Photograph Collections
Held by the Carl Albert Center

The Carl Albert Center Congressional Archives, University of Oklahoma, holds over 20,000 photographic images that are associated with the archival collections. Although most of the collections contain photographs, those with substantial numbers are listed below. For reproduction fees and guidelines, consult fee guidelines and policies governing the use of photos.

Congressional Photograph Collections

Collection Name

Dates of Photographs

Size of
Photograph Holdings

Selected Topics

Albert, Carl


10,548 items

  • Albert with presidents 
  • Albert with famous personalities 
  • Congressional trips 
  • Democratic National Conventions 
  • American Bicentennial events
  • Events Albert attended in retirement

Armey, Richard K.


484 items

  • Armey with world leaders
  • Armey with congressional leadership
  • Republican Party

Bartlett, Dewey F.


1906 items

  • Bartlett with presidents Nixon and Ford 
  • Ft. Sill (Okla.)
  • Trips to Vietnam and Africa

Belcher, Page H.


242 items

  • McClellan-Kerr Navigation System dedication 
  • Oklahoma roads 
  • Tulsa and Oklahoma City airports 
  • Tulsa buildings

Boren, Lyle


204 items

  • Oklahoma road construction (1930s) 
  • Oklahoma towns (ca. 1940)
  • World War II

Camp, John N.


988 items

  • Camp with presidents Nixon and Ford 
  • Political Campaigns (including "Happy Camper") 
  • Oklahoma soil conservation programs 
  • NASA photos of planets, moon, and Space Shuttle proposals

Cartwright, Wilburn


1367 items

  • Trips to Europe, East Asia, and Mexico (1930s) 
  • Meetings of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows 
  • Public works projects (Okla., 1930s) 
  • New Deal projects involving Native Americans

Cohelan, Jeffery


291 Items

  • International Armed Services inspection tours, including Vietnam
  • Redwood National Park
  • District events and issues
  • Cohelan with VIPs
  • Official portraits and family pictures

Disney, Wesley E.


108 items


Douglas, Helen Gahagan


1077 items

  • Douglas with Melvyn Douglas 
  • Douglas in theatrical performances and the movie She 
  • Douglas with famous personalities (including Eleanor Roosevelt) 
  • political campaigns (including Richard Nixon's 1950 campaign literature) 
  • Dust Bowl refugees and migrant labor camps (1930s) 
  • Cairo refugee camp for Yugoslavians (1945) 

Ferguson, Phillip C.


43 items


Garber, Milton C.


14 items


Gassaway, Percy L.

ca. 1920s-1940s

7 items


Edmondson, J. Howard


267 items

  • 1958 gubernatorial campaign 
  • Oklahoma State Capitol complex 
  • Cuban missile sites 
Edwards, Mikey
ca. 1980s-2000s

Gallagher, Cornelius E.


71 items


Harris, Fred R.


1563 items

  • Trips to South America, South Korea, and Mexico 
  • political campaigns 
  • Manned Space Craft Center (Houston, Tex.
  • LaDonna Harris

Kerr, Robert S.


2874 items

  • 1944 Democratic National Convention 
  • Kerr's 1952 presidential campaign 
  • President Truman's 1948 presidential campaign in Oklahoma 
  • President Kennedy's visit to Kerr's ranch, Big Cedar 
  • Military bases (Okla., 1940s) 
  • Federally financed buildings (Okla.
  • Construction and dedication of dams, ports, and bridges (Okla.

Lee, Josh


222 items

  • Lee with other politicians
  • Denison Dam construction 
  • Gene Autry

McClintic, James V.

ca. 1940s



McCurdy, Dave


1503 items

  • Armed Services and Intelligence oversight trips to Central America, Asia, and the Soviet Union
  • Democratic Leadership Council events
  • Congressional Baseball Games
  • Oklahoma military bases
  • 4th district events and constituents

McKeown, Thomas D.

ca. 1920s-1930s

6 items


Monroney, Mike


607 items

  • political campaigns 
  • Senate subcommittee hearings 
  • Tulsa and Oklahoma City aviation facilities 

Morris, Toby


87 items


Peden, Preston E.


25 items


Pringey, Joseph C.


8 items


Schwabe, George B.


22 items


Steed, Tom


816 items

  • Steed with Presidents Kennedy and Johnson
  • Congressional trips to South Pole, Lebanon, and Central America
  • U. S. Customs and Coast Guard operations (including confiscated contraband)
  • Vietnam War

Stigler, William G.


108 items


Thomas, Elmer


1899 items

  • Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Truman 
  • Congressional trips to Alaska, U. S. military bases, and Europe 
  • Public works projects (Okla., Calif., and other states; 1930s) 
  • Native Americans (Okla., Calif., 1920s-1930s)

Weaver, Claude


13 items


Wickersham, Victor E.

ca. 1940s-1950s

43 items


Wilson, George H.


16 items


Collections from legislative and political aides, journalists, scholars, and organizations:

Collection Name (Occupation)

Dates of Photographs

Size of Photograph Holdings

Barker, Jim
(Speaker of the Oklahoma House)
216 items

Congressional Sunbelt Caucus


153 items

Cromley, Allan
(Washington Bureau reporter for the Daily Oklahoman)


30 items

Culver, Harry
(UPI reporter)


20 items

Meek, John M.
(Coordinator of 1968 Democratic National Convention)

1952-1968, 1992-1993

25 items

Monroe, Jim
(Press Secretary and Administrative Assistant to Sen. Fred R. Harris)

mid 1960s

16 items

Rothbaum, Julian J.
(Oil and gas executive and philanthropist)


113 items

Short, Beth Campbell
(Press secretary to Sen. A. S. Monroney)


47 items

Stephenson, Malvina
(Press secretary to Sen. Robert S. Kerr)


139 items

The paper collections are also summarized. For more information on the archival holdings, please contact the Carl Albert Center.

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