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Contribute to the Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

The Syrian Studies Association Bulletin ( invites feature, news, and research article proposals for its forthcoming spring 2014 issue, covering issues of contemporary or historic interest in Bilad al-Sham and modern Syria.

We seek short abstracts (50-200 words) from scholars and practitioners who work in or on Syria and related issues, including human rights, journalism, military studies, international relations, archeology, media studies, trauma and conflict, etc. The deadline for final article submissions will be May 3, 2014; the bulletin will be published in May 2014. (Word counts are flexible but generally range from 500-1500 for research notes, 1000-3000 for features, and 500-1500 for news or other pieces.)

Please send abstracts to Editor Andrea L Stanton (andrea.l.stanton at gmail dot com) by Friday, April 11. Authors wishing to have a Syria-related book reviewed or those wishing to write book or film reviews are encouraged to contact Book Review Editor Ben Smuin (bensmuin at gmail dot com.) Contributors are not required to be members of the Syrian Studies Association; graduate student contributions are welcome.

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Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

The SSA publishes a bulletin with articles, association news, research notes, and book reviews related to Syria and Syrian Studies twice a year. The latest issue (18.2, Winter 2013) includes feature articles focusing on the uprisings of the past year, from a political, sports, and cultural perspective. It also includes news of the Syrian Studies Association and book and film reviews.

The Table of Contents for the latest issue is included below. The full contents of this newsletter can be found at the SSA newsletter's dedicated website. Back issues are posted in the SSA newsletter archives.

Syria: Domestic, Regional, and International Perspectives

The bulletin is a biannual publication of the Syrian Studies Association. This issue includes feature articles focusing on the past two years of the conflict in Syria. It also includes news of the Syrian Studies Association and book and film reviews.

Table of Contents

Letter from the President

Letter from the President: Joshua Landis - October 25, 2013 Abstract PDF HTML

Syrian Studies Association News

The Syrian Studies Association at MESA 2013 Abstract PDF HTML
Stacy Fahrenthold
Syrian Studies Association Board and Business Meetings, 2013 Abstract PDF HTML
Stacy Fahrenthold
SSA Book and Articles Prizes 2013 Abstract PDF HTML
Thomas Pierret
Routledge offers Syrian Studies Association members 20% discount Abstract PDF HTML
Andrea L Stanton

Research Notes

Research Notes: Syrian Screenwriter Samer Fahd Radwan's Menbar al-Mawta, Ramadan 2013 Abstract PDF HTML
Rebecca Joubin

Book Reviews

Book Review: Carsten Wieland, Syria - A Decade of Lost Chances: Repression and Revolution from Damascus Spring to Arab Spring (Seattle: Cune Press, 2012) Abstract PDF HTML
Mohammad Magout
Book Review: Adel Beshara, ed. The Origins of Syrian Nationhood (NY: Routledge, 2011) Abstract PDF HTML
James A Reilly
Book Review: Paul Aarts and Francesco Cavatorta, Civil Society in Syria and Iran: Activism in Authoritarian Contexts (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2012) Abstract PDF HTML
Max Weiss
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