2010 Dissertation Prize - Benjamin White

2010 Article Prizes -
Kevin Martin, Thomas Pierret, and Kjetil Selvik

At its Business Meeting on 18 November 2010 during the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting in San Diego, California, the Syrian Studies Association awarded its prize for the best doctoral dissertation on a topic related to Syria or Bilad al-Sham to Benjamin White for "The Nation-state Form and the Emergence of Minorities in French Mandate Syria, 1919" (Oxford University, 2008).

The prize committee chose to split the article/chapter prize between two articles. The first was written by Kevin W. Martin of University of Indiana, Bloomington and titled "Presenting the True Face of Syria to the World: Urban Disorder and Civilizational Anxieties at the First Damascus International Exposition" (International Journal of Middle East Studies 42 (2010), 391-411). The second was written by Thomas Pierret of Princeton University and Kjetil Selvik of University of Oslo and titled "Limits of Authoritarian Upgrading in Syria: Private Welfare, Islamic Charities and the Rise of the Zayd Movement"  (International Journal of Middle East Studies 41 (2009), 595-614).

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