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Box 1: Albert, Post Office - Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps

F 1: Albert, Post Office 1946-48, 1951-55
Topics include postmaster appointments, Postal Service Rating System, star route contracts, transportation of mail, newspaper advertisements and postal regulations, replacing 4th class post offices with rural routes, mail fraud order investigation cancelled press release, employees’ security program, 1953 Cattlemen’s Convention, and bulk mail advertising.  Correspondents include National Star Route Mail Carries Association and Cowboy Pink Williams.

F 2: Albert, Post Office 1956-1960
Topics include regional post office established in Wichita, Kansas, Semi-centennial anniversary of Oklahoma statehood, Texarkana Postal Terminal, transportation of mail, rural route mail service between Fort Smith, Arkansas and Paris, Texas, post office buildings, destruction of unsalable stamps, obscene materials, and possible merger of National Postal Transportation Clerks with Federation of Post Office Clerks unions.

F 3: Albert, Post Office 1961-63
Topics include post office class changes, transportation of mail, Wichita Regional Post Office, LeFlore County rural routes, postmaster appointments, post office buildings, and establishing the 5-digit zip code system.  Correspondents include Toby Morris.

F 4: Albert, Post Office 1964
Topics include rural route mail service, zip code system, route service between Dallas and San Antonio, Texas, Post Office Department printing of envelopes, postal fraud statutes, elimination of architectural barriers to public buildings, postal service policies, and postmark cancellation stamps.  Correspondents include magazine Publishers Association and Oklahoma Press Association.

F 5: Albert, Post Office 1965-66
Topics include post office buildings, zip code system, United States Savings Bond campaign, vending machines at postal facilities, rural delivery, transportation of mail, postal service policies, and door-to-door versus curbside delivery.  Correspondents include Oklahoma Federation of Postal Clerks.

F 6: Albert, Post Office 1967
Topics include transportation of mail, rural route mail service, postal rate adjustments, and outside employment of rural carriers- the J.L. Garner case.

F 7: Albert, Post Office 1968
Topics include printing errors on stamps, propaganda mail, post office buildings, mailing of firearms to/from military post offices, and Congressional franking service/privilege.

F 8: Albert, Post Office 1969
Topics include postmaster appointments, transportation of mail, Post Office Department policy changes and reviews, and Postal Service Act of 1969 presidential press release.

F 9: Albert, Post Office January – June 1970
Topics include area mail processing, Postal Academy Program, youth employment program, home delivery expansion, postal rate adjustments, Postal Reorganization and Salary Adjustment Act of 1970 presidential press release and Postal Revenue Act of 1970 presidential press release.

F 10: Albert, Post Office July – December 1970
Topics include new 6-cent postage stamp, youth employment program, United States flag emblem on postal uniforms, reclassification of “free mail” from servicemen in Vietnam to the United States, postmaster appointments, holiday mail service, and transportation of mail.

F 11: Albert, Post Office January – May 1971
Topics include United States Postal Service pay classification plan, postal rate adjustments, rural routes, post office buildings, constituent mail service, transportation of mail, and the new United States Postal Service.

F 12: Albert, Post Office June 1971
Topics include post office buildings, postal rate adjustments, Booker Marina, “catch-up” mechanization program, United State Postal Service to assume Civil Service Commission employment responsibility, and Postal Rate Regulation and the Business Community press release.

F 13: Albert, Post Office July – August 1971
Topics include vacation and hold mail service, self-service postal units, postal facilities - lease versus own, VIM (Vertical Improvement Mail) systems for high-rise office buildings, and transportation of mail.

F 14: Albert, Post Office September 1971
Topics include service standards, postal rate adjustments, Express Mail Service, National Postal Forum, and employment responsibility.  Correspondents include Magazine Publishers Association.

F 15: Albert, Post Office October – December 1971
Topics include transportation of mail, delivery service for mobile homes, and Stephens County Post Office.

F 16: Albert, Post Office 1972
Topics include postmaster appointment, postal rate adjustments, mail fraud indictments, transportation of mail, mailing of publications, employment retirement opportunities and benefits, “Serving America” campaign, Oklahoma Postal Training Operations (OPTD), and SAM (Space Available Mail) to overseas servicemen changes.

