George B. Schwabe Collection


33 cubic feet

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portrait of George Schwabe

Biographical Sketch of the Creator of the Collection

Born in Arthur, Missouri, on July 26, 1886, George B. Schwabe was a graduate of the public schools of Pettis County, Missouri. In 1910 he received a law degree from the University of Missouri, was admitted to the bar, and began his practice of law in Columbia, Missouri. A year later, he moved to Nowata, Oklahoma, and served in a variety of elected positions in that city. From 1919 to 1922, Schwabe represented Nowata County in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. He served as Speaker of the Oklahoma House from 1921-1922. Schwabe was the only Republican to hold this office until Todd Hiett became Speaker in January 2005.

After leaving the Legislature in 1922, Schwabe moved to Tulsa where he established his law practice and became active in the state and national Republican parties. In 1944, he was elected from Oklahoma's First District to the U.S. House of Representatives. He served from 1945-1949. Reelected in 1950, he served from 1951 until his death on April 2, 1952.

While a member of Congress, Schwabe served on the Appropriations Committee and was the ranking Republican on the Subcommittee for Labor and Federal Security. He was a very cautious, conservative, and economy-minded anti-New-Dealer, who strove to reduce government spending.

Scope and Content of the Collection

A moderate-sized collection of 33 cubic ft., the Schwabe Papers include materials from the period 1921-1952, although the bulk of the records date from the years 1946-1952. The collection also includes a small number of photographs and outsized materials, mostly newspapers and clippings.

Materials are divided into three main series, one for each of the three Congresses in which Schwabe served. Each Congress is arranged into sub-series including personal correspondence, general correspondence, subject files, departmental files, legislative files, committee files, and constituent cases. The materials within each sub-series are arranged alphabetically.

The Schwabe Papers cover a wide range of topics. The departmental and legislative files contain correspondence and information pertaining to flood control and agriculture, particularly in Oklahoma. Materials relating to Indian affairs legislation, civil service, veterans, and the Office of Price Controls are also present. Correspondence concerning appropriations for the 80th Congress and appropriations for agriculture, soil conservation, rural electrification, Department of the Interior, Indian affairs and services, vocational education, and health services can be found in the committee files.

A folder-title inventory is available on this web site. For more information on the archival holdings, please contact the Carl Albert Center.

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