Chronology - Carl B. Albert

1908 Born to Ernest Homer Albert and Leona Ann Scott Albert in the Bolen-Darnell mining camp in North McAlester, Oklahoma.
1911 Moves with family to Bug Tussle, Oklahoma.
1927 Graduates from McAlester High School. Wins regional oratorical contest in Kansas City and participates in national oratorical finals in Washington, D. C., where he speaks before the justices of the Supreme Court and meets President Calvin Coolidge. Enters University of Oklahoma.
1931 Graduates from University of Oklahoma with a bachelor of arts degree, then enters Oxford University in England as a Rhodes Scholar.
1933 Receives a bachelor of arts degree from Oxford.
1934 Receives a bachelor of civil laws from Oxford. Returns to the United States.
1935-1937 Works for the Federal Housing Administration in central and western Oklahoma.
1937-1941  Practices law in Oklahoma and Illinois.
1941 Is drafted into the U. S. Army, assigned to Judge Advocate's Office in Army Air Corps.
1942 Marries Mary Harmon of South Carolina.
1946 Is discharged as a lieutenant colonel from the Army. Wins first election to Congress as a Democrat.
1947 Takes his seat in the U. S. House of Representatives to represent Oklahoma's Third Congressional District for the next thirty years.
1955 Becomes majority whip of the House.
1962 Becomes majority leader of the House.
1964-1966 Works for passage of the Civil Rights Act and Great Society legislation.
1971 Is elected Speaker of the House.
1973-1974 Leads House during the Watergate scandal.
1973 Becomes next in line to the presidency after Vice President Spiro Agnew resigns and before Gerald Ford assumes the vice presidency.
1974 Becomes next in line to the presidency after Richard Nixon resigns and Gerald Ford becomes president and before Nelson Rockefeller is sworn in as vice president.
1976 Leads House during celebration of the American Bicentennial. Announces his retirement from Congress.
1977 Officially retires from office of the Speaker and from Congress. Returns to McAlester.
1990 Publishes memoirs, Little Giant: The Life and Times of Speaker Carl Albert (University of Oklahoma Press).
1991 Receives honorary doctorate from University of Oklahoma.
2000 Dies in McAlester.

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