Searching for Evidence of Polarization in Oklahoma's Fourth District


Morris P. Fiorina, noted political scientist from Stanford University, has devoted much of his research to studying divisions in modern American politics.  In his most recent book, Culture War? The Myth of a Polarized America, Fiorina and his two co-authors cite numerous studies, polls, and surveys that provide evidence that the general public is actually “moderate in their views and tolerant in their manner,” while it is politics at the highest levels that have become polarized.

A look at Oklahoma’s current elected officials suggests that Oklahoma deserves the label of Red State.  The state has elected a Republican president in every election since 1964.  However, Democratic gubernatorial candidates have also enjoyed consistent success. Recent election results, voter registration, and U.S. representative legislative activity and voting records suggest a complex and evolving political situation in this part of the Sooner State. 

This virtual exhibit compares election returns and profiles recent members of Congress. Decide for yourself if Fiorina's theory holds true in Oklahoma's Fourth District.

Culture War? by Morris Fiorina
This Internet Exhibit was created in conjunction with the
2005 Julian J. Rothbaum Distinguished Lecture in Representative Government
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