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F1-10:  Mail, 1975, Southeast Asia
Topics include U.S. military aid to South Vietnam and Cambodia, Gerald Ford aid proposal, spread of communism, U.S. humanitarian aid, Ford’s address to Congress (April 10, 1975), Indochina, killing of South Vietnamese by North Vietnam, and evacuation of Americans and Vietnamese from South Vietnam.  (Continued from Box 21, Folders 22-32)

F11-15:  Mail, 1975, Southeast Asia, Refugees
Topics include requests for evacuation of relatives of Vietnamese in the U.S., effect of refugees on U.S. economy and jobs, resettlement of Vietnamese refugees in the U.S., U.S. humanitarian aid, evacuation of Vietnamese from South Vietnam, and evacuation of orphans.

F16:  Mail, 1975, State and Local Governments
Topics include revenue sharing, regional government, and Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

F17-21:  Mail, 1975, Taxes
Topics include abuses of power by the IRS, tax cuts, tax rebate, Gerald Ford economic proposals, waste of taxpayer money by the federal government, tax exemption for churches, estate tax, suggestions for different systems of taxation, low and middle income people, loopholes, and amount of taxes paid by the rich.

F22:  Mail, 1975, Trade
Topics include remarks of Daniel Minchew, Russell B. Long, William Leonard Jr., and Robert Byrd at the International Trade Commission swearing in; statement of Howard Hochman before the ITC, and tariffs.

F23:  Mail, 1975, Trade, Steel
Topics include protective embargo and Specialty Steel Industry of the U.S. petition for import relief.

F24:  Mail, 1975, Transportation
Topics include mass transit, trucking industry, truck weight limits, and Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC).

F25:  Mail, 1975, Unemployment
Topics include causes of unemployment, proposed solutions to unemployment, and unemployment benefits.

F26:  Mail, 1975, Unions
Topics include power of unions, blaming unions for economic problems, unions as cause of inflation, HR 5900, construction site strikes, and equal treatment of craft and industrial workers.
Correspondents include Andrew J. Biemiller.

F27:  Mail, 1975, United Nations
Topics include replacing John Scali as UN ambassador.

F28-29:  Mail, 1975, Veterans and Servicemen (2 folders)
Topics include World War I veterans benefits increase, GI bill, prisoners of war and missing in action, medical care, retirement pay and benefits, cost of living increase, and commissary and PX benefits.

F30:  Mail, 1975, Voting and Elections
Topics include 25th Amendment, election reform, Voting Rights Act extension, and HR 6219.

F31:  Mail, 1975, Wage and Price Controls

F32:  Mail, 1975, Wallace, George

F33:  Mail, 1975, Welfare and Poverty
Topics include welfare abuse, school lunches, food stamp reform, and increase in food stamp prices.

F34:  Mail, 1975, Women
Topics include Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

F35:  Mail, 1976, Get Well Cards
This folder contains cards and letters sent to Carl Albert when he was being treated for bronchitis at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in January, 1976.
Correspondents include Norman R. Augustine.


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