Fred R. Harris Photograph Collection

1563 items

This collection consists of black-and-white prints and color prints and slides from Fred Harris's years in the United States Senate and as a presidential candidate. In addition to portraits of the senator, there are also pictures of him with his wife LaDonna and family, the Oklahoma congressional delegation and other members of Congress (including Birch Bayh), President Lyndon Johnson, members of the Ozarks Regional Development Commission, and constituents. Harris is also depicted at committee hearings, at an FFA convention in Kansas City (1960s), on a government tour of the Manned Space Craft Center in Houston (1965) with Hubert Humphrey and Carl Albert, and on trips to Latin America, South Korea, and Mexico. There are photographs from Harris's 1964 and 1966 senatorial campaigns and 1971 and 1975 presidential ones. Additional images include those of the splashdown of Apollo 12. Photos with LaDonna Harris include those showing her at the 1965 American Indian Exposition in Anadarko, Oklahoma, and at the Indian school in Concho, Oklahoma. This collection has an inventory listing individual photographs. For reproduction fees and guidelines, consult fee guidelines and policies governing the use of photos.

Examples of photographs in the Harris collection are depicted below. Click on each image to see a larger version.


Researchers are also directed to the Fred R. Harris Collection, which contains papers from his senatorial career and his two presidential campaigns. For more information on the archival holdings, please contact the Carl Albert Center.

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