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Members who provide their email address to the SSA Secretary upon joining will receive periodic updates by email. Another way to stay informed about SSA announcements and events is to 'like' the SSA's Facebook Site.

Serve on the SSA Board

The Syrian Studies Association Boardis soliciting nominations for five board positions, to begin in January 2018: President, President-Elect, Member at Large, Treasurer, and Graduate Student Representative. This is part of the SSA's policy of soliciting officer nominations from the membership.

This election is special in that we will elect BOTH a President and a President Elect, in keeping with our recent referendum. Please pay particular attention to those positions and get in touch if you have any questions or would like to be considered for one or both of these positions.

Details about each officer's duties appear below:

All members of the SSA are welcome to nominate themselves or any other member for any of these positions. Once nominations have been received, the Elections Officer will contact nominees to determine their willingness to run. A ballot will be circulated to the membership in the fall.

All nominations must be received by October 6, 2017. Our elections will be in October and hosted by Helios (as in the past). Winners will be announced at the SSA Business Meeting at the MESA Annual Meeting in Washington DC on November 18.

Please direct any questions to Reem Bailony (SSA Member at Large and this year's Elections Officer) at

Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

The SSA publishes a bulletin with articles, association news, research notes, and book reviews related to Syria and Syrian Studies twice a year. The latest issue (22.1 (2017)) contains a research note on non-alignment networks in the Global South, as well as news of the Syrian Studies Association, and book and film reviews.

The Table of Contents for the latest issue is included below. The full contents of this newsletter can be found at the SSA newsletter's dedicated website. Back issues are posted in the SSA newsletter archives.

Vol 22, No 1 (2017)

Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

Table of Contents

Entire Volume in PDF Format


Letter from the President


Syrian Studies Association News

Laura Robson

Field Notes

Sherwan Hindreen

Feature Articles

Radwan Ziadeh

Book Reviews

Myriam Ababsa
Linda Schatkowski Schilcher
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