Private Citizen
Julian Rothbaum was born in Hartshorne, Oklahoma in 1913 to general store owner Lewis Rothbaum and his wife Anne.
Regina Rothbaum Collins (left) and Pauline Rothbaum Esserman (right), both sisters of Julian Rothbaum, pose with Pauline's son, Paul, during the summer of 1963. (Courtesy of Paul Esserman)
Bernie Rothbaum, Sr. is joined by his wife Ruth and son Bernie "B.J." Rothbaum, Jr. Bernie, Sr. was a brother of Julian Rothbaum. (Courtesy of Paul Esserman)
Native Tulsan Irene Rothbaum was an active partner with her husband Julian in numerous philanthropic endeavors. In 1996, Mr. Rothbaum established an award for the outstanding assistant professor in the College of Arts and Sciences in honor of his late wife. (Courtesy of the Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center).
Mr. Rothbaum poses with his wife Irene and son Joel Jankowsky. In 1981 Irene and Joel endowed the biennial Julian J. Rothbaum Distinguished Lecture in Representative Government .
In 2003, several members of the Rothbaum family attended the lectures named in his honor. From left to right are B.J. Rothbaum, Ann Rothbaum, David Jankowsky, Jill Jankowsky, Carol Jankowsky, Joel Jankowsky, and Paul Esserman (Courtesy of Robert Taylor)

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