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Conference Highlights
Julie Raadschelders

Participating Scholars:
Laura Arnold, Southern Illinois University
Women, Committees and Power in the Senate
Dianne Bystrom, Iowa State University, and Lynda Lee Kaid, University of Oklahoma
Campaigning for the U.S. Senate: A Comparison of Television Videostyles
Susan Carroll, Rutgers University
Representing Women: Congresswomen's Perceptions of Their Representational Roles
Anne Costain, University of Colorado
Lobbying Congress: Agenda Shifts and Tactics of Women's Interest Groups
Debra Dodson, Rutgers University
Representation, Gender and Reproductive Rights in the U.S. Congress
Georgia Duerst-Lahti, Beloit College
Manliness, Ideology and Congress as Governing Institution: Implications for Studying Women in Congress
Sally Friedman, SUNY- Albany
Gender, Context and Representation: The Home Styles of Four New York State Congresswomen
Irwin Gertzog, Rutgers University
Women's Changing Pathways to the U.S. House of Representatives: Widows, Elites and Strategic Politicians
Karen Kedrowski, Winthrop University
The Gendering of Cancer Policy: Media Advocacy Theory and Congressional Policy Attention
Carole Kennedy, San Diego State University
Gender Stereotyping of Senate Candidates by Voters
Dena Levy, SUNY-Brockport
Do Differences Matter? Women Members of Congress and the Hyde Amendment
Richard Matland, University of Houston
Partisanship and the Impact of Candidate Gender in Congressional Elections: Results of an Experiment
Noelle Norton, University of San Diego
Transforming Congress from the Inside: Women in Committee
Cindy Simon Rosenthal, University of Oklahoma
Lauren Cohen Bell, Randolph-Macon College
Invisible Power? Congressional Staff and Representation Behind the Scenes
Michele Swers, Harvard University
Transforming the Agenda? Analyzing Gender Differences in Women's Issue Bill Sponsorship
Sue Thomas, Georgetown University
Legislative Careers: The Personal and the Political
Katherine Cramer Walsh, University of Michigan
Resonating to Be Heard: Gendered Debate on the floor of the House
Christina Wolbrecht, University of Notre Dame
Female Legislators and the Women's Rights Agenda

Poster Presentations:
Sarah Brewer, American University
Women and Congressional Committees: A Gender Analysis of Committee Assignments of Women Members of Congress
Khalilah Brown, Ohio State University
Towing the Party Line, Towing the Color Line: African-American Women in Congress and the Impeachment Process
Rosalyn Cooperman, Vanderbilt University
The Changing Nature of Gender and Political Candidacy in U.S. House Elections, 1982-1998
Janna Deitz, University of Georgia
Candidate Gender and PAC Contributions
Mack Mariani, Syracuse University
The Legislative Career Ladder and Women's Descriptive Representation
Lesli McCollum, Carl Albert Center, University of Oklahoma 
Legislating Through a Gendered Lens: Policymaking in the U.S. Congress
Sarah Poggione, Pennsylvania State University
Gender, Legislative Institutions and Public Policy: The Impact of Women State Legislators on Welfare Reform
Leslie Schwindt and Renato Corbetta, University of Arizona
Policy Consequences of Gender Turnover in the House of Representatives
Linda Stevenson, University of Pittsburgh
Affirmative Action Electoral Quotas for Women in Latin America
Patty Strach, University of Wisconsin
From Gentlewomen to Congressional Members: Women's Representation and the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues

News from the Center
LaDonna Sullivan

Carl Albert Center Associate Director Gary Copeland is the new president of the Southwest Political Science Association, 2000-2001. Concurrently, he is also president of the Norman Public Schools Board of Education.

Archivist Carolyn Hanneman has received the annual Muriel Wright Award for best article published in 1999 in The Chronicles of Oklahoma. Her article, “Baffles, Bridges, and Bermuda: Oklahoma Indians and the Civilian Conservation Corps–Indian Division,” appeared in the Winter 1999-2000 issue. Hanneman published another article, “Taking the Initiative: Cherokee Indians React to the Wheeler-Howard Act,” in the Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly.  Both articles utilized materials from the Carl Albert Center Congressional Collections.

Undergraduate Fellow Jeffrey Mankoff won a writing award from Phi Kappa Phi this spring at the university’s Undergraduate Research Day for his presentation, “Russia’s Jews Since 1973: Jackson-Vanik, Liberation, and Anti-Semitism.” Aleisha Karjala, also an undergraduate fellow at the Carl Albert Center, has been selected to represent the University of Oklahoma in AT&T’s scholars program at the Stennis Center’s tenth annual Southern Women in Public Service: Restoring Public Trust conference in Arlington, Virginia, June 11-13. A former undergraduate fellow, Andy Farrell won the Oklahoma Political Science Association’s award for best undergraduate political science paper in 1999, “The Short Term Forces of Congressional Elections.”

Carl Albert Fellow Jocelyn Jones presented her paper “Closing the Gap: An Analysis of Presidential Voting Patterns Among Southern White Evangelicals” in March at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Social Science Association in Galveston. She co-authored with Assistant Director Cindy Simon Rosenthal a paper on “Gendered Discourse in the Political Socialization of Adolescents” for the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association in San Jose.  Jones and Rosenthal collaborated with Undergraduate Carl Albert Fellow E. Barrett Ristroph on “Preparing for Elite Political Participation: Simulations and the Political Socialization of
Adolescents” for the Midwestern Political Science Association’s annual meeting in Chicago.  Jones and Carl Albert Fellow Melody Huckaby co-authored “Female Membership in National Legislatures: A Global Perspective”which was presented at the annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association.

Former Carl Albert Fellow Karen Kedrowski was recently notified of tenure and promotion to associate professor at Winthrop University, effective August 15, 2000. Kedrowski also serves as director for the Office for Effective Teaching at Winthrop. 

Congressman Ed Pease (R-Ind.) visited the Carl Albert Center on April 25. While on campus, he met with two political science classes and participated in a session of informal discussion with faculty and students.

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