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LaDonna Sullivan

           Assistant Curator Todd Kosmerick will be leaving the Carl Albert Center on January 31, 2004 to become the University Archivist at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He came to the Center in 1992 and has served as assistant curator since 1995. During his years at the Center, Todd initiated the Center's web site, oversaw publication of A Guide to the Carl Albert Center Congressional Archives, and published several articles on the holdings of the archives. He oversaw the development of three new traveling exhibits with associated study guides, funded by the Oklahoma Humanities Council. An active member of the Congressional Papers Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists, Todd served as chair of the roundtable in 2001-2002.

           In August 2003 the Carl Albert Center welcomed Walt Wilson into the graduate fellowship program. Walt completed his bachelor's degree in government and international affairs at Augustana College where he was a Regents Scholar, a senator in the Augustana Student Association, and the chair of South Dakota College Democrats. He also served as an intern in the office of Senator Tom Daschle.


Honors and Awards

Laurie McReynolds, the Carl Albert Center's staff assistant, received an annual Distinguished Performance Award from the Hourly Employees Council on May 2 at the annual staff awards ceremony. Laurie has been with the Center for nearly four years and, in addition to being the point of first contact with the public, provides essential support to the special events and programs sponsored by the Center.

            Carl Albert Center undergraduate fellow Akbar Siddiqui was awarded a Cortez A. M. Ewing Public Service Fellowship and served most of summer 2003 in the Washington, D.C. office of Rep. Brad Carson (D-Okla.). Akbar attended some policy briefings on terrorism and foreign policy, and he did research on defense weaponry, forces in Iraq, Social Security, and rural health facilities.

Former undergraduate fellow Aleisha Karjala, who is currently a Ph.D. student in political science at OU, is the recipient of two academic awards this year: the John Halvor Leek Memorial Scholarship from the political science department and the Robert E. and Mary E. Sturgis Scholarship from the college of arts and science. Another former undergraduate fellow, Michael Willis, received the Walter F. Scheffer Scholarship from the department. Two other former fellows, Brady Henderson and Kati Meyers, are now Phi Beta Kappa members.

Student Archives Assistant Carol Inman, who recently finished undergraduate degrees in International and Area Studies and in Film and Video Studies, has been accepted for service in the Peace Corps and will be assigned to a country in Eastern Europe in spring 2004.


Conference Papers

Associate Director Cindy Simon Rosenthal and Carl Albert Fellow Melody Huckaby presented their co-authored a paper, "Descriptive Representation in Federal Systems: Tolerating Intolerance in Gender Representation," at the 2003 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia.

Rosenthal also presented a paper, "Learning and Talking about Politics: Gender Dynamics, Interaction and Success in NFL Model Congress," that she co-authored with James Rosenthal, professor of social work at OU.

Third-year Carl Albert Fellow Courtney Cullison co-authored a research paper with two other graduate students, Larycia Hawkins and Aleisha Karjala. They presented "Welfare Reform: Agendas, Oversight, and Rhetoric" at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association in San Antonio in April.

            Director Gary Copeland also presented a paper at the Southwestern meeting -- "Committee Transfers When Seniority Hardly Matters: Transfers under Republican Control of the U.S. House."


Former Fellows

            Former Carl Albert Fellow John David Rausch, Jr., West Texas A&M University, is the co-editor of a new book, The Test of Time: Coping with Legislative Term Limits (Roman and Littlefield, 2003). Both of his co-editors, Rick Farmer and John C. Green, teach at the University of Akron and are associated with the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics.


N.E.W. Leadership Institute

The second annual institute of N.E.W. Leadership included 33 undergraduate women from 17 different colleges and universities in Oklahoma. Participants ranged in age from 19 to 44 and included international students from Kenya, Peru, and St. Kitts.

DirectorCindy Simon Rosenthal and Coordinator Jean Shumway Warner are currently preparing for the third institute to be held on the Norman campus in May 2004. For more information on this remarkable opportunity for undergraduate women who are interested in political leadership, visit the website at www.ou.edu/special/albertctr/NLO.


Close Up Foundations's Great American Cities Program

Plans are also underway at the Carl Albert Center to partner with the Close Up Foundation in conducting a seminar with Oklahoma high school students in June 2004. The 5-day session is designed as a follow up of the students' experience in Close Up Washington.


Conference on the U.S. House Speakership

On November 12, the Carl Albert Center co-sponsored a conference with Congressional Research Service in Washington, D.C. The Changing Nature of the House Speakership: The Cannon Centenary Conference, broadcast live by C-SPAN, brought scholarly and practitioner perspectives to bear on the changing role of the Speaker of the House.

Organized panels assessed the speakerships of Newt Gingrich, Tom Foley, Jim Wright, and the late Tip O'Neill. All three of the living former speakers participated in the discussion, and current Speaker Dennis Hastert gave the luncheon address.

Carl Albert Center Director Gary Copeland gave brief remarks at the opening of the conference, and Regents' Professor Ron Peters prepared a paper entitled "The Changing Speakership" that was distributed at the conference. CRS intends to join Peters's paper with papers addressing various aspects of the speakership in a House of Representatives volume on the speakership in 2004.

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