E P I S T E M I C  G O O D N E S S


An International Conference


University of Oklahoma

March 12th-14th 2009

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - A Scholar (1631)

Conference Overview

While there has been a vast philosophical literature devoted to the issue of moral goodness, far less attention has been paid to the related question of epistemic goodness. And yet epistemic goodness appears as central to our epistemic lives and evaluations as moral goodness is to our moral lives and evaluations. Indeed, moral and epistemic goodness seem deeply intertwined, as our moral evaluations often seem to depend upon correlative epistemic evaluations. There is thus a strong motivation to understand what epistemic goodness amounts to.

The goal of this conference is to draw together philosophers who are working to advance this goal. The topic of the conference is “epistemic goodness", where this is construed broadly to include all work in epistemology that focuses on or explores the kind of value or normativity that is assumed to be distinctive of epistemology and epistemic evaluations. We welcome submissions addressing any such value-oriented aspects of epistemology.






All conference sessions will be held in the Frontier Room at the Oklahoma Memorial Union.




12:30-12:50: Registration (Coffee & Snacks)

12:50-1:00: Opening

1:00-2:10: Stephen Grimm (Fordham University):  “On Understanding”

2:10-3:20: John Turri (Huron University College):  “Knowledge as Achievement, More or Less”

3:30-4:40: Jason Baehr (Loyola Marymount University):  “Inverting the Value Problem”

4:40-5:50: Michael Brady (University of Glasgow):  “Interest and Epistemic Goodness”

7:00-9:00: Dinner


9:30-10:40: E. J. Coffman (University of Tennessee):  “Two Mistakes about Epistemic Propriety”  handout

10:40-12:00: Allan Hazlett (Fordham University):  “Cognition and Conation:  An Analogy”

12:00-1:10: Lunch

1:10-2:10: Trent Dougherty (University of Rochester):  “The Epistemic Goodness of Believing According to the Evidence”

2:10-3:30: Keynote:  Christopher Hookway (University of Sheffield):  “Knowledge and Freedom of Mind”

3:45-4:45: Anne Baril (University of Arizona):  “Goodness in Epistemology”

4:45-5:55: Christopher Lepock (University of Toronto):  “Virtues, Robustness, and Truth-Conduciveness”

6:30-8:30: Dinner

8:30-10:00: Reception



10:00-11:10: Miguel Fernandez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México):  “An Examination of an Argument Against the Autonomy of Epistemic Evaluation”

11:10-12:10: Tim Kraft (University of Göttingen):  “The Right and the Good in Epistemology”

12:10-1:20: Lunch

1:20-2:30: Guy Axtell (University of Nevada, Reno) and Philip Olson (Virginia Tech):  “Three Independent Factors in Epistemology”

2:30-3:50: Keynote:  John Greco (St. Louis University):  “The Value Problem Revisited”

4:00-5:10: Clayton Littlejohn (Southern Methodist University):  “Evidentialism, Epistemic Encroachment, and Epistemic Goodness”

5:10-6:20: Sarah Wright (University of Georgia):  “The Telos and Skopos of the Intellectually Virtuous”



Abstracts for papers not yet linked above can be found here.





Registration is $60 for faculty and the general public, $40 for graduate and undergraduate students. Registration includes admittance to all papers, as well as conference lunches on Friday and Saturday. Please send your payment by March 1st to:

Prof. Wayne Riggs
Philosophy Department
455 W. Lindsey, Room 605
University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019


In addition, please also give us your full contact address, including e-mail address and (where applicable) your academic affiliation, and let us know of any special dietary requirements.


Any questions about this conference should be directed to the conference organisers, Wayne Riggs (wriggs@ou.edu) and Duncan Pritchard (duncan.pritchard@ed.ac.uk).

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