A. S. Mike Monroney Photograph Collection


607 items

This collection covers only the later period of A. S. "Mike" Monroney's Senate years, and it contains black-and-white, color, and Polaroid prints of his political campaigns and subcommittee hearings. Also included are portraits of the senator and photos of him with constituents, actress Shirley Jones, and other politicians, including the Oklahoma congressional delegation. There are also photos from his political campaigns (1962, 1968, and an unidentified 1960 campaign), subcommittee hearings, various functions, and speech presentations. Because Monroney was known as "Mr. Aviation," it should come as no surprise that there are several photos of visits to the Lockheed Air Corp. (Burbank, California., 1968), Tinker Air Force Base, Vance Air Force Base, American Airlines and North American Aviation facilities in Tulsa, and the FAA facility in Oklahoma City. There are also images from a general visit to Tulsa. Other photographs depict agriculture in Oklahoma, an Oklahoma City apartment involved in open housing (1967), Neighborhood Youth Corps in Oklahoma, and building damage from sonic boom tests near Oklahoma City (1964). An item-level inventory is available for the collection. For reproduction fees and guidelines, consult fee guidelines and policies governing the use of photos.

Examples of images in the Monroney Collection are depicted below. Click on each image to view the full-sized photograph.


The papers of this longtime legislator are found in the Mike Monroney Collection. For more information on the archival holdings, please contact the Carl Albert Center.

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