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    The Carl Albert Center offers an attractive five-year fellowship leading to a Ph. D. in political science. During the first three years, fellows serve as teaching or research assistants while engaged in coursework. Students spend the fourth year in Washington D.C. as congressional fellows, and the fifth year back on campus, completing the dissertation without any additional responsibilities. 

    Currently the stipend for the first three years on campus is $1,445/month ($17,340/year). The stipend in Washington, during the fourth year, is currently $2,800/month. During the fifth year, when the student returns to campus to complete the dissertation, the stipend is $1,625/month. 

    Please follow this link to see an overview of the fellowship program. The linked pages are designed to acquaint you better with the Carl Albert Center, its academic programs and activities, and its goals. There is also information about degree requirements and about the Center's faculty and fellows. 

    If you are interested in applying for the fellowship, please go here. Or you can call me and request application materials at 1-800-522-0772, extension 6372. 
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