F 17: Albert, Post Office 1973
Topics include personal mail embargo to Vietnam, transportation of mail, employment, delivery service, airmail carrier rates, unfair labor practices complaint, postal rate adjustments, bulk mail system, postal classification, mail security at the United State Capitol, and the energy crisis and mail service.

F 18: Albert, Post Office 1974
Topics include the energy crisis and mail service, purchase of 350 electric-powered delivery vehicles, mail embargo to Canada, advertising stamp collecting, postal service, rural mail delivery service, and postmaster appointments and non-residents postmasters.

F 19: Albert, Post Office 1975
Topics include postmark cancellation changes, postal classification, rural mail service, postal rate adjustments, Postal Rate Commission, labor agreement, mail resumption to South Vietnam, mail embargo to Canada, and small post office operations.

F 20: Albert, Post Office 1976
Topics include postal service, postal rate adjustments, procedures for closing or consolidating post offices, and Postal Rate Commission rules of practice and procedure.

F 21: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1948, 1952, 1954-58, 1960, 1962-65
Topics include Booker T. Washington memorial, Future Farmers of America 25th anniversary, Oklahoma statehood anniversary, Butterfield Overland mail, credit union movement 50th anniversary, George Washington “America Credo” stamp ceremony, apprenticeship program, Battle of Gettysburg centennial stamp, Sam Rayburn commemorative stamp, sale of misprint or inverted stamps for collectors, Robert S. Kerr memorial, John F. Kennedy memorial stamp, Register to Vote stamp ceremony, and Sokol Movement 100th anniversary stamp.  Correspondents include Booker T. Washington Birthplace Memorial, John H. “Happy” Camp, Oklahoma Overland Mail Centennial Commission, Oklahoma Credit Union, Oklahoma State AFL-CIO, and Oklahoma Congressional delegation.

F 22: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1966-67
Topics include Future Homemakers of America, Chief Pushmataha, Woman’s International Bowling Congress 50th anniversary, Dr. W. Randolph Lovelace II, Chisholm Trail 100th anniversary, American Sunday School Union 150th anniversary, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and Walt Disney stamp.  Correspondents include Oklahoma Chisholm Trail Centennial Commission, American Sunday School Union, Thaddeus J. Dulski, and Movielab, Inc.

F 23: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1968
Topics include issuance of commemorative stamps, Elks 100th anniversary stamp, Ernie Pyle, Arkansas River navigation stamp, Fort Sill 100th anniversary stamp, National Restaurant Association 50th anniversary, and Cherokee Strip 75th anniversary stamp.  Correspondents include Arkansas Basin Association, Fort Sill Commanding General, Major General Charles P. Brown, and Oklahoma Restaurant Association.

F 24: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1969
Topics include Fort Sill 100th anniversary stamp, cost and issuance of commemorative stamps, Pueblo commemoration, Apollo 8 stamp, W.C. Handy “Father of the Blues” stamp, and Apollo 11 First Man on the Moon stamp.  Correspondents include National Committee for Responsible Patriotism and American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

F 25: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1970
Topics include Ernie Pyle, Herman Melville “Moby Dick” stamp, Independent Order of Odd Fellows 150th anniversary, 150th anniversary of Maine statehood stamp, Women’s Overseas Service League 50th anniversary, Fort Snelling Minnesota stamp, Disabled American Veterans 50th anniversary stamp, and problems of pollution stamp.  Correspondents include Women’s Overseas Service League.

F 26: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps February – June 1971
Topics include Cherokee Syllabary, Ernie Pyle stamp, Bicentennial stamp, and postage stamp plates.  Correspondents include W.W. Keeler.

F 27: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps July – December 1971
Topics include postage stamp plates, new United States Postal Service stamp, space achievement stamp, postmark cancellations, and Wiley Post stamp.  Correspondents include Wiley Post Memorial Committee.

F 28: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1972
Topics include national parks stamp, postage stamp plates, and United States Stamps and Stories.

F 29: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1973
Topics include Harry S. Truman and Lyndon B. Johnson stamps and 4-H club.

F 30: Albert, Post Office, Commemorative Stamps 1974-76
Topics include Phi Beta Kappa.  Correspondents include Paul Sharp, president University of Oklahoma.

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