We Know We Belong to the Land - A Hundred Years of Oklahoma and the Congress
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The following audio clips from the Carl Albert Center collections introduce you to the voice and personality of a few of Oklahoma's congressmen. All clips are in MP3 format and should be playable on most computers and a variety of web browsers. Each clip is available in two formats: 16 kbps provides a smaller file and is easier to download on slower internet connections, while 160 kbps retains more of the original sound quality but requires a faster internet connection to handle its larger size.
Wilburn Cartwright

Wilburn Cartwright
Wilburn Cartwright was Chairman of the House Committee on Roads. In 1939 he was a guest on a U.S. Department of the Interior radio broadcast and discussed the developments and achievements in road and highway construction across the United States during the previous twenty-five years.

U.S. Highways, Oct. 12, 1939 (Running time in minutes: 3:47 - Part 1, 3:41- Part 2)


Robert S. Kerr

Robert S. Kerr
Robert S. Kerr served in the Senate from 1948 until his death in 1963, and gained so much power and influence that he was referred to as the "uncrowned king of the Senate." Here are three clips that demonstrate Senator Kerr's highly regarded oratorical skill. First is his speech about the Allies' victory over Germany in World War II on Victory Europe Day. Next is the speech he gave following the defeat of the Japanese in the Pacific theater on Victory Japan Day. Finally, listen to two campaign jingles from Kerr's unsuccessful attempt at the Democratic presidential nomination in 1952, featuring a barbershop quartet.

V-E Day Announcement on KTOK Radio, May 8, 1945 (Running time: 1:53)

V-J Day Announcement on KTOK Radio, August 15, 1945 (Running time: 2:25)

Campaign Jingles, March 26, 1952 (Running time: :38 - Jingle 1, :53 - Jingle 2)

Fred Harris

Fred Harris
As a guest on NBC's "Meet the Press," Senator Fred Harris voiced his disagreement with the administration of the Vietnam War by both Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, advocating a more rapid and systematic withdrawal of troops. Also featured on the broadcast are host Lawrence Spivak, and a panel of journalists including Paul Duke of NBC News, Robert Semple Jr. of the New York Times, Russell Friedberg of the Chicago Tribune, and Peter Lisagor of the Chicago Daily News. (Courtesy of NBC News Archive)

On the Vietnam War, October 19, 1969 (Running time: 26:20)

Play Harris (16 kbps) (3 MB) Play Harris (160 kbps) (30 MB)
Carl Albert

Carl Albert, Speaker of the House
The six years when Carl Albert was Speaker of the House saw some of the most turbulent events ever to happen in Congress. Vice President Spiro Agnew's 1973 resignation and conviction on tax evasion and money laundering charges required a congressionally-appointed replacement for the first time in history. That replacement, Gerald Ford, would become president less than a year later when Richard Nixon resigned amid the Watergate scandal. Following Nixon's resignation speech to the nation, Albert gave this interview to reporters.

On President Nixon's Resignation Speech, August 8, 1974 (Running time: 9:10)


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