Tom Steed Photograph Collection


816 Items

This collection contains mostly black-and-white and some color prints from Steed's years in Congress (1949-1980). In addition to portraits of the congressman, there are also pictures of him with constituents, other politicians (including Hubert Humphrey, Edmund Muskie, Robert S. Kerr, Carl Albert, John Jarman, John McCormack, Lawrence O'Brien, and Henry Bellmon), the Oklahoma congressional delegation, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. There are also pictures of the congressman's wife Hazel. Other photographs show Steed giving speeches or receiving awards or plaques, meeting with foreign dignitaries and delegations, meeting with the Subcommittee on Treasury and Post Office, attending a breakfast in honor of Carl Albert (1973), and participating in the Robert S. Kerr tree-planting ceremony on the grounds of the U. S. Capitol. There are several photos of Steed and members of Congress on tours: of postal facilities, a naval vessel with other congressmen (1954), the South Pole, Lebanon (1964), Coast Guard operations, U. S. Customs facilities (these images include depictions of captured contraband), Central America with the Inter-American Highway Commission, and various other government operations. Other images depict the Riverside Indian School (Oklahoma); military facilities (including Fort Sill); the Skylab crew; Boy Scouts, 4-H Clubs, and other youth groups; soil conservation operations; the Vietnam War; and flooding in Stillwater, Oklahoma (1959). There is an item-level inventory for this collection. For reproduction fees and guidelines, consult fee guidelines and policies governing the use of photos.

Examples of images in the Steed Collection are depicted below. Click on each image to view the full-sized photograph.

Researchers are also directed to the papers in the Tom Steed Collection. For more information on the archival holdings, please contact the Carl Albert Center.

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