We Know We Belong to the Land - A Hundred Years of Oklahoma and the Congress
Territorial Oklahoma (part 5)
Letter, page 3




"The fact is, there is not 50 members of the Colony here. And with the exception of five or six, they are all disgusted with the Colony Business and pronounce it a fraud.

If according to Couch's statement there are 13,000 members in the Colony. Certificates costing $2.00 each would make the amount collected 26,000 dollars for certificates alone. Besides other ways they have of fleecing the unwary..."

Letter, page 4




"...Many have been kept here, the last summer by false hopes and promises, until they have been broken up and have left disgusted.

Mr. Editor I think this matter ought to be exposed, so as to save others from being deceived as many have been amongst them, your Honorable servant,

A. Boomer


My name is Joseph Hunter"


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