, Folders 1-10)


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