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Call for proposals

The Syrian Studies Association invites proposals for panel presentations at this year's Middle East Studies Association of North America annual meeting in Washington, DC. As a MESA affiliate, the SSA will sponsor up to three panels. Sponsorship highlights your presentation to the MESA Program Committee and to MESA attendees and underscores the significance of our area of study.
The Syrian Studies Association's interests cover all disciplines and all periods. They focus on geographical Syria (bilad al-sham) as a whole, with an emphasis in modern studies on the area corresponding to the contemporary Syrian Arab Republic. If you wish to have your panel considered for SSA sponsorship, please send your panel and paper descriptions, including all names associated with the panel, for review to the SSA Member-at-Large, Stacy Fahrenthold, at by Friday, February 3.
The SSA Board will make a decision and inform panel organizers by Friday, February 10, and will contact MESA directly with the titles of the sponsored panel. If your panel is chosen for sponsorship, all participants must be or become members of the Syrian Studies Association.

Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

The SSA publishes a bulletin with articles, association news, research notes, and book reviews related to Syria and Syrian Studies twice a year. The latest issue (21.1 (2016)) contains a research note on non-alignment networks in the Global South, as well as news of the Syrian Studies Association, and book and film reviews.

The Table of Contents for the latest issue is included below. The full contents of this newsletter can be found at the SSA newsletter's dedicated website. Back issues are posted in the SSA newsletter archives.

Vol 21, No 1 (2016): Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

Table of Contents

Entire Volume in PDF Format

SSA Bulletin 21.1 Fall 2016 Full Issue PDF

Letter from the President

Letter from the President Hilary Kalmbach PDF HTML

Syrian Studies Association News

Syrian Studies Association Annual Meeting PDF HTML
Andrea L Stanton
Syrian Studies Association Sponsored Panels at MESA 2016 PDF HTML
Andrea L Stanton
Syrian Studies Association 2016 Officer Elections PDF HTML
Andrea L Stanton
SSA Book and Article Prizes 2015 PDF HTML
Charles L. Wilkins

Research Notes

Non-Alignment Networks in the Global South; The Hoover Institute Archive PDF HTML
Lily Balloffet

Book Reviews

Habib C. Malik, Islamism and the Future of Christians of the Middle East PDF HTML
Maya El-Darzi
Gendering Culture in Greater Syria: Intellectuals and Ideology in the Late Ottoman Period. Fruma Zachs and Sharon Halevi. New York: I.B. Tauris, 2015. PDF HTML
Johanna L. Peterson
Keith David Watenpaugh, Bread from Stones: The Middle East and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism, Berkeley, University of California Press, 2015, 251p. PDF HTML
Gershon Shafir
John McHugo's Syria: A History of the Last Hundred Years PDF HTML
Mary C. Wilson

Syrian Studies Association News

Syrian Studies Association Annual Meeting PDF HTML
Stacy D Fahrenthold
Secretary-Treasurer Bio PDF HTML
Geoffrey David Schad
Member at Large Bio PDF HTML
Melanie Schulze Tanielian

Book Reviews

Adel Beshara, Outright Assassination PDF HTML
Maya El-Darzi
Raymond Hinnebusch and Tina Zintl, Syria from Reform to Revolt, Vol. 1 PDF HTML
Glenn E Robinson
Dana Sajdi, The Barber of Damascus (review) PDF HTML
Malissa Taylor
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