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F1-4:  Mail, 1973, Energy
Topics include Carl Albert’s comments on Nixon’s responsibility for energy crisis, criticism of Congress’s role in energy crisis, fuel shortage, and pollution controls.

F5:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Alternative Energy and Transportation
Topics include energy-efficient motors, solar energy, and electric cars.

F6:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Conservation
Topics include fuel consumption, fuel shortage, carpools, Christmas light displays, home heating, emission control devices, decreased speed limit, Sunday driving, closing stores on Sundays, mass transit, and President Nixon’s personal energy use and travel.

F7:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Foreign Oil
Topics include U.S. oil imports and exports, Arab oil embargo, U.S. oil exports to Southeast Asia, fuel shortage, and energy crisis.

F8:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Fuel Allocation
Topics include business aircraft and recreational boating.

F9:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Gasoline and Fuel Oil
Topics include federal gasoline tax and increase in fuel prices.

F10:  Mail, 1973, Energy, Gasoline Rationing
Topics include fuel shortage and traveling salesmen.

F11:  Mail, 1973, Energy, U.S. Oil Industry
Topics include oil and natural gas deregulation, cost of oil exploration, energy crisis, price controls, depletion allowance, exports, surtax on excess profits, HR 11450, Phillips 66 Interim Report, Alaskan Pipeline, and conspiracy of oil companies to create energy crisis.

F12:  Mail, 1973, Federal Reserve
Topics include HR 10265 and audit of the Federal Reserve.

F13:  Mail, 1973, Foreign Affairs
Topics include Chilean refugees, foreign aid, Syrian Jewish refugees, Middle East crisis, Russia, and Rhodesian chrome.

F14:  Mail, 1973, General
Topics include census.

F15:  Mail, 1973, Gun Control

F16:  Mail, 1973, Health Care
Topics include health insurance, Cost of Living Council, Phase IV Regulations, tax deduction for medical expenses, and appropriations for Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

F17:  Mail, 1973, Holidays and Observances
Topics include Veterans’ Day.

F18:  Mail, 1973, Housing

F19:  Mail, 1973, Immigration

F20:  Mail, 1973, Indians
Topics include land claim of Sac and Fox Tribe, Indian Economic Development and Employment Act, and S. 2024.

F21:  Mail, 1073, Inflation
Topics include food prices and government spending.

F22-24:  Mail, 1973, Israel
Topics include withdrawal to 1967 borders, Yom Kippur War, Arab nations, Middle East crisis, oil embargo, Golda Meir, Egypt, Russian expansionism, and Palestine.

F25:  Mail, 1973, Israel, Prisoners of War
Topics include murder of Israeli prisoners of war in Syria and Egypt.
Correspondents include Embassy of Israel.

F26:  Mail, 1973, Israel, U.S. Foreign Aid
Topics include military aid, U.S. troops, and Phantom jets.

F27:  Mail, 1973, Israel, U.S. Foreign Aid, Form Letters
Topics include military aid and aircraft.

F28:  Mail, 1973, Israel, U.S. Foreign Aid, HR 11008
Topics include 2.2 billion dollars in emergency aid, Phantom jets (HR 613), and military aid.

F29:  Mail, 1973, Labor
Topics include minimum wage and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

F30:  Mail, 1973, Law Enforcement
Topics include HR 651, HR 6632, protection of law enforcement officers from lawsuits, and $50,000 survivorship benefit for police officers.

F31:  Mail, 1973, Media Bias
Topics include power of the press and coverage of Watergate hearings.

F32:  Mail, 1973, Metric System

F33:  Mail, 1973, Multiple Issue Letters

F34:  Mail, 1973, Natural Resources
Topics include Land Use Policy Planning and Assistance Act, zoning, private property rights, mineral rights, strip mining, S. 2590, and mining in Tucson, Arizona.

F35:  Mail, 1973, Nixon, Richard
Topics include 1973 State of the Union Address and general letters of support.

F36:  Mail, 1973, Nixon, Richard, Taxes
Topics include examination of Nixon’s tax returns by Joint Congressional Committee on Taxation.

F37:  Mail, 1973, Nutritional Supplements
Topics include HR 643; Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act amendments; vitamins; minerals; and Food and Drug Administration.

F38:  Mail, 1973, Parks and Recreation

F39:  Mail, 1973, Pensions
Topics include private pensions and pension reform.

F40:  Mail, 1973, Petition in Favor of Social Programs

F41:  Mail, 1973, Pollution
Topics include auto emissions, Clean Air Act of 1970, and Environmental Protection Agency.


